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Elavil Withdrawal Success Stories

Are you searching for info on how to get off Elavil? Looking for a Elavil Withdrawal program that really works?

Here are just a few of the many Elavil withdrawal success stories from people who have used Point of Return's Elavil withdrawal program to taper off Elavil.


Robin's Elavil Withdrawal Success Story

RobinT-Elavil-Withdrawal-Success-StoriesI am writing to let anyone reading this know that finding Point of Return (POR) has been a miracle for me. I had a horrific reaction to quitting Lorazapam cold turkey, after suffering for several months I agreed to take Amitriptyline (Elavil) as I felt it would allow me to at least leave the house for my daughter's wedding. After several months of the debilitating side effects of the Amitriptyline I found Point of Return and ordered the program.

The effect on my poor body was almost immediate. Unfortunately I wasn't eating well and was "self-medicating" with alcohol which interfered with my taper of course. I ended up reinstating the medication, cleaning up my diet and going for help with my alcohol addiction. Within weeks I was feeling better than I have in years. My second taper was smooth and painless and now I am free of medication. It is a most wonderful feeling.

I cannot say enough good things about the entire POR team. They have somehow found just the right balance between professionalism and compassion that people who are suffering need. I will be forever grateful. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Robin T. (California) Amitriptyline (Elavil) Withdrawal Success Story

Helen's Elavil Withdrawal Success Story

Helen-Elavil-Withdrawal-Success-StoriesAt 68 years of age, I made an arbitrary decision, or so I thought, to go off meds.  Choosing a local program in Alberta, Canada, 35 years of swallowing Amitriptyline (Elavil ) and 15 for Effexor came to an end in the relatively short span of 9 months.  Consequently, hope in the local program steadily diminished as a terrifying state of pain, shock and trauma crept in. Besides the devastation of the brain chemicals, my whole body was evidently desperately sick, well on its way to autoimmune diseases and premature death.  In constant pain, unable to absorb food or find sleep, I literally felt as if I was dying.  

My husband described those initial months as the blackest of nights, terrified and bewildered, facing a raging river that had to be crossed, but not knowing how.  Conventional medicine proved itself unable to help. Where else was there help?  I can attest to the ingenuity of the human spirit to avoid dependence on God until all other avenues fail.  And so, finally, I was crowded to Christ alone.  There on my knees I pled for help and waited before him, willing to drown in the raging river if that was what he had in mind.  Then, one by one, stones seemed to appear in the swirling depths of those wild waters, beckoning a crossing.  One stone would appear at a time, appearing very slippery and dubious.  I would have to do a blind leap of faith to even reach it, never mind find a firm footing on it.  It would be crazy faith, except that God's promised he would prove himself strong for those who abandoned themselves to him.

One desperate night, as I tried to find that impossible, painless position on the couch, it occurred to me that the wakefulness might be a good opportunity to sort through my old health files.  What I found became the answers to my prayers.  I found a 15 year old, ripped out magazine page, across which was splashed, "If you ever want to go off antidepressants, give Point of Return a call".  Goggle not only assured me they were still in business, the program's professional basis in science was also quite impressive. While reading Alesandra's story, I intuitively knew I needed glutathione, whatever that was, because it had helped her so much.  Finding that yellowed magazine advertisement could easily be looked at as an arbitrary discovery, but I took it to be God's loving and personal direction in my life.  Point of Return was one of the first of many stones that appeared.  And Point of Return proved to be a solid leap of faith.  This year July 2019 began to mark the end of a season of suffering that had become a journey of faith. 

Literally, I had been in the dark regarding how magnificent a machine God had created for me to live in, basically designed to self regulate and repair itself through proper fuel and cleansing like any other simple machine. Point of Return's excellent principles shed a steady light on that by encouraging a clean diet, adequate hydration, proper rest, testing, character growth and the supervision of reputable integrative/ functional medical supervision.  But in my lack of knowledge, each effort I mustered seemed like another leap to a shadowy stone. Yet, the darkness seemed to dissipate with each subsequent leap regardless of my dubious attitude.  For example, when I first came across the term "leaky gut", I thought to myself, "I don't need to find out what that is, I'm sure I don't have it"; I thought the same with whatever the MTHR variant was. However, slowly and surely, the light began to dawn.  With the discovery that our friendly local chiropractor was credentialed with functional medicine studies and sold Cyrex Tests right out of his office, the truth unfolded further.  My tests came back positive for most part, correlating to the conditions wisely posted on the Point of Return website: inflammation, toxicity, nutrient deficiency, multiple food sensitivities, small intestine bacterial overgrowth and what do you know! Leaky Gut! and that genetic MTHR thing I knew nothing about as well!  I tested positive for it all.  Point of Return's patient and gentle encouragement proved invaluable in God's hands to steer me to the next stepping stone. It is only in looking back that I now see much more clearly.

Today, I am not only off all psychotropic drugs, but also all heart medications given after a triple by-pass heart surgery 11 years ago.  (I am now doing well on alternative therapy).  I am also off all NSAIDs taken for 20 years for arthritis and a degenerative disk condition.  I am enjoying an ever growing diet of simple, nourishing foods,   exercising at least 5 out of 7 days a week, trying to keep a steady vigil with the Lord in prayer and meditation, learning how to grieve out my sorrows and purposefully create new non-toxic brain circuits for my thoughts to run on, getting out into the sunshine as much as I can, enjoying some yard work and especially my large family of 6 adult children, 11 grandchildren and a cat at our acreage.  Presently I celebrated my recovery and 71st birthday with a trip to Seattle to catch a cruise to Alaska with the Gaithers, whose music deeply ministered to my soul during the darkness.

