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Ativan Withdrawal Success Stories

Are you searching for info on how to come off Ativan? Looking for a Ativan Withdrawal program that really works?

Here are just a few of the many Ativan withdrawal success stories from people who have used Point of Return's Ativan withdrawal program to taper off Ativan.


William's Ativan Withdrawal Success Story

William-Ativan-Withdrawal-Success-Stories I owe everyone at Point of Return a huge THANK YOU for the support and guidance that led to my success in getting off the Ativan.  I'm off but still have some side effects, but wow I know I'm done with the poison!

The journey was extremely humbling for someone who believed that their will was so strong they could never be broken and they would never surrender.  I certainly have a different perspective on life. I still vividly remember May of 2015 being completely lost as to where to go, which way to turn and thinking there is no way possible to ever get free from those damn drugs.

Thank you again for everything.

William T. (California) - Ativan Withdrawal Success Story

Kele's Ativan Withdrawal Success Story

Kele-Ativan-Withdrawal-Success-StoriesHOME IS WHERE THE HEART IS . . . MY JOURNEY . . . My journey began like many others with an utterly negligent Doctor prescribing a lethal and potent Benzo (Ativan), and after just a few weeks of sleep issues. He never suggested Cognitive Behavioral Therapy which is widely used for sleep issues and which has great success, nor did he even bother to suggest something far less dangerous such as melatonin supplements etc. He also never discussed this drug with me, never warned me about the side effects and worse, the withdrawal effects, and neither he nor the pharmacist provided me with the required literature which is to (by law) accompany these types of medications.

Further, despite the dire written FDA warning that this medication is not to be prescribed for more than two weeks, Doctors continue to give this insidious medication out like candy and continue to prescribe it for long term use. We really need to have Federal legislation passed which would prohibit the ability of any Primary Care Doctor to ever prescribe this medication . . . it is bad enough that Mental Health Providers now give it out like candy and also continue to prescribe it for long term use. Unfortunately, the sphere of influence held over the entire medical profession by the pharmaceutical companies and fueled by their multibillion dollar quarterly profits is as unimaginable . . . as it is insurmountable. While most testimonials here are related to recovery from long term use of these insidious medications, mine is different in that it is recovery from short term - low dosage use which I can assure you was still just as life threatening and horrific. I wanted to take advantage of this opportunity to address the often under - reported and often misunderstood withdrawal from short term – low dosage use. The truth is that withdrawal and I am referring to harsh, harsh withdrawal . . . can occur after just a few weeks of taking this demoralizing medication.

I was only taking this medication for four weeks and at a low dosage of .05 mg and a few 1mg ( as per this Doctor's instructions to increase the dosage ). I had disturbing side effects within the first two weeks which this Doctor continually assured me were being caused from some other " Illness ". Those side effects were blurred vision, feeling drugged and out of it, shortness of breath, difficulty breathing, and terrifying paradoxical side effects – including horrific nightmares . . . none of which I ever had prior to taking this medication. The next several weeks were a barrage of tests including an EKG, Echocardiogram, and a Sleep Study . . . all of which were unremarkable, meaning no health related issues. Fortunately the Sleep Doctor was keen on what was causing my health issues. He advised me that Ativan depresses the respiratory system and more likely than not, was what was causing my shortness of breath and difficulty breathing, resulting in sleeplessness issues.

I then googled Ativan and was horrified . . . horrified that this Doctor had even prescribed something like this and even more horrified . . . that I was taking it daily for four weeks, every evening as prescribed for sleep. I immediately contacted this Doctor, it was a Friday and his office assured me he would get back to me shortly . He did not return my call. I was terrified that entire weekend and never felt sooo lost and alone. That Saturday and Sunday evening I decided to stop taking the medication. I had little sleep and was stressed more than I can ever remember being.

THE CALM BEFORE THE STORM . . . On Monday I finally spoke to this Doctor who actually advised me that it was safe to just discontinue taking the medication, and that I would absolutely not experience any withdrawal symptoms due to the fact that it was merely just short term – low dosage use. I even contacted the pharmacist and was advised similarly.

