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What is Drug Compounding and Why It Matters in Prescription Drug Withdrawal Programs

Compounding is an important part of your Point of Return Prescription Drug Withdrawal Program. Drug compounding helps you to taper off your medications comfortably, safely and accurately.

You might be asking, what is drug compounding? What makes it so important in your withdrawal journey?

Drug compounding is the process of mixing, combining, altering the ingredients, and changing the dosage of your medication. Its purpose is to create a medication especially tailored for the patient’s needs.

Why is drug compounding important?

  1. Prescription medications do not come in lower doses.

To give yourself the best chance to wean off benzodiazepines, sleeping pills, or antidepressants successfully, it’s important to follow a precise, doctor-recommended taper schedule that gradually reduces the dosage of the prescription drug.  Prescription drugs are not manufactured at all the dosages needed during the tapering process.

  1. You can reduce your dosage safety and accurately.

Some people try to do their own taper by cutting pills with a knife.  Not only does this put the person at risk of cutting themselves, but the dosage will not be as precise.  Having the tapered prescription made by a compounding pharmacy is safer and more accurate.

  1. You can take your compounded drugs conveniently.

Your compounded medications may be encapsulated or converted to liquid form. This allows your compounding pharmacist to create the dose specially formulated for each of your tapering phases.

  1. It helps you taper off comfortably and effectively.

People who try to taper off prescription drugs on their own, usually end up taking bigger steps in their dosages than is comfortable and effective.  For going from a full pill, to a half a pill to nothing, is a rapid taper.  People who try this are likely to experience withdrawal symptoms and go back to the full dosage of the medication.

Getting tapered dosages made by a compounding pharmacy enables you to do a much more tapered withdrawal, which reduces symptoms and dramatically increases your chances of success.  

Will I need a prescription to get my medication compounded?

Yes, your doctor should write you a prescription for your compounded medication. This is one of the reasons why getting your doctor to support your Point of Return program is very important.

Who Can Compound your Prescription Drugs?

Only compounding pharmacies recognized by the Pharmacy Compounding Accreditation Board should compound your medicines. We have partner compounding pharmacies who are familiar with our withdrawal programs. You can also ask your doctor to discuss your compounding requirements with a certified compounding pharmacist.

If you are ready to get off prescription drugs and get your life back using our antidepressant withdrawal program, sleeping pill withdrawal program or benzodiazepine withdrawal program, send us a message or give us a call at 866-605-2333 for a free consultation.

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