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Zopiclone Withdrawal Success Stories

Are you searching info on tapering off Zopiclone? Looking for a Zopiclone  withdrawal program that really works?

Here are just a few of the many Zopiclone withdrawal success stories from people who have used Point of Return's Zopiclone withdrawal program to taper off Zopiclone.


Rita - Zopiclone Withdrawal Success Stories It started with a visit to the doctor with the complaint, “I can’t sleep”.  He gave me the “little blue pill” and told me to take it for 3-4 days.  I did as he said and slept well and then on the 4th night did not take it and had the worst night ever.  In a panic, I took the pill again.  I could not believe it; in just 3 nights I was hooked!  After that I tried everything to stop taking the pill.  I tried yoga, exercise, natural herbal remedies, listening to sleep CDs and half-hour sleep routines every night!  I went for acupuncture and saw a naturopath, who also prescribed this thing and that (all natural, of course).  But no matter what I tried, the “little blue pill” was the one constant.  I could never stop taking it.  If I did try, my sleeping was worse than ever. 

I even went back to my doctor several times and he just told me to cut the pill into pieces to take less and then prescribed me more!  My whole body was filled with anxiety.  I walked around with a constant knot in my throat.  I was obsessed with the pill and even more obsessed with getting off of it.  The worst part was that I wasn’t even sleeping well on the pill and I began spending my days in what can only be described as a fog.  I spent countless hours researching on-line and trying everything I could, but still nothing worked.  I was desperate! 

Then I came across a miracle; the Point of Return website.  I called them right away and after speaking with Andrea, I knew this was for me.  I thought to myself; how brilliant; someone who finally came up with a plan!  I finally had hope!!  I ordered a start up package and was finally on my way to getting off of the pill.  The best part of it was it was easy!!  The program just makes sense and very easy to do.  If I had any problems or issues or just wanted to talk about it, Andrea was there for me.  I would email or call her and get an immediate response.  It was so nice to know somebody was there who cared, who could understand and who could offer the advice or encouragement I needed.  Now I am pill free and sleeping great!  I know, with out a doubt, that had I not found Point of Return, I would still be struggling and desperate.

Thank you Point of Return.  Thank you Andrea.  You gave me my life back and I will be forever grateful to you.

Rita M, (Canada) - Zopiclone Withdrawal Success Story

Zopiclone withdrawal success

Suzy - Zopiclone Withdrawal Success Stories After giving birth to my beautiful daughter at the age of 41, I experienced extreme anxiety which led to many sleepless nights.  Having been trained in nutritional therapy I tried every natural remedy possible before asking my M.D. for help.  By this time I'd been having post partum depression issues for a few months and taking sleeping pills and anti-anxiety medications seemed like the last resort.  I reluctantly went down that path thinking that I needed them for a short time to pull myself out of a crisis.  I was assured it would only be short term.  I was prescribed Zopiclone then temazepam and ativan when it did not help.  I had no idea what would happen next.

Within the few months of trying to unsuccessfully withdraw from the meds myself, I'd worked my way up to a stronger prescription to get a decent night's sleep.  Days were plagued with an anxiety I'd never experienced before and nights were terrifying as I'd wake up with my heart beating uncontrollably.  Some days I was shaking so badly I could barely walk.  Still I persisted in trying to withdraw myself.  When I'd visit my doctor describing my symptoms, he prescribed additional drugs like Lyrica, Gabapentin and Seroquel--which did not help.   As much as I hated to take any more drugs, I relented when he said I should be on the anti-depressant Prisiq.

Every ounce of my being wanted to be off these drugs as soon as possible so I could get back the health I'd so proudly built over the years but it seemed I was losing the battle.  I was scared, no, terrified of where my life was heading.  I have to remind myself that during this battle I was also expected to give 110% of myself to my growing daughter.--thank God I have a loving and supportive husband and family.  My days were long and nights were longer.  I know I needed to get help.

