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Athena Sargent, BA, MLIS

Point of Return Mentor

I am a child of Hollywood. Both my parents were in the industry but it never appealed to me. I moved away to go to university and never looked back. At university I focused on languages, eventually learning Spanish, French and Italian. I also focused on library science. And grammar. For the last 30+ years I have worked as a grammarian/proofreader/copy editor. I worked in legal publishing and I free lanced for cyber clients. My husband and I lived in both Japan (a short time) and in Switzerland (a good, long time). We loved to travel and did as much as we could.

I started taking Dalmane in my mid-40’s. I did not go into that ignorant of the addictive qualities. At the time all I wanted to do was sleep, and it certainly helped w/that. It seemed to help for over a decade, but really it was just doing its damage to my mind and body. I didn’t realize how much damage until I tried to stop. That’s when the symptoms started—the most pernicious were the mouth sores that made eating miserable. When I did research on the internet I found Point of Return. The mouth sore symptom led right to Dalmane on the website. I was quite excited to do the detox on my own at home. I actually thought it was a 28-day program—HA! It took me 5 months to taper the med (5%/week) and longer than that to heal. But I could not have done any of it without Point of Return. From the nutraceuticals, which I still take today, to the insistence on clean eating and hydration, I was completely enamored w/the process. It wasn’t easy but it has to be the easiest way to come off of meds. The supplements nourish your body and mind and prepare them for the craziness that happens when you taper.

I have been off Dalmane for almost 7 years. In that time, I’ve gotten very involved in qi gong, which I practice most every day. I am a mentor on the forum, which allows me to give back to the community that helped me get off the medication as well as filled my brain with all kinds of new knowledge. We are wiser when we finish than when we started. We know ourselves better, we see how strong we really are, and we’ve gained so much wisdom just from interacting with other folks in the same situation. I have also expanded my cooking repertoire and I  now make many of my own beauty and housecleaning products. I’m kind of a nut for recipes!

I can’t say enough good things about Point of Return. They are my family, my sisters, my brothers, my gurus. If you are wondering whether to do this, I encourage you to invest time and money in your quest for better health. You won’t be sorry.

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