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Amitriptyline Withdrawal Success Stories

Do you want to get off Amitriptyline? Searching for how to wean off Amitriptyline?

Here are just a few of the many Amitriptyline withdrawal success stories from people who have used Point of Return's Amitriptyline withdrawal program to taper off Amitriptyline.


Liz - Amitriptyline Withdrawal Success StoriesI would like to thank my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, for carrying me through this most difficult of times. I would also like to thank the Point of Return (POR) Staff, the POR Mentors, the POR Forum, Dr. Armstrong, Roy, and my dear husband for their wisdom and selflessness. They were all willing to listen and lift me up when I needed a gentle ear to hear my struggles.

For years I have pushed through chronic fatigue. But, I had a full active life and was very happy and slept well. For probably 20 years my doctors wanted to give me something to sleep. They felt that if I got "quality" sleep, I would feel better. I refused to take anything and was fine. About 5 years ago at a yearly physical, my doctor wanted to give me something to sleep. He said it wasn't a sleeping pill. I don't know what I thought it was. But, he said to trust him…..that it would make me feel better. I gave in and began taking Klonopin. I did sleep better, but I did not feel any better. So, after 3 years, I was told I could just quit taking it because it was such a small dose. I was thrown into a 2 year battle to get off this poisonous drug. Fortunately, I found Point of Return. Without POR, I know I would have never been successful. They were there to guide me every step of the way.

Every single day was a challenge. The POR staff and Dr. Armstrong were always there to help me push through another day, encourage me, and provide answers to my questions about my symptoms. They would tell me that I was going to get through this. And, they were right.

This experience has left me humbled and oh so grateful to be alive. It's like being reborn. Everything seems new and the simplest things are joyous.

Please let the Point of Return program work for you. It is a slow, gentle reduction from drugs, and will provide you with the tools you need to succeed.



Thank you so much for your program. I had been on Amitriptyline for almost 24yrs when I discovered your program. I had tried a few times over the years to get off of it just because I hated being dependent on any medication, but to no avail. I had started having a lot of side affects from it and knew I needed to do something. I have been on your program since the 10th of Dec,2010. I have now been free of the meds for over 5weeks now and am feeling fine... I am still using the supplement as you suggested and have not had any flare ups of the fibromyalgia that I have suffered from for over 26years.

I think you are one of Gods Angels and thank you so very much.

Yours trully,

Linda L. (Indiana) - Amitriptyline


Helyn - Amitriptyline Withdrawal Success StoriesI just wanted to send you a genuine thank you. You really (pardon my french) kicked my butt in the right direction when i needed it, and I couldnt have done it without that shove in the right direction. I never thought I would get here, being so young and not knowing myself at all without this pill. And quite frankly, I'm still a little scared to be off it, but I feel FANTASTIC! I would normally say, I feel like i have my life back, but I dont even know what life is like without Amitriptyline. but I am SO excited to find out! You guys are fantastic!!! I tell EVERYONE I know about your program. There is no way that I would have EVER gotten off this stuff without you. I am so happy to move on with my life, and to put healthy things in my body... no more pills EVER! My life has been changed, and I owe it all to you, and everyone else at POR. Thank you for all your hard work, and your perseverance, and your blood, sweat, and tears. I can promise you, that it is all worth it! I am forever grateful, and I will never stop telling people about Point of Return.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Helyn F. (North Carolina) - Amitriptyline


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