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I have trouble sleeping on benzos, so how will I sleep without them?

For those wondering how to come off Ativan and be able to sleep well, there is a way that is safe, comfortable and helps you return to normal sleep.

Benzodiazepines affect the body in many ways. The main issue for anyone on a benzodiazepine is trouble sleeping. Users may fear they may never return to natural sleeping patterns because of the effects of benzodiazepines. Don’t worry. There is a way.  

The Hidden Effects of Benzodiazepine

While using benzodiazepine many users get dark circles. This is because they are not getting proper REM to non-REM sleep patterns which results in very light sleep that does not rejuvenate the body.

They may not even realize this is happening. The drug is like an amnesia effect in that people don't realize how often they are actually waking up. This very light sleep pattern is why, with things like sleeping pills, there's a warning with late driving and night behavior.

Another effect is that, In general, benzodiazepines raise cortisol, which is the stress hormone in the body. The raised level of cortisol makes it impossible for you to sleep naturally. You fight against that hormone when you use other drugs to calm the system, but that doesn’t allow your natural sleep patterns to return.

There are two primary areas we work on with our benzodiazepine withdrawal treatment at Point of Return.

  1. Lowering cortisol
  2. Increasing melatonin

The first step is lowering cortisol. Cortisol is only supposed to be high in the morning and come down at night so melatonin can be excreted and used. But benzodiazepines keep that level very high, in particular at night. This prevents your body from using its natural ability to produce and use melatonin.

The second step is increasing melatonin. At Point of Return, we dont use synthetic melatonin because that interacts too. We use natural melatonin that comes from montmorency tart cherries. These wild cherries produce melatonin nearly identical to what we find in human blood.

In addition to interactions, another issue with taking synthetic melatonin in that the amount is way too much. Even 2-3 milligram tablets or more that some people are taking, can be 1000x more than what the body naturally produces. This can actually worsen sleep, causing the body to be less receptive to natural sleep patterns. 

Point of Return works to get a natural balance back.

Natural sleep does come back and it will for you. It can for everyone.

  1. We lower cortisol with an active peptide,
  2. then we replace and replenish the natural melatonin.
  3. We use a third item to produce glutathione-- which the master antioxidant in the sleep center. The sleep center requires high glutathione levels.

Then people can calm their body down and start sleeping naturally. 

If you are experiencing sleeping issues because of benzodiazepines, there is hope. Through Point of Return our benzodiazepine withdrawal treatment can help you return to normal sleep patterns, not only in a safe way, but a comfortable and effective way.  With the assistance and supervision of experienced medical professionals, such as our team at Point of Return, you can have a higher chance of success.

Call us at 866-605-2333 or contact us to learn more about how we can help with your Ativan withdrawal, Alprazolam withdrawal, Temazepam withdrawal, or benzodiazepine withdrawal treatment.

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