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How My Personal Experience Getting Off Prescription Drugs Led Me to Help Others

knew there had to be a better way for people who were working on getting off prescription drugs.

The results of my own experience getting off prescription drugs and my own journey led me to start Point of Return and help it become the successful program that it is today.

I was the victim of a drunk driving accident and suffered major injuries that required 34 surgeries. I was given a spinal implant and was put on seven different prescription drugs that included Klonopin, Temazepam, Ambien, Effexor, Zanaflex, Sinequan and Opioids.

Unfortunately, I never felt better. Even with the pills and the implant in place – which was supposed to block pain receptors from reaching the brain – I was in pain all the time.

After enduring 10 years of prescription drug use with no relief, I decided enough was enough. Why should I continue using all these drugs if they weren’t making a difference, anyway?

At first, I tried cutting down the prescription drugs on my own, but that lead to getting a horrific staph infection and time in the hospital. In the end, my immune system was dangerously weak, I was put on a lot of antibiotics, and I had to have the spinal implant removed. I wanted my life back, and decided it was time to try something new.

I needed help!

I contacted a treatment center in Utah and stayed there for three months while I went cold turkey off everything. My withdrawal was excruciating. I couldn’t sit or sleep and I was hallucinating; it was mental torment. I had never been through anything so terrifying.

At the end of the three months, through a lot of prayer, the idea came to me for Point of Return. There just had to be a better way to get off prescription drugs. In the time that followed, I met others who would become the Point of Return team. We started by speaking and educating about prescription drugs, but we quickly realized we needed to do more. Our team put the tapering program together, tested the nutraceuticals, and Point of Return was born.

Fifteen years later, Point of Return has helped people in 81 countries and every state of the U.S. get off prescription drugs. Point of Return helps to establish safe taper rates, offers mentoring, and helps restore bodily health through all-natural, holistic nutraceuticals. We have helped people with Benzodiazepine withdrawal treatmenthow to taper off Nortriptylinehow to wean off Amitriptyline, and get off dozens of other prescription drugs.

I got my life back, and now I’m helping others get theirs lives back too!

If you have any questions or are ready to get started, send us a message or call us toll-free at 866-605-2333.

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