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Is the Point of Return Benzodiazepine Withdrawal Program a Scam?

It’s not unusual for someone to read about Point of Return and all the people we’ve helped get off debilitating prescription drugs through our in-home tapering program and think maybe it’s too good to be true.  People often wonder…

Is the Point of Return benzodiazepine withdrawal program a scam?

Some people spend tens of thousands of dollars to go to a live-in treatment center to get off benzodiazepines, sleeping pills or antidepressants, and end up back on their prescriptions. How is it possible for an affordable, in-home withdrawal program to be nearly 100% successful?

First, we want to say emphatically, the Point of Return benzodiazepine withdrawal program is far from being a scam.

In fact, it has helped thousands of people reclaim their lives and get a fresh start. Along with our antidepressant withdrawal program and our sleeping pill withdrawal program, Point of Return is the best way to taper off prescription drugs safely, efficiently, and completely. We are far from being a scam, and here’s why.

1) Point of Return is a non-profit organization recognized by the U.S. government.

We’re not making huge profits off of people like the manufacturers of the prescription drugs we help people withdrawal from.

2) Point of Return has had 15 years of success.

We have been helping people for 15 years now. We have had clients from the United States as well as 81 other countries worldwide, aiding them through our fantastic benzodiazepine withdrawal program. There’s no way we could have lasted this long if what we do didn’t work.

3) Point of Return has received a lot of national press.

Founder Alessandra Rain is a drug expert who has appeared on Fox, ABC, and CNN, to name a few. Other major press sources like the Wall Street Journal and Chicago Tribune have covered her story and Point of Return’s mission to help people get off prescription drugs. We have links to the media coverage we’ve received on our website.

4) Point of Return has hundreds of client testimonials

Most compelling, however, are the hundreds of heart-warming testimonials and success stories sent to us by the people whose lives have been transformed through our prescription drug withdrawal program. The Chicago Tribune has even covered some of those testimonies. Our program truly works. There’s just nothing else like our program, and people know it. The proof is in the pudding.

Point of Return was created to offer a better way to help people get of off prescription drugs. Each individual works closely with Point of Return professionals to set up a safe taper-rate, receive coaching, and start healing the body with nutraceuticals. Thousands of people have completed our program successfully.

If you’re looking for a safe and effective withdrawal program and have questions or are ready to get started, send us a message or call us toll-free at 866-605-2333

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