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Restoril Withdrawal Success Stories

Are you searching for how to do a Restoril taper? Looking for a Restoril Withdrawal program that really works?

Here are just a few of the many Restoril withdrawal success stories from people who have used Point of Return's Restoril withdrawal program to taper off Restoril.


Jennifer's Withdrawal Success Story

JenniferD-Restoril-Withdrawal-Success-StoriesMy journey started 7 years ago when I started having severe sleeping problems. I started taking Tylenol PM, graduated to Benadryl, and after that didn't work, I then went to the Doctor. He prescribed Sonata, which gave me horrific nightmares, then we tried a few more that made me vomit, and finally, we settled on Restoril. I was on 7.5 mg of Restoril for a few years, and after a traumatic experience in my life, the Restoril stopped working. I can remember the Restoril was working on and off during that last year, so I really wasn't getting restful sleep then, either.

Well, after the life-threatening event that I went through, I went to the Doctor again, and told him the Restoril wasn't working. When I refused to go on Antidepressants, he sent me to a neurologist, whose main specialty was Sleep Disorders. It took a few weeks to get in and during that time, I had to go to the Emergency room because of a 14 day period of no sleep. My body just went crazy, not to mention my mind. After they gave me an IV of Valium, I went home and slept that night, but the problem was still there. I continued on the same path of getting no sleep.

I had acupuncture, hypnotist, chiropractors, therapist, naturopathic Doctors and any other type of Doctor you name, try to figure me out. After I finally got into the neurologist, we did a sleep study and it was determined that I had Insomnia…… Wow, What a revelation!!!!!! The neurologist put me on Klonopin. At that point, I said okay, because I was desperate and knew nothing about the drug. After being on the drug about 2 months, I questioned him about not feeling like myself and not liking how I felt and he said "You are not yourself and you have to stay on the Klonopin".

That remark gave me no comfort. I stayed on it as he directed, but my soul was fighting it all the way. It gave me sleep for a while, and then quit working. After a year and ½ of being on it, I went back to the Doctor and again expressed my concerns and he said, "If you get off that medication, don't come back to my office". I then said, well, how can I get off of it? And he said, just quit taking it tonight. Well, needless to say I never came back to that Doctor. I did a lot of research and found out that Klonopin is a hard drug to quit.

After a year of trying to get off of it and many research, I finally came across the POINT OF RETURN Program. What a Godsend! I started the supplement in Apri and within a few months, I was off the Klonopin. YES!!!!!!!

I had a lot of support from Alesandra and the other staff members, which I cherish so deeply. It was so great to have a support system and other people going through the same thing I was. I still talk with Alesandra and enjoy her advice on other things. I know God had her go through her ordeal, so she could fulfill her purpose in this life. I am so grateful for her and the whole POR staff.

I can't explain how thankful I am to be off that "monster" drug. After I got off of it, was when I realized how bad I actually was. I can't believe that I was such a different person. Even after a few days of being off of it, my feelings started coming back. I was numb and detached from my family the whole time I was on it. My personality had totally changed and I was just existing. Now, I see that my eyes were clouded for those years I was on it. I still have my struggles, but I am here to say that I am so ecstatic that I'm not on Klonopin and I never want to see that drug again. Taking care of my body and continuing with the nutrients has really helped me.

I know for certain, that God directed me to this program, and He gave me the grace to get through the whole withdrawal process, by providing me with his protection, their nutrients and support from POINT OF RETURN. Thank you so much for all your help……I will continue taking products because they help so much!

Jennifer D., (Florida) Klonopin, Restoril Withdrawal Success Story

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Eric's Restoril Withdrawal Success Story

EricS-Restoril-Withdrawal-Success-StoriesI just wanted to thank Point of Return and tell my story in hopes it will help others.  I started taking Temazapam (brand name Restoril) in 2010 I had severe health issues, Colon Cancer, and severe neck issues.  I knew that with taking Benzos there was no free lunch but I had to sleep. It started out fine, I was sleeping 6-7 hours with the medicine. Fast forward to May of 2015, I was sleeping 2-3 hours if I was lucky. I was somewhat in panic mode realizing my sleep situation was a disaster.

So the only option I had was to do a detox/rehab 14 day program. The more research I did on that the only positive was insurance covered 14 days. The problem was the program made little sense and people who did that said if you had taken benzos for any length of time the 14 day program was torturous and ineffective so I ruled that out.