Enter Point of Return.  From the moment I discovered your life-saving program, I felt understood and really cared for.  Andrea's compassion was unparalleled as she listened and made adjustments to my program.  When I hit a bump, she was there to walk me through it.  I remember thinking as I went through my day, "what would Andrea say" then I'd be comforted and empowered.  After 10 months of faithfully following the program, I am now free of all the medication.  When I began the progam I thought that I could never go that slowly in withdrawing but I was wrong.  I used that time to rebuild my health--body and mind.  Most days I would meditate at least once--I became reaquainted with peace.  Hope returned, I felt empowered to go the distance.  And here I am, at the other side.  I've returned to my life but it's better than it was before because I have such gratitude and appreciation for all that I have.  Many thanks to Andrea, specifically, and the team, in general.

You walked with me through the darkest cave of my life.


Suzy L. (Nanaimo, BC) - Zopiclone Withdrawal Success Story

Zopiclone withdrawal success

Carolyn - Zopiclone Withdrawal Success Stories Christmas is my favourite time of the year. My dreadful nightmare started two days before Christmas Day in year 2011…. It took me an entire year of hard work to awake from the nightmare, so… every Christmas season nowadays becomes my time to reflect on the sweet VICTORY and PEACE of mind I now enjoy. I have every reason to be thankful to my Saviour Jesus Christ and my Angels at Point of Return (POR). A big THANK YOU to Alesandra, Andrea, and Terry for the tireless efforts you put in to guide many of us safely to freedom.

Today I also want to take this opportunity to share with you my before and after pictures as well as my dos-and-don’ts. Hopefully it will help you avoid the painful mistakes I made along the way to freedom.

My psychiatric drug addiction was totally accidental as a result of an innocent but hapless visit to the doctor’s office for the purpose of treating a cold, cough, and lack of sleep (due to each night’s coughing). My M.D. started me on Ativan on Dec. 23 of 2011. It was supposed to be a “harmless” and “temporary” measure. As per my family physician at the time, that is what they supposedly give to children to calm them down and get them to sleep. Unfortunately, my body didn’t agree with this statement. Such an innocent little blue-green magic pill triggered a chain of terrifying reactions… I had my first full-blown panic attack. I was constantly on edge. I was sensitive to light and sound. I developed agoraphobia. I was crying non-stop. Almost overnight I turned into a monster whom I couldn’t even recognize. My doctor didn’t waste any time in diagnosing me as a mental case and subsequently plied me with varieties of anti-anxiety and anti-depressant medications to help control my mental instability. When asked why my illness came on so suddenly, she was unable to offer any answer or explanation. According to her and “the medical experts”, I was a ticking time-bomb at the mercy of some trait which inevitably must run in my family. Well, I guess that was that; no need to question the experts, right? Needless to say, with this sewn-up, blanket conclusion towards so called mentally-ill patients and the lack of understanding of the chemical effects of the meds prescribed,  I spiralled downwards during the following five months. I became a test tube for different trail-and-error psychotropic prescriptions as doctors groped and floundered with their Rx pads. Naturally, I sometimes ended up as a regular visitor to the emergency rooms as a result of such “remedies”.

After being cold-turkeyed by my doctor from four benzos and four anti-depressants, I was entirely worn out. I suffered from constant severe headaches as well as severe insomnia. I was an agoraphobiac (besides going to work, I only travelled between my bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, and living room). Constant pain from old injures tortured me day and night. The medications combined with the effects of being withdrawn cold-turkey robbed me my short term memory, ability to concentrate, and ability to even sit still. My life was filled with intrusive fearful thoughts, doom and gloom, self-pity, and guilt.

I had so many check marks on the POR symptom list. The worst part was that I had no idea why all of a sudden I was suffering so much. I googled and searched. All the information which came up pointed towards the one and the only cause: addiction of the very medication I was given to “help” me.

