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How Long Has Point of Return Been Helping People Get off Benzodiazepines and Other Prescription Drugs?

Point of Return is blessed to be completing its 15th year helping people step down from prescription drug use!

As an organization that has achieved a near 100 percent success rate, we have much to be thankful for. We’ve helped thousands of individuals across the United States and the world to get off antidepressants, get off benzodiazepines, and get off sleeping pills.

It all started when one brave woman decided there had to be a better way to change her life. At one point, Alessandra Rain was taking a cocktail of pills each day and was still enduring anxiety and pain. Now, she is completely pain-free and helps others achieve the same success she did.

Point of Return came to be when Alessandra was enduring a painful withdrawal period. She wanted others to be able to wean off of prescription drugs, but didn’t want them going through the same traumatic experience that she did. After much thought and prayer, Point of Return was developed. Alessandra teamed up with a powerhouse crew to implement a new weaning program and change people’s lives for the better.

Point of Return takes a unique approach to help individuals wean off of prescription drugs. The program gets tailored to each individual to ensure a taper rate that is safe and doable. Doctors create individualized rates for each person based on their history and needs. Coaches encourage and support each individual throughout the entire process. And team leaders teach participants about renewing their health and healing their bodies through nutraceuticals.

Over the last 15 years, Point of Return has developed withdrawal programs and help people successfully taper off more than 50 different prescription drugs including:

One key component to Point of Return’s success is the program’s use of nutraceuticals. When Alessandra was healing, she used nutraceuticals to rejuvenate her body. Now, this critical component is used to help program participants become healthy again, too.

The reason that Point of Return has such a high success rate is simple: it works. The program’s unique approach to helping people get off benzodiazepines and other prescription drugs is all key: creating individualized, safe taper rates, receiving coaching, and taking the nutraceuticals. And at nearly 15 years old, the age of the program is a great testimony to its successes and accomplishments.

To learn more about Point of Return and how you can get off benzodiazepines or other prescription drugs, be in touch to learn more. We’ll be so happy to assist you.

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