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Natren Healthy Start Probiotics (price includes shipping)
Natren Healthy Start Probiotics (price includes shipping)
Natren Healthy Start Probiotics (price includes shipping)

Natren Healthy Start Probiotics (price includes shipping)


*Price Includes Shipping*

*Probiotics are shipped directly from the manufacture and are shipped Mon-Wed.  Orders received after 2:00 pm CST, will go out the next ship day.

Delivers 2 billion cfu bifidobacterium bifidum (super strain Malyoth), lactobacillus bulgaricus (super strain LB-S1), and 1 billion cfu lactobacillus acidophilus (super strain NAS)

Why We Like Natren's Probiotics?

Natren is the first and only manufacturer in the Health Food Industry to formulate and produce Probiotics in its own state-of-the-art plant. They are the first and only Probiotics manufacturer to earn the International Drug GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) Certification.

For more than a quarter of a century Natren has produced beneficial cultured bacteria and were prized by the royal family of Yugoslavia for their legendary yogurt. The Trenev family, who founded Natren, also supplied yogurt to King Peter II.

Natren produces Super Strain Probiotics with a full-culture process that retains the supernatant, a specially formulated medium that sustains and nourishes the bacteria. Natren's bacteria are never separated from this vital food source. This supernatant is highly beneficial since it contains enzymes, antimicrobial by-products and factors produced directly by the microorganisms. Most Probiotic manufacturers do not retain the supernatant when they freeze-dry their product because it adds to the production costs. Instead, the Probiotics are centrifuged and fillers are added. But this growth medium results in better survival rates for the bacteria. The supernatant is an effective buffer against stomach acid, allowing more bacteria to reach their destination.

Additionally, only Natren uses a proprietary micro-enrobe oil matrix capsule that keeps the three bacteria super strains (Lactobacillus acidophilus, Bifidobacterium bifidum, and Lactobacillus bulgaricus) in oxygen-free sunflower oil that separates the bacteria, keeping them healthy and strong. It is a known physiological property that the oil matrix effectively protects the beneficial bacteria against the onslaught of stomach acid. When bile emulsifies the oil, Natren's bile-resistant super strains are released into the intestines.

Heat, moisture, and light are enemies of beneficial bacteria, which is why Natren uses only dark glass bottles with tin lids to eliminate exposure to these elements. Moisture levels sufficient to damage bacteria can permeate even the best grade of plastic bottle. All Natren Probiotics are shipped express on ice to ensure quality.

The production standards of Natren are so respected that they are cited as the Probiotic Industry Standard.


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