My initial phone call to Alesandra at POR only further confirmed my research: I was turned into a drug addict without my consent by the people I was supposed to have trusted. I could feel the anger and hatred towards my doctor like a volcano ready to burst inside of me.  That wasn’t a pretty picture, but it was me before starting the POR program.

At the beginning I couldn’t follow the program whole-heartedly. Agoraphobia, insomnia and severe headaches were the three most pronounced symptoms for me. They had such a tight grip on me, I was constantly feeling overwhelmed. I was also now stigmatized by my family doctor with the labels of several mental illnesses. Although I followed the withdraw schedule and procedure carefully, I had no strength left to deal with the mental or emotional aspects of the withdrawal. Every time I would gather courage to go out to the grocery store, I would end up returning in defeat. I was so afraid that everyone in the store who saw me knew I was a terrible mental case.

I started to read a lot of success stories on the forum. I wanted so much to write one myself one day, but I was so convinced that I didn’t have what it took to get there. My “why me?” attitude didn’t help with the situation either. I distanced myself from God for His apparent refusal to help (on my terms, of course). I also started to distance myself from my family and children because I was so afraid that I might hurt them.

My early journey to freedom was full of bitterness and feelings of defeat, fear and guilt were consuming me alive…. Until …one day, while aimlessly browsing the stored video clips and pictures on my laptop, suddenly one video clip of my baby girl eating her first Cheetos while dancing to The Wiggles caught my eye. At that moment, something inside of me clicked. I started to sob uncontrollably. It felt like a much needed cleanse. For the first time in months, my determined fighter spirit got rekindled. It marked the starting point of my rising out of the hell.

Besides following the withdrawal schedule faithfully, I went to a private doctor and had all the necessary blood work done (as recommended by Alesandra); I incorporated a moderate daily exercise routine which forced me to leave my comfort zone and venture out; I followed a clean and nutritious diet; I found the self-help method most helpful to me; I learned after many painful failed attempts to fall asleep and remain asleep at will. Also during this journey I re-learned to walk with God as best as I knew. I learned to meditate; I taught myself mindfulness and positive thinking. This also provided me with the precious opportunity to discover who I am and what I am called to do.

Frankly speaking, it was definitely not my journey of choice, but it was indeed a necessary journey for me to undergo in order to become who I am today. All the anger, resentment and bitterness had all melted along the way. I learned to forgive myself and others (especially my family doctor who put me through this ordeal). I did not find any miracle cure during this journey. And I didn’t recover immediately after the withdrawal. The healing comes on its own terms and in progressive stages or layers. It takes a lot of hard work and discipline. To think that one will bounce back right after the last drop is unrealistic. The turtle who wins the race typifies the truth on this journey. —- Slowly-but-surely is the way. Today, nearly three years after the last drop, I still discover little healing signs here and there with total joy.

Right after finishing the withdrawal, I slowly eased back into my full-time work schedule. I resumed to my busy shopping life . I threw myself into living life full-bore. Moreover, I even overcame my previous fear of flying and took the whole family to Orlando Disney World in 2013. We went to Great Wolf Lodge in 2014. This year I had Lasik surgery done for both my eyes. We also completed our dream trip of a 10-day vacation to Shanghai, China in October. I no longer over-protect my children. They are both enrolled in swimming lessons, karate lessons, and private violin lessons. I also take my 12 year-old to Second City in Toronto to take weekly improv lessons. I am no longer afraid of having a sleepless night. I have learned to sleep at will; always well-rested. And best of all, I have found my joy in God… and my purpose in Him and His Love.

As we welcome the year 2016, let’s also welcome your freedom and your total recovery together. I have total faith that with a bit of willingness, lots of handwork and discipline, and the loving guidance from POR, you too will succeed!

Happy New Year to you all!

Carolyn A. (Canada) - Zopiclone Withdrawal Success Story

zopiclone withdrawal success

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