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Can I use CBD or Marijuana with Benzodiazepines?

Marijuana and cannabidiol (CBD) use has increased dramatically in recent years. If you are taking benzodiazepines and want to get off the (or more specifically are considering a temazepam withdrawal), you may be wondering…

Can I use CBD or Marijuana with Benzodiazepines?

The short answer is using CBD or marajuna with benzodiazepines is extremely dangerous. Let me explain why.

There is an enzyme system in the liver called Cytochrome P450 that are the routes traveled by medications in order to be processed properly.  Unfortunately both CBD and Marijuana also travel Cytochrome P450 and therefore interact with most psychotropic medications, including benzodizepines.  Specifically, the way benzodiazepines and CBD interact in the body can modify how the drug is processed in the liver, leading to a combination that can suppress breathing, an increase in side effects and adverse reactions and even lead to death. It is crucial not to take drugs or any items that interacts with benzodiazepines due to the risk of adverse events, side effects and complications.  This is why all the nutraceuticals used at Point of Return do not travel Cytochrome P450 and therefore are safe and free of interactions.

A few years ago, the FDA stated recommendations about combining opioids with benzodiazepines due to the high rate of breathing suppression and death from this powerful combination. The same caution needs to be taken with CBD and marijuana interactions with benzodiazepines, sleeping pills and many other medications.

CBD Is Not a Sleep Aid

A common misconception is that CBD helps with sleep, but instead it actually stimulates the brain. People on benzodiazepines may turn to CBD for a calming effect, but they will not find helpful results. CBD is meant to help with pain, specifically brain diseases and injuries. It has tremendous value when used properly, but when used in other situations, especially when paired with other drugs, it has to be monitored closely, as is the same with all drug/drug combinations.

For those doing a benzodiazepine withdrawal, taking CBD or marijuana is not advisable. It actually hinders progress because it increases a person’s drug intake. During withdrawal, stability is crucial and leads to better recovery. The pairing of drugs can also bring more side effects and breathing issues from the impact of the drugs interacting. 

Overall CBD and marijuana should not be used during benzodiazepine withdrawal. Withdrawal progress can be seriously impacted by the taking of other drugs, including extending time and increasing health risks. It is recommended to wait to take CBD or marijuana until you are off of benzodiazepines and significantly withdrawn. 

If you’ve become addicted to benzodiazepines, such as Ativan, Alprazolam, and Temazepam, there is hope. At Point of Return our professional team can assist you in a way that is not only safe and comfortable, but leads to success and lasting results for withdrawal from benzodiazepines. 

Call us at 866-605-2333 or contact us to learn more about how we can help with your Ativan withdrawal, Alprazolam withdrawal, Temazepam withdrawal, or any other type of benzodiazepine withdrawal.

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