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Prozac Withdrawal Success Stories

Do you want to get off Prozac? Searching for a Prozac Taper program that really works?

Here are just a few of the many Prozac withdrawal success stories from people who have used Point of Return's Prozac withdrawal program to taper off Prozac.


Marilyn's Prozac Withdrawal Success Story

MarilynF-Prozac-Withdrawal-Success-StoriesEighteen years ago I went to a counselor because of a troubled relationship. In order to continue her program, I was required to go on Prozac....thus started my journey. Today, after three months of faithfully using the products and following the directions in the POINT OF RETURN program, I am free. I sent in an email questioning if I should feel this good!! My greatest fear was that I would reach this emotional clarity and then crash to a new low.

To my joy, I continue to feel clear, calm and free. I am sleeping again, have energy and no longer suffer from constipation or anxiousness. My weight has started to come down to a normal range.


  1. Clarity- I can really see things around me with my emotional eye in such a clear state, no emotions to block.
  2. My emotions feel like I am on a "high", but not exactly a nervous state, just a state of alertness.

I have not hit a brick wall, I have not been let down. As far as the eighteen year relationship...still there, but I am in a much better condition to take control of my life and make decisions based on clarity, rather that emotional turmoil. -

Marilyn F. (California) Prozac

Eric's Prozac Withdrawal Success Story

EricA-Prozac-Withdrawal-Success-StoriesWow, it is hard to know where to start.  Let me try!  It has been quite a long road, but well worth it.  I should probably start at the beginning.  I believe it was in 2006 when I started having some issues with anxiety.  My doctor put me on Prozac and Klonopin as a result.  After about one year on the meds, I decided that I wanted to stop taking them.  I spoke to the doctor and he was in favor of reducing the dose but did not support me stopping.  I tapered off them fully outside of his advice and within a few months, I was having issues with anxiety again.  He was furious with me for not listening, so I agreed to go back on the medication. His explanation of the relapse was that I just needed to be on medication and that was why I was having reoccurring issues.  He never spoke of the possibility of withdrawal, even when I brought it up.  After being back on them for quite a few months, I was not satisfied.  I just didn't feel that this path was what I needed to do.  I really didn't know what to do! 

After some intense prayer and searching, I found the POR website.  I read the information on the site and it immediately clicked that I was much like those on the website.  I had made two attempts in the past to come off the meds and was not successful. I was hesitant that there might be a solution for getting off the meds.  My doctor was frustrated with me and tried to convince me that I had a chemical imbalance and there was nothing I could do about it except take medication.  The doctor made me feel so helpless.  During this time, I felt so distant from the Lord and so focused on myself.  I did not realize how inwardly I was focused until recently.  I now realize that He was there the entire time. 

I emailed the POR website and got an answer back almost immediately.  As a matter of fact, I believe it was a phone call from Alesandra.  I went back and forth for a few weeks concerning the decision to start the program before I finally placed the first order.  I prayed so much and wanted to make sure it was the Lord's will for me to do.  I was scared, but also encouraged that I had a potential solution.  I must have emailed Alesandra two or three times a day for months after starting the program.  I was constantly checking with her on every twitch, ache, and feeling that I had.  She graciously helped me through it all.  I admire her patience and care and believe that she has a gift to help people. 

I tapered the Klonopin first and then the Prozac.  Over the course of approximately one year, I was free from both medications.  I have to admit, I did not always follow the protocol of the program.  For that, I did have some set backs.  That typically resulted in frantic emails to Alesandra looking for what to do.  Almost every time, I had missed some of the supplements or done something not recommended by the program.  I also was lacking faith. 

My advice to everyone reading is to follow the program exactly.  Do not try to make your own version or modify it without consulting with the people at POR who know.  I had such a desire to feel better, but frequently went my own way.  Believe me, save yourself some hardship and stay on the path that has been established. 

Also, have confidence that there is a way out.  Through my trial, I found the true faith I should have always had. 

I need to take time to acknowledge Alesandra, who was always there when I needed support.   I have emailed late nights, weekends, and other times and always got a quick response.  Believe me, I was very needy! Alesandra, thank you truly, from the bottom of my heart.  It is no doubt that God has you in the place where He wants you.  You have put so much of yourself into helping me when there was nothing in it for you but seeing me succeed.  I praise God that He worked through you to help me and all those who struggle with getting off the medications.  

