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Escitalopram Withdrawal Success Stories

Are you searching for How to Taper off Escitalopram safely? Looking for a Escitalopram withdrawal or Escitalopram Taper Program that really works?


Here are just a few of the many Escitalopram withdrawal success stories from people who have used Point of Return's Escitalopram withdrawal program to taper off Escitalopram.


Denise-Escitalopram-Withdrawal-Success-StoriesAbout a year ago, I embarked on a journey to stop taking Lexapro, an antidepressant I had been on for 18 years. I had bee n wanting to stop taking it but had no idea how to do it. I had a long history of being abused and suffered much trauma and abuse for many years. I had had 19 surgeries during this time, also. After my last divorce in 2005, I began seeking counseling at a local spouse abuse center. She was a wonderful Christian who helped me get started in the early stages of this journey. Eventually, I wanted to stop taking the antidepressant because I no longer had trauma in my life. I was afraid, however, but the Lord put a man across my path on FB who had also gotten off of Lexapro. After several conversations, he informed me about "Point of Return" and Alesandra Rain. She was my go-to there and instructed me in the tapering of the Lexapro. She instilled in me much hope and was so compassionate and caring. I have a much better life now. I am mostly content and have so much more energy! I have had no depressive episodes since I started! I'm so grateful for my FB friend and Alesandra! I had so many friends praying for me also during the tapering. God is so good! I hope that anyone who is seeking to change their life by stopping these medications finds "Point of Return"! Thank you, Lord, for it and for Alesandra!

Denise S. (Kentucky) - (Lexapro) Escitalopram Withdrawal Success Story


Holly-Escitalopram-Withdrawal-Success-Stories I want to CELEBRATE!! After almost 38 years on psychoactive drugs, I am now totally fee of them with Point of Return's help, which aided me greatly through a too-rapid w/d of Asendin (which left me with Tardive Dyskinesia) and Ativan, I was able to also successfully withdraw from Lexapro and Ambien as well. The last drug I took was Trazodone, which I'd taken since 1991, but I am now free of that drug as well. So I now take NO psychoactive medication of any kind and am much the better for it. I believe you wonderful folks at Point of Return did a good deal of the heavy lifting for me as I went through some of the worst years of my life (November 2012 - September 2017). Yes, it took a long time, but it is SO worth it!! Thanks so much for your help!

Holly B. (Ohio, USA) - (Lexapro) Escitalopram Withdrawal Success Story


Carolyn-Escitalopram-Withdrawal-Success-Stories My journey into hell started when I had a rather bad case of a cold in 2011… … I was given big dose of Cipro, an asthma puffer, an antibiotic eye cream, and an antibiotic nasal spray by my family doctor to help me get through the tough cold. I had never taken any prescription medications before this, and I was always very cautious with over-the-counter medicationsl. I didn’t know what possessed me, maybe I was just so sick. At any rate, I followed my doctor’s instructions religiously. Just after one dose of Cipro my stomach started to hurt terribly. Then, shortly after, I started to have strange sweats as if I was menopausal (though I wasn’t even yet 40). Shortly afterwords, the panicky feelings followed. (I was never a panicky individual in my whole life and never prone to anxiety attacks.) Lastly, I started to have severe insomnia, which was something I’d never experienced before this. I could sleep through a collapsing mineshaft. Both my husband and I were concerned, so we went back to my doctor’s office to seek help (this was two days before Christmas). By this point, I hadn’t slept well for quite a few weeks. I have two young children and a full time job, so I could not afford to go on like this. I needed some answers and real help quick. Within two minutes of seeing me, she gave me Ativan and reassured me that even my then 3 year-old daughter could take it, - that’s how “safe" and non-addictive it was. Put this way, I was extremely grateful for her RX and, of course, began to take it without giving it a second thought. Within the next 4 months, I was feeling worse and worse the more she tried to "help" me by putting me on new pills. I never liked any of the wonder drugs she gave me, but I tried them all (owing to my own ignorance), giving my MD the benefit of the doubt. My attitude was: Of course she must know what she’s doing - after all, she’s an MD! Needless to say, I was in and out of the ER almost once a week. I gave every possible "remedy" a try, as I was only too willing / eager to get better. But the more I tried, the worse I felt. I was weak, confused, and terrified. I became very anti-social, paranoid and house-bound. Consequently, I could not even step outside for more than five minutes without the help of my 9 year-old daughter.

