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Lorazepam Withdrawal Success Stories

Are you searching for information about weaning off Lorazepam? Looking for a Lorazepam  withdrawal program that really works?

Here are just a few of the many Lorazepam withdrawal success stories from people who have used Point of Return's Lorazepam withdrawal program to taper off Lorazepam.

Eagle - Lorazepam Withdrawal Success StoriesHow ironic, as a New York State firefighter/first responder, the first response my doctor offered to my question of anxiety, was "take this pill".  A pill that I now know made me feel more anxious and less ready to respond to emergencies!  Wow, so I did. So I willingly added myself to the ranks of the uninformed, i.e., majority of the "medical establishment" and All of us who desperately seek relief from despair without the true knowledge of the effects of these drugs!  That was 2011.  One year and 6 months later, a friend shared Point of Return (POR) with me, a Great friend indeed.  Now 8 months later, I AM FREE to Soar again, climb to New heights unknown, And All made possible by Alesandra, Andrea, Terry, Dr. Code, and the entire staff and family of Point of Return, to whom I am forever grateful.

I am honored to be a part of my "new extended family" at POR, and encourage anyone who comes across this path, to "tuck & roll" away from a drug dependent life, to an existence of "freedom", health and optimism.  Like those before me, I found the journey wasn't easy; highs and lows, starts and stops, with some unexpected surprises. It seemed like a long dark tunnel with no light, yet Alesandra & Co. were  Always"shinning" there for me.  This Journey was what it needed to be for me to be

'Here Now"...                                  

Thank You All, with All my Heart and Soul,

In His Abundance...Love, Light and Harmony!

Eagle (New York) - Lorazepam Withdrawal Success Story

Lois - Lorazepam Withdrawal Success Stories Thank you so much for your quick response & the concern & caring that you have & give to everybody who calls on you for help. This program is truly a miracle & I don't even know how I found it, but it was meant for me to find. I can't give you guys enough praise for starting this program & for putting in all your effort to save people who need help so desperately. Please take care of yourselves!

Lots of love,

Lois P. (North Carolina) - Lorazepam Withdrawal Success Story

donko - Lorazepam Withdrawal Success Stories Come back from despair (A message from Japan)

Then I thought that I cannot help committing suicide… I had regretted that I took sleeping pill. The reason was simply insomnia by toothache. But why could I imagine that the thing brought me great suffering?  I had suffered from terrible side effects of medicines and withdrawal symptoms of ones. I quickly had tolerance. Therefore, the insomnia worsened. It needed many kinds of medicines and a large quantity of ones to sleep gradually. The medicines were not only benzodiazepines but also barbiturates. Of course, I could not work any longer. Everyday I had lain down on the bed and had been tormented.  I live in Japan. Neither doctors nor administrations of health helped me. I was searching for the treatment that could heal me, from Hokkaido to Okinawa. After all, it was all over Japan. But I could not find out any solution. No one helped me

One day I unexpectedly found out a website to help getting off the sleeping pills in U.S.A. That was Point of Return (POR). I did not have any choices more. I decided to bet their treatment.  I had good first impression for the staffs. I felt them to be hearty.  Their help was marvelous. They do what is not thinkable in Japan. My condition turned better after 1month and a half since I had started POR program. It was really miracle. I also made a lot of efforts at concentrating the healing. Eventually, I got off all the medicines. I recovered. I cannot believe it even now. Now I can’t believe I had thought that I commit suicide. But I was saved at close to the edge.

POR treatment stands to reason. We all have natural healing power. Our body and brain need to raise natural power of immune system to recover. POR treatment raises the natural power without nuisance.     

I could start 2nd life. I do not know how to express my thanks… Doumo Arigatou, Konokoto ha syougai wasremasen. (I am deeply grateful. And I never forget it for the rest of my life.)    

Love, Donko (Japan) - Lorazepam Withdrawal Success Story

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