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Lyrica Withdrawal Success Stories

Are you searching for Lyrica withdrawal help? Looking for a Lyrica withdrawal program that really works?

Point of Return's Lyrica withdrawal program can help you become a Lyrica withdrawal success story.  Let us help you taper off Lyrica.



suzy - Lyrica Withdrawal Success StoriesAfter giving birth to my beautiful daughter at the age of 41, I experienced extreme anxiety which led to many sleepless nights.  Having been trained in nutritional therapy I tried every natural remedy possible before asking my M.D. for help.  By this time I'd been having post partum depression issues for a few months and taking sleeping pills and anti-anxiety medications seemed like the last resort.  I reluctantly went down that path thinking that I needed them for a short time to pull myself out of a crisis.  I was assured it would only be short term.  I was prescribed Zopiclone then temazepam and ativan when it did not help.  I had no idea what would happen next.

Within the few months of trying to unsuccessfully withdraw from the meds myself, I'd worked my way up to a stronger prescription to get a decent night's sleep.  Days were plagued with an anxiety I'd never experienced before and nights were terrifying as I'd wake up with my heart beating uncontrollably.  Some days I was shaking so badly I could barely walk.  Still I persisted in trying to withdraw myself.  When I'd visit my doctor describing my symptoms, he prescribed additional drugs like Lyrica, Gabapentin and Seroquel--which did not help.   As much as I hated to take any more drugs, I relented when he said I should be on the anti-depressant Prisiq.

Every ounce of my being wanted to be off these drugs as soon as possible so I could get back the health I'd so proudly built over the years but it seemed I was losing the battle.  I was scared, no, terrified of where my life was heading.  I have to remind myself that during this battle I was also expected to give 110% of myself to my growing daughter.--thank God I have a loving and supportive husband and family.  My days were long and nights were longer.  I know I needed to get help.

Enter Point of Return.  From the moment I discovered your life-saving program, I felt understood and really cared for.  Andrea's compassion was unparalleled as she listened and made adjustments to my program.  When I hit a bump, she was there to walk me through it.  I remember thinking as I went through my day, "what would Andrea say" then I'd be comforted and empowered.  After 10 months of faithfully following the program, I am now free of all the medication.  When I began the progam I thought that I could never go that slowly in withdrawing but I was wrong.  I used that time to rebuild my health--body and mind.  Most days I would meditate at least once--I became reaquainted with peace.  Hope returned, I felt empowered to go the distance.  And here I am, at the other side.  I've returned to my life but it's better than it was before because I have such gratitude and appreciation for all that I have.  Many thanks to Andrea, specifically, and the team, in general.

You walked with me through the darkest cave of my life.

Suzy L. (Nanaimo, BC) - Withdrawal Success Story


johnny - Lyrica Withdrawal Success Stories As I started writing this I just remembered back when I was reading these testimonials when first finding this program.   Thinking how lucky I would be if I got to that point where I could write one,  something that seemed nearly impossible at the time.  And now here I am .

Before I get into how I was right before finding Point of Return (POR) , let me share a little about how this all started in the first place.   I was 24 years old,  very healthy, in great shape.  I was a personal trainer at a gym, very active, athletic...that was my life.    Then an accident happened while I was at the gym( In 2006), the machine I was working out on snapped and struck me on the top of the head.  Causing damage to the frontal lobe...Also snapping my head forward, crushing nerves in the back of my neck and leading to alot of nerve pain in my neck, back, other extremeties. Eventually leading to parasthesia( tingling, burning sensations) in other extremeties.

Over time things kept getting worse for me, and wasn't getting any answers from doctors.  And it's not easy dealing with all of these new issues on your own, not having any idea what they are, because I've obviously never experienced any of it before.  I've been injured before, I've broken bones...but never this.   Was always used to just fighting through an injury,  would still play sports and workout with a broken arm,  broken rib, etc.   Not that I enjoyed the pain, but I just couldn't resist doing something I enjoyed so much .  However with this injury, the more I tried to do, the more I set myself back..and would just end up with new symptoms that would get worse and worse and ended up with me going to the hospital eventually to try to figure out what was going on.   But that never got me anywhere  besides being offered a different med each time.

I always resisted taking a med that a doctor wanted to put me on,  but eventually would give in to some ,  justifying it saying they know what they are doing and I don't want to feel this way anymore so let me give it a shot.  Started taking klonopin in the beginning because I was having panic attacks, lots of anxiety.   Was also taking pain killers for the pain I was in.  Then I was put on Ambien because I couldn't sleep.   And was on plenty of other meds throughout the last 3 years.  And now that I am off everything, feeling so much more clear minded..getting a bit of myself back,  I realize that most of the bad things I went through was because all of the medication I was on, it wasn't just the injury.   The pain still would have been there without meds, but they made it worse. They weakened my mind over time, making me not able to handle the pain as much .  Basically not being able to handle anything.  Any type of stress would set me off.  And that's what bothered me most because I was very strong before any of that.   I just wasn't me.  And I thought that person was gone forever because of the injury.  But that is what taking all of those pills makes you believe.  It's all false.  So if there is one thing I hope you get out of reading this is don't believe the way you are feeling now is permanent.  Don't think your situation is different and that there isn't any hope for you. Because believe me, it is the medicine making you feel that way.

I prayed to God every day throughout the 3 years, asking for help.  I will admit there were times I was ready to give up.  When the pain got real bad, sleepless nights,  the restrictions..not being able to live..be active, etc  I would lose hope at times.  The more time that went by , the less hope I had.  It was all draining me, it was a struggle just to get out of bed and go up the stairs. 