THE HORRIFYING REALITY OF BENZO WITHDRAWAL . . . Within a few days I was in terrifying full blown withdrawal with headaches, increasing nightmares, muscle jerks, dizziness, flashes of light, ringing in the ears, exploding noises, dark menacing shadows, unimaginable fear, sleeplessness, and the list of dodgey symptoms just went on and on. I then contacted this Doctor's office several times and pleaded for help to taper off of this medication. Both he and his office just abandoned me . . . continually alleging that withdrawal was not possible with short term use, and they actually accused me of possibly being on other " Illicit " drugs . . . which I was not. I was utterly, utterly devastated and demoralized. Again, I felt sooo lost and alone and was forced through no fault of my own . . . to remain isolated and in this intolerable condition for more than two weeks.

THE LIGHT AT THE END OF THE TUNNEL . . . I found Point of Return (POR) and another Doctor who could work with me to taper and to stabilize. Unfortunately, I had been off of the medication cold turkey for a few weeks and in consideration of that fact and others, we all decided that in my specific circumstances it would be better to ride out the withdrawal symptoms and to not begin taking that medication again and then endure another withdrawal. Alesandra ( founder of POR ) immediately provided me with the most calming and reassuring conversations I had had in many, many weeks, and both she and her extraordinary staff began working with me towards recovery. I believe that what is sooo extraordinary about Alesandra and her staff is that they do not just talk the talk, they actually walk the walk. She has been meticulous in compiling a staff of top notch experts who actually went through the recovery process themselves and know all too well the debilitating and demoralizing effects of both Benzo Use and Benzo Withdrawal.

HOME IS WHERE THE HEART IS . . . I stayed the Point of Return Withdrawal Program with Alesandra and her gifted, extraordinary staff ( faithfully ! ). I was also blessed with assistance from extraordinary counseling, and I recovered . . . and no it was not easy, in fact, it was the most difficult time I have ever experienced in my life. I am still finishing up with some final symptoms . . . but for the most part I am home, finally home, and home is always . . . where the heart is.

God's Speed to Point of Return's continuing success, and to all on this challenging journey!

Kele (California) - Ativan Withdrawal Success Story

Mark's Ativan Withdrawal Success Story

Mark-Ativan-Withdrawal-Success-Stories During my benzodiazepine tapering I would occasionally read success stories, but I always kept in mind that for all we shared in common, there were things that were unique to me, just like they are for you.

Point of Return (POR) shares success stories like mine. I was already more than halfway through when I called POR and spoke with Terry and Alesandra. They didn’t mind I was coming in kind of late in the game. Their concern was there for my health and me. It would have been nice if I had found POR from day one, but I regress, so here’s to cutting to the chase, and the rest of the story.

The first benzo prescription came in 1993, which was the result of a severe panic attack. I had an employee who had just gone through a heartbreaking divorce and resorted to shooting up the office along with threats of killing everyone. The situation got resolved and within a week I experienced a full blown panic attack. After calling 911, carted to the ER, given a clean bill of health, I was told to see my doctor for a follow-up. I found a doctor in my area and he proceeded to tell me he had just the thing for me. I’d be “right as rain” in no time. Here’s your Ativan with six refills, and don’t worry, it’s very safe and reliable. Please pay on your way out, and have a nice life.

After nineteen years of benzo’s, I finished the taper, and am now into the healing phase. My taper took much longer than most, but finishing is finishing, so I’m cool with that. If you’re reading this, you have an advantage I didn’t have when I started tapering. You know about Point of Return. Advantage yourself. What POR gave to me in my later stages of tapering was enormous. I can easily imagine the benefits from day one had that been available to me.

There are a few things I could etch in stone. I’d rather go through the turmoil’s of tapering successfully than resort to eating a pill to maintain some sense of balance. After spending lots of time and money with failed results, there’s only one place I’d recommend to a best friend or a complete stranger….Point of Return….period.

Being able to dip into “the full toolbox of resources” at Point of Return, will take you to a place of complete recovery and health. After all my years of bogus plans of treatment with broken promises and heartache, trust me on this one…these people are the real deal. I know what doesn’t work. I’ve been there more than a few times.

What I realized right from the get-go is that Alesandra and Terry are not throwing a sales pitch. What you’re getting are people with the scars of experience, the dedication that only comes from tested knowledge and the patience and wisdom of having walked the walk themselves. Do you really want to trust someone who hasn’t been there, done that?

When you get through with your taper you’ll feel like me. I thought when I finished tapering I’d feel special. I didn’t. I feel accomplished. Everyone’s special, not everyone is accomplished. Be accomplished. It’s something you carry the rest of your life. That’s special!

Mark E. (Texas) - Ativan Withdrawal Success Story

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