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Prescription Drugs and The Dangers of Over Medication

Prescription Drugs and The Dangers of Over Medication

Freedom From Prescription Drugs 

Laura London | Alesandra Rain

Prescription drugs and what you need t0 know. Join me on this informative interview with eFitFamily as I welcome, Alesandra Rain. Author and prescription drug expert. We ask about the many aspects of prescription pills. Especially the abuse and risks with over-prescription.

Alesandra educates the listeners on the dangers of mixing pills with herbs, over-the-counter items and certain foods. Let her personal journey inspire you that independence from prescription pills is indeed possible.

Alesandra Rain and Her Journey With Prescription Drugs

Alesandra Rain has 18 years experience in the field of prescription drugs and their effects on the nervous system. Personality alterations due to addiction; drug interactions and the withdrawals from various classifications of pills. Additionally, she has extensive knowledge of psychoactive medications within every age group.

Alesandra holds a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and has also completed graduate work in a Master’s of Fine Art. Additionally, Alesandra went on to become a renowned author, speaker and expert in the specialty field of pain and prescription drugs.

In short, Alesandra’s introduction to prescription pills came after an auto accident required nearly 3 dozen surgeries that left her with insomnia, anxiety and pain. She spent a decade on over 1,000 pills a month. She then suffered tremendous physical decline from the combination of pills.

I Want My Life Back

Eventually, Alesandra wanted her life back. Unable to find help, she chose to go cold-turkey in the Cirque Lodge Treatment Center in Utah. The terrible withdrawal symptoms were difficult. This gave Alesandra an inside view of prescription addition which is affecting millions of people today.

Alesandra is a prescription drug expert and the cofounder of Point of Return. A nonprofit that assists the public in recovering their lives from prescription pill addiction. Her team is a group of committed professionals who have dedicated their lives to this critical cause.

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