I also thank God for answering my prayers to find answers and for strengthening my faith.  Our trials are designed to help us seek Him, not ourselves.  That is still something I have to remind myself.

I also need to thank the whole POR staff, including Terry and Andrea.  I called many times looking for help and always got an uplifting word or laugh.   

For those currently struggling, try the program.  Give the POR team a call or email.  
Also, find faith to help you through.  If you are a Christian, cling to Jesus!

Eric A. (New Hampshire) Prozac, Klonopin

Betty's Prozac Withdrawal Success Story

BettyG-Prozac-Withdrawal-Success-Stories After the birth of my third baby some twenty-six years ago, I was given antidepressants for post partum depression.  Since then I have been on many different meds as they tend to lose their effectiveness and you have to try something new. Two years ago I was put on Cymbalta by my psychiatrist and I must say I felt fabulous on it. After two years on it however, I began to have severe hay fever symptoms that got worse and worse. Finally my eyes got so bad that nothing stopped them from itching and I knew that the med was the only thing different in the last two years that I had done in my life. I had to quit the Cymbalta. I tapered carefully and got off fairly easily until it finally left my system about 45 days later. Then I began to crash. June of 2008.

The doctor put me on Lexapro and within five days I was a bundle of anxiety. I wanted to jump out of my skin it was so bad. In a panic I stopped the Lexapro and took my usual dose of Cymbalta. That’s when a nuclear bomb went off in my brain. I was a mess. I had anxiety, depression and disturbing thoughts. When I went to the doctor he sent me home with sleeping pills, Xanax and Abilify. I went home and threw it all in the trash and knew there was another way. That is when I found POINT OF RETURN.

I got the program and began a painfully difficult recovery because I was a protracted client. I had quit these meds quickly. The anxiety was huge, depression would come and go and sleep left all together. As a result of lack of sleep and all the stress of recovery adrenal fatigue set in and to add insult to injury menopause raised its ugly head. I still have a t-shirt that says, “I’m still hot. It just comes in flashes.”

Well there I am. My brain is off line, my hormones are tanking and sleep left me all together. Easily the worst year of my life. Not even a husband nearly dying of cancer and a child on hard drugs for years but who is now doing fabulous was worse then this.

I tried the wrong hormone treatment for 4 months before I discovered that my body doesn’t like extra progesterone. It makes me more depressed. I switched to an estrogen patch and within six weeks was so much better. Finally, things have started to come together.

I have really focused on good nutrition. I eat very little sugar and take vitamin D3 and C in addition to the products from Point of Return. Whenever things weren’t going well, I would call Alley and she would find what I had added that was stirring things up.

The staff has been so great. Alley has been such a guiding light for me to cheer me on and give me hope. 

I thought I would never sleep again and I hated watching the clock drag on hour by hour all night long. I honestly thought I would die from lack of sleep. Those days were so painful to endure. Now they are gone just as Alley said. I am sleeping well. I take hops, lemon balm, Vitamin C and Tryptophan, which you can only after you finish the program.

The anxiety is under control. I found a program on the Internet call “Panic Away” that I loved.  Depression is under control with the use of Vitamin D and Omega 3 tabs and Tryptophan.

The last piece of the puzzle is the adrenal fatigue. Alley said that too will pass and so far she is always right. I am not a patient person and taking months to heal has been hard for me but if I can recover as well as Alley it will be worth it.

I am grateful to have my brain back and am looking forward to getting my body back.

Depression is hell and I know my family has a genetic predisposition for it. I had a brother who also struggled with it and was so over-medicated that he fell asleep at the wheel and was killed in the car crash that followed. His diet was bad and he drink tons of diet pop and I know he could have had a much better life if he had known of the POINT OF RETURN program.

Doctors don’t have all the answers and as my husband, a doctor, says, “If you are a hammer everything looks like a nail.” Go to a psychiatrist and he’ll send you home with pills. I feel nutrition and exercise are better sources for help.

I wish that 26 years ago I could have had a better care and had been spared so much misery. Maybe the future will be a blood test to check your DNA and blood and prescribe the vitamins and minerals you lack, not a boatload of meds.

Thank you Alley, Andrea and Terry for all of your patience and kindness. We in a fragile state need your extra kindness. You are so professional and such a well-run company.

Thank you for all you have done for me and my road to recovery. April 2009. 

Betty G. (Utah) Prozac Withdrawal Success Story

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