As I got more desperate I looked into some programs in Utah, they looked effective but probably 6-9 months stay in my situation and $200-400 thousand out of pocket with no help from insurance so I ruled that out. So my third and best option was Point of return. I started in May of 2015 and did a ten month taper (finished the end of February 2016).  I am now sleeping 5-7 hours naturally as of April 2016.

I can't say enough about point of Return and the people that helped me (Andrea, Alesandra and Terry), extremely knowledgeable, friendly and professional. I followed there program and with magnificent results. I have continued to call them and get helpful advice even after the weaning. I did thorough research on my options and considered Point of Return the most knowledgeable and cost effective of all the choices.

Eric S. (California) Temazepam (Restoril) Withdrawal Success Story

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Wendy's Restoril Withdrawal Success Story

WendyH-Restoril-Withdrawal-Success-StoriesOn my most blessed days I am asked why I look so good and I am ecstatic when I’m given the opportunity to truly answer that question.  Recently I was told that I “look like a million bucks” and my reply was “I feel like five million!”  It is very difficult to explain to others who may not understand how truly amazing it feels to finally be happy, joyful and full of life.  These are the results of my experience with Point of Return along with my relationship with Jesus Christ.

I spent 15 long and frustrating years on prescription medications and by all of the world’s mindset I had every right to be on most of those drugs.  I had struggled thru my mother’s suicide and a young failed marriage that produced a severely handicapped child.  After my second marriage, my older brother and best friend committed suicide also.  It was then that I was diagnosed with clinical depression and the roller coaster ride of legal drugs began.  I was later diagnosed as bipolar after the tragic, accidental death of my second son at 12 years old.  The merry-go-round of prescription drugs ensued while I voluntarily continued my addiction to smoking and a few illegal drugs for added misery.  I joined the ranks of poor souls admitted to a mental facility and was tossed around from one diagnosis to another.

Eventually, I decided to stop the madness but not before I learned that I was entrapped in the worst kind of addiction… benzodiazepines.  I was the host to several different types of the legal poison including KLONOPIN, XANAX, ATIVAN and RESTORIL.  Enhanced with several other glowing additions of drugs for added spice I ignorantly embarked on a cold-turkey withdrawal that produced the very worst kind of misery and torture known to mankind.  I went for literally weeks at a time without ANY sleep and my body was in turmoil to say the very least.  I searched high and low for answers and tried every natural remedy and supplement known to man with no success.  Still I was determined.  With my faith in Jesus Christ and my eye on freedom I pressed on.

In April of 2007 my life changed forever.  I found the POINT OF RETURN website.  I had been conducting the exact same search on the web for months but had come up empty.  On that day I found my answer.  With a guarded heart I sent my inquiry in via the website and within THREE MINUTES my cell phone was ringing.  The voice I heard on the other end was the softest, most loving and understanding sound I had ever heard.  FINALLY, someone understood and had a clue of the private living hell I had been enduring.  Alesandra Rain became my friend and partner in the quest to be free.  She immediately sent me the program by over night delivery and when I hung up with her that night I fell down on my living room floor all alone with God and I cried.  Finally, I was crying tears of relief and not tears of pain and frustration.  For some reason, Alesandra had given me hope and I had no doubt that I had found the answer.

I was a poster child for the program.  I followed it religiously and strived to make every day count toward my success.  Within a few weeks I was feeling better.  Every time I thought I couldn’t feel any better I learned I was wrong and it just kept getting better.  In mid-November of 2007 I took my final dose of prescription medication and I have been drug free ever since!  The nutrition on the program was the answer to my prayers and assisted with the restored health to my brain and my body.  As Alesandra and her loving team continued encouraging me to be patient I regained my health and most importantly I regained my joy and my zeal for life.  I don’t remember feeling so good.  I now sleep like a baby and live every single day to its fullest.  I live in a small town and people have known me for many years.  Not many days go by in recent times that someone doesn’t comment on how good I look and seem to feel.  I am so overjoyed that my health shows in my attitude.  I am enjoying my marriage of 23 years and also my youngest son who at 16 is the light of my life.  I am pursuing bible college and will be certified within the Assembly of God Church as a pastor very soon.  It will be exciting to see what God does with my life as I grow to spread the good news of all that He can do with a little faith and determination.

I was recently blessed to meet Alesandra in person and the experience can hardly be described.  Needless to say we were destined to cross paths.  My passion for telling others of the horrors of prescription drug use and abuse is huge and I am delighted to help others to find the peace and freedom that I have found.  It is my hope that God will continue to allow me the pleasure of sharing the story He has given me for the sole purpose of encouraging others.

Wendy H. (Texas) - Klonopin, Xanax, Ativan, Restoril Withdrawal Success Story

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