Eventually my goals got smaller and smaller.  In the beginning it was about wanting to live the life I had before again, to get completely better and be active, be the happy person I always was..then I ended up giving up on that and just hoping not to feel so sick all the time, get a couple hours of sleep, not ache and burn so much, to not feel so "crazy" all the time.  Things like that.   The worst  feeling is when I did sleep and would dream about good things happening but then wake up to reality..my never ending nightmare.   I wanted to sleep all the time, I just didn't want to think anymore.  Too much pain physically and mentally. 

And that is why I was on a lot of the meds , but eventually realizing a lot of those bad thoughts, feeling achy, overall not healthy at all was because of the meds.  All of those times praying to God for help, then the times where I would get mad at Him, asking why is this happening( I think we all get to that point where we think enough is enough, why is this happening to me, when will it stop, why can't I just get my life back?  And they are all the wrong thoughts).   Because over time I was giving up , losing hope. And that is the scariest thing, losing that.  When life just didn't seem that important anymore.  I remember always thinking life is too short, didn't want to get older , wanting to enjoy every minute I could, then after going through the suffering non stop for 3 and a half years I started thinking life is too long, that I'm ready to be at peace now.   It's a scary thing.    And I had to get myself out of that mode a lot.  To keep pushing when there wasn't much left.

And why I am saying all this right now is because I'm telling you that most of the way I was feeling was because of the meds. Yes there were plenty of things I was going through without the meds but they were making it worse, much worse.  I didn't know that before, and honestly wasn't real sure about it when starting this program either.  I read the testimonials and I tried being a bit hopeful that it was the reason I was doing so bad too, but thinking to myself my situation is different and I had a brain injury and so many other things have gone wrong . So it would take a miracle for it to work for me.  I was running on fumes at the time I found POR.  And I will never forget that day because that is when God did answer my prayers, that was my miracle.   

I'm sitting here right now only 6 months later and I'm doing a lot better mentally. My mind is so much more clear now. I am getting myself back.  I am still going through a lot of pain yet handling it better now, shrugging it off and being positive. I still have a ways to go , no doubt, but the difference is I am "looking forward" to everything now.  I am excited about the future.  I see a future for me.   Each day I am getting memories back , good memories.  Before the injury I could walk outside, and just look around and be happy. Appreciate everything God has given us.  Not needing anything to go my way to be happy but just to stand there, look up at the sky and appreciate life.  I lost that during the three years.  And I am getting that back now .  

The excitement to live is coming back.   I am so thankful for Alesandra, Terry, Andrea, and everyone else involved at POR.   They go above and beyond to make sure everyone gets through this as comfortable as possible,  they make sure we succeed.  Because they "know" we can if we follow the program exactly the way it is.  There is no doubt for them like there is for us when starting this.   They are on the other side, they've seen and experienced everything we have been through and know exactly what it takes to heal.   I've gone to many..many doctors over these years,  been to brain rehab , etc and nobody understands the way they do.  Nobody had the answers they had.   Nobody ever took control and layed out the steps to recovery.  I always ended up going home and just dealing with things on my own again, trying to figure out what I should listen to and what not to listen to from the doctors. Because of so many setbacks I have had by listening to them, I lost that trust. 

I can't thank POR enough and the best thing is knowing there are people out there like them. That's what makes me happy.

Johnny D. (MICHIGAN) - Withdrawal Success Story


anna - Lyrica Withdrawal Success Stories I cannot thank you enough for your help and personal attention during my "time of trial" this past summer. While suffering from a painful condition with searing, constant nerve pain in my right arm and hand, I was overmedicated with antidepressant and tranquilizers (which did nothing to help the pain). Thankfully, when searching the Internet for "effexor Withdrawal," I found Point of Return and began your program on Memorial Day weekend.

Whenever I had a question or concern, you were there for me. Most importantly, you gave me hope~ You answered my emails (sometimes within minutes) and helped me over the wrought spots. I appreciated your honesty and encouragement. Since your personal battle also involved nerve pain, I was comforted by you personal insights. Also, you personal attention in modifying my program to improve sleep and lessen pain was definitely a turning point. Thanks to you and your products, my three withdrawals were painless and relatively symptom-free, and I finished the last one earlier this month.

Nerve pain is unending and merciless. It's 24/7 – you can't get away from it. My life was a fees. I could not eat, sleep, work, or interact with my family or grandchildren. I wanted to cry but did not have the energy. At times, in the idle of the night, I thought it would be so easy to end this… Thankfully, my faith in God helped me through those dared, dark nights. As someone wise once said, "even good comes from bad." My problem (caused by a blockage of blood-flow to a major nerve) forced me to look at my life an eliminate things that weren't working. Now, I have new doctors who are competent and responsive and I also made changes in my personal life (joined a new church, joined a gym), and am no longer a "door mat" at home.

I could not conclude this letter without thanking Terry for handling my orders quickly and efficiently. If he had a question, Terry would call me right away. Again, personal attention made all the difference. His recommendation to utilize the auto-ship program helped me save money, and I could easily change what was sent each month.

I am drug-free now and my mind is clear and sharp. I returned to work in mid-August. My energy level is wonderful and I will be 59 years you in November! The nerve pain is much, better and my life is full. I plan to continue taking the nutrients forever. In closing, Alesandra, you are an angel!.

Anna E. (Pennsylvania) - Withdrawal Success Story

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