I will never, ever forget the compassion in Alesandra's voice across the miles, giving me reassurance that she knew the way well for those who go off meds. Her colleagues similarly, were experienced, loving, gracious and always ready to help and insure a sense of belonging.  For me it was and remains a reflection of the love of God in their hearts that they hold for God and for fellow sufferers, paying forward what they have received.

"Thank you Alesandra, Andrea and Terry, and all the other Point of Return staff that so faithfully give of your time, love, reassurances and prayers on our behalf trudging along the same road you walked.  You are an unbeatable bunch, our endeared models and mentors!  All of you definitely make up the rescue boats that are sent out to rescue us from the raging river and ferreting us to the safety of the Lighthouse shore.  I give you my most heartfelt gratitude and high esteem for your untiring ministry.  May it always go on.  May you always be blessed.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I would have surely drowned in the waters without you".

The journey was not easy.  It tested and proved my best resolve.  When, in weakness, I submitted in acceptance and patience, God was able to strengthen my metal and make of me a stronger version.  It seemed simply miraculous when I began emerging from the turmoil my body and brain had sustained.  I can vouch for what the staff and mentors say, over and over again, that you WILL heal. During the darkness, those words sounded like an hallucination, but it is only the malfunction of ears and heart that befuddles the truth of it.  The shroud of death that laid so heavily on my shoulders did eventually lift.  It came slowly, mostly imperceptibly, but it surely did, as I worked the program which is key.  It is true that the trees are greener, the sky bluer, the flowers brighter, the birdsong sweeter!  To be so richly alive is a most precious gift with each breath taken.

I am so very deeply grateful.  Thank you God, thank you, Point of Return. May God constantly sustain you and continue to bless your work.  When I grow up, I want to be just like you! 😁

Helen (Canada) – Amitriptyline (Elavil) Withdrawal Success Story

Mark's Withdrawal Success Story

MarkM-Elavil-Withdrawal-Success-StoriesMy journey was the nightmare from Elm Street. There was no end in sight. The light at the end of the tunnel was a train.

It all started one fine afternoon in February with a doctor visit for some mild anxiety about a PVD “floater” that had developed in my left eye. I was prescribed Ativan at 1 mg in the evenings to calm my anxiety but also for sleep. After a month, I noticed that my falling asleep was becoming increasingly more difficult and raised the evening dose to 2mg. As a few weeks progressed, the 2mg of Ativan became non-effective in inducing sleep and was prescribed 10mg Ambien to take instead of Ativan but to continue to take the Ativan during the day. After a few weeks it all quit working for sleep.

Doctor then prescribed a small dosage cocktail of Remeron, Amitriptyline (Elavil), and Trazadone. Idea was that each one in a small dose would cause sleepiness. At times one would work, and then another, then it was decided to take them all together before bed. If I could not fall asleep then would take the Ambien after the cocktail. Continued with 2mg of Ativan during the day. Then was put on Lexapro to take during the day because I was now depressed and anxious.

My blood pressure was now at 180. Pulse would run in the 120. Sugar was in the 140’s. A big piece of the problem was no one ever told me how addictive Ativan was and if you quit taking it---you went to a major withdrawal.

The last day of my old life in an attempt to stay sane included Ativan during the day along with Lexapro. Then for sleep—would start with the cocktail of Remeron, Trazadone and Amitriptyline about an hour before bed (varying the doses each night somewhat). That would never cause sleep—so would then at bedtime take 10 mg of Ambien. In an hour take another 10mg of Ambien. And if that did not knock me out (which in the end – it would not)—top it all off with 1 or 2mg of Ativan. Wow—what a day of pill popping---all for a little sleep.

One spectacular Saturday in August, I was researching on the Internet about how different drugs had different channels to the brain and how some did not work together—stuff way over my head—but somehow found Alesandra’s web site. I called and spoke with Terry. He told me that I really needed to speak with Alesandra and I left my number. That evening I was horribly depressed at my parents home.

About 9pm I got this phone call from Alesandra. I was amazed that someone was calling me back that late on a Saturday evening. But for 2 hours, she and I talked about everything. It was the first time in my 6 month ordeal that someone knew what I was going through and understood my problems.

I had spoken to at least 10 different shrinks, sleep counselors; etc…everyone wanted to put me on some other type of drug. Alesandra knew exactly in less than an hour how badly I was messing with my brain chemistry by taking all that crap and in different doses. My brain was being zapped daily and there was no end to it.  That evening I concluded to limit myself to a max of 3 drugs and stabilize the chemistry in my brain.

Ativan was number one—because it was the most addictive. I was given the choice of what other two I thought I needed for sleep. I decided on Remeron and Ambien. That evening, I took the Remeron at bedtime with 2 mg of Ativan and fell asleep without the Ambien. Thereafter, I never took Ambien again and with the regimen of POINT OF RETURN’s treatment and a slow gradual withdrawal of the Ativan and Remeron, I was healed and drug free within a short period of time.... that was 2 years ago.

Thank you God for directing my web fingers to Point of Return.

Mark M. (OKLAHOMA) Remeron, Ativan and Elavil Withdrawal Success Story

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