At the end of my rope, I got desperate. I started searching the internet for answers.

I found Point of Return (POR) in April of 2012. I called Alesandra at least three times before committing myself to the program. By then, (and understandably) I had grown quite cynical and even bitter after having been taken by either the medical industry or so-called natural miracle cures so many times. Thankfully, Alesandra never displayed the least hint of impatience in her voice during all of our three long conversations. She listened, comforted and encouraged me so lovingly. She also demonstrated a very welcome and deep understanding of the mess I'd got myself into. For the first time in my long and dark four months of struggle, I saw HOPE. By the time I joined POR, I had cold-turkeyed from Ativan, Cipralex, and cut my dose of Klonopin by 25%, as well as still being on 75% of the Klonopin and Zopiclone doses. I was in a terrible place. Shattered describes it. Eventually, with help from POR, I tapered off all the poisons I put into my body. As we all know, It was not a walk in the park: I had LOTS of symptoms, but I resisted the temptation to reinstate with subsequent tapering. Armed with the ultimate goal of freedom in my mind, I kept on with the program of dropping the doses. Naturally, there were many days in which I was totally out of commission. I was convinced so firmly - or bought into the lie - that I was the only one who was not going to heal…that somehow I was the exception. I was deluded into thinking I didn’t have what it took to succeed in recovery. During this period of the abyss, I have to credit my dear friends at POR who never gave up on me and provided mainstay, unswerving support. I could ALWAYS count on Alesandra to lend me a loving and encouraging hand. I could ALWAYS count on Andrea to give me the much needed firm-but-straight talk. I could ALWAYS count on Terry to get my package delivered with lightning speed. I could ALWAYS count on Carol (Delaware), Bobby-Jean, Maggie, Athena, E-R, Chris 2, Cara, Rachel, Wendy, Kristie and others to send me the encouragement so badly needed at the most uncanny moments. For this, I can only count them as Heaven-sent. I am also grateful to my most wonderful husband and amazing kids. They stood by me thick and thin, to put it mildly. WE, all of us, got through this gruelling and frightful ordeal TOGETHER. We are stronger together as a family, as a result; there can be no doubt or gainsaying that.

By the end of 2012, I was finally drug free. Hallelujah. I could not have made it without the help from all of my POR friends and family. I was not the most deligient one in the program, but l made it, nonetheless.

Today, I am 16 months off all meds. The fear and panicky feeling went within three months after the completion of the taper, but the physical symptoms took a lot longer to go. I still have a few minor annoyances left even as of today, but I truly don’t mind those because I know, given enough time, they too will leave. Difficulty with sleep? With the root cause gone, this has all, thank God, evaporated! I no longer have any trouble sleeping. (Last night, we apparently had a vigourous thunder shower; as far as I was concerned, however, it might as well have happened in Outer Mongolia.) These days I keep a very busy schedule: not just full-time, but a lot of over-time on the job. I take my children to different activities - as a matter of fact we just came back from a nearly two week trip to Disney World. I pushed my youngest one in a stroller throughout the parks under the hot sun. We spent at least 5 hours each day exploring the parks, with lots of standing and walking. I handled it easily. Just a year ago I would not even dared to plan even a partial day-trip within my own home province of Ontario. I walk 3 miles a day. I do a lot of reading. I console people who have stressful situations. I can positively attest that life after drugs is truly amazing.

So, by all accounts, my accidental drug addiction brought me to the lowest low of my life. It humbled me, but brought me into a glorious new understanding of love, peace, and joy. I no longer carry any prejudice against drug addicts. Only sympathy. I now have more gratitude and appreciation towards life, my family, my friends, my job … … I am no longer bitter, and I can’t even get angry at my doctor any more. (I am actually grateful for this detour in my life.) I enjoy this NEW ME far better than the me before prescription agents. Life is FULL for me now.

With all my earnestness, I would say: if you are suffering terribly and can’t see the way out, I am here now to tell you please DO NOT lose heart -  there IS hope. You WILL make it. Life after pills is like heaven. Please TRUST POR. TRUST their personnel. They DO understand, they possess the knowledge, and their programme and products WORK. Until this day, I still take the recommended therapeutic levels of Support and Mood. My head is clear and I have not had any colds or flu for more than a year.

Miracles will happen if you don’t give up and you are your own Miracle Maker.

Carolyn A, (Canada) – Klonopin, Zopiclone, (Cipralex) Escitalopram Withdrawal Success Story

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