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About Us

Helping people is the only reason we are here... we take a people-first approach because a personal touch provides lasting success.  We have revolutionized drug withdrawal so your fear is quenched while belief and hope rise. Every person we have saved is a pebble in the pond that spreads far and wide. Our philosophy is stay small, think big...

Point of Return is a 501(3) 3 non-profit, public benefit organization. Our expertise is Benzodiazepine, Sleeping Pill, Antidepressant and Opioid Withdrawal.


Our Mission

—a global community not-for-profit that transforms lives from pill dependence. The power of the human body to heal isn't about the moment, it's the way forward. We saved ourselves, and now reach out to each of you, extending our knowledge, experience and expertise so you too can heal as we have. 

Our Promise

—a holistic approach to prescription pill dependence.

Our Values

—we know the human body is miraculous.  our symphony of chemicals is injured by drugs so we focus on the healing capability available to each of us.

Our Commitment

—to help you be the healing pebble in the pond that ripples to your family, friends and community. 


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