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Looking for info on tapering off Ativan or an Ativan Withdrawal program that really works? Click to see some real-life Ativan Withdrawal Success Stories from people who have used Point of Return's Ativan In-Home Withdrawal program to taper off Alprazolam.





— By Anthony (Ativan Withdrawal Success Story)

Where do I begin? The last eight months have been quite the journey. My journey started with basic stress that life brings us. Reorgs at work, raising young kids, marriage, finances, etc... Standard stuff we all go through. Unfortunately for me I let all that build up and had an anixety attack one night followed by some sleepless nights. Within three days I reached out to my primary care doctor who is a family practice MD and I explained what was going on.  

He called it situational anxiety that everyone gets from time to time (this was correct) and he very quickly and nonchalantly wrote me a prescription for Ativan. Thirty pills to start at 1mg each with instructions to, "take as needed". These prescriptions continued for the five plus months I took them. Eventually leveling out at 1.5mg a day (.5mg three times a day). This was the turning point for me and I don't mean for the better. 


Zero information from my doctor about tolerance or how highly addictive benzos are even after very short periods of time like one to two weeks. No info on how the withdrawal effects are heightened versions of you originally symptoms plus some. Basically pouring gasoline on what had been a small fire to start with. He prescribed it and I took it without question. I started noticing withdrawal symptoms between pills around the two-week mark. My doctor said that wasn't possible and started making random, uneducated guesses as to what was happening. Usually ending in a recommendation for another drug like a sleeping pill or antidepressant. Sheesh, what a mess. I could go on all day, but you get the point. The majority of doctors have very little to ZERO knowledge on the effects of benzos, how addictive they are (and how quickly), the symptoms they cause while being on them, what withdrawal symptoms look like, and most importantly how to get someone safely off of them. Enter Point of Return and the industry leading team of experts: Alesandra, Terry, Andrea, and Dr. Bill Code!!! I'll get into them more in a bit, but if this is as far as you read know you have found the solution in this amazing team.

Now I have never been a guy who took anything other than the occasional Ibuprofen. Maybe some vitamin C during cold and flu season, but no pharmaceuticals, recreational drugs, vitamins, supplements, I don't drink, don't smoke, etc...Very physically and mentally healthy with no family history of anything. Yearly physicals, blood work, etc... I say all of this because my journey into the benzo world, the immediate effects, tolerance and dependence, and eventual withdrawal from them has been an eye-opening experience for me.

"They are here to support, encourage, reassure, and empower you every step of the way."

From starting off very scary and filled with uncertainty and confusion to the point where I am now of feeling empowered about my knowledge of these drugs, realizing that doctors are good people for the most part, but they do not have expert knowledge in everything (it's called practicing medicine), taking control of my own healthcare, and seeking out the experts in the areas you need help in. In this particular case, Alesandra and her team at Point of Return are the experts without any doubt in my mind. Alesandra and her team have not only brought me back to my amazing life I have, but also educated me and my never-ending curiosity as to, "how in the heck does this happen with such high frequency with this much data supporting the harmful effects of these type of drugs."

I have had many conversations with Alesandra (significantly more than any doctor would have welcomed) and the best way I can describe her is a wonderful combination of compassionate, caring, ridiculously patient, encouraging, supportive, kind, responsive, unrelenting in her reassurance, and amazingly talented in her field of knowledge. You will NOT find anyone who knows more about benzos, the effects they have on a person physically and mentally, and their interactions with other drugs and supplements.  

I am a type A personality who is very analytical. I would opening admit that I can be controlling in certain situations and that has made this entire experience even more difficult because I question everything relentlessly when it's something I can't figure out. I do this to protect myself, but also to educate myself. In my particular situation the things I couldn't figure out were all a result of benzodiazepines and their effects both mentally and physically.

Alesandra never once made me feel like I was a burden on her time due to my requests for more knowledge and reassurance. She is so in tune with the wide range of emotions that come about during the benzo process. Knowing that kind of support is a short phone call or email away is very encouraging and empowering as I worked through this process. As angry as I was/am at the lack of education doctors have on the major harms of these type of drugs which in turn lead me to this very difficult experience my energy and focus quickly pivoted to the knowledge and support from Alesandra and Point of Return along with getting off this drug and back to optimal health!

In summary, my journey started off very simple with some of life's general stresses followed by unknowingly taking an extremely addictive drug prescribed by my family doctor that carries side effects and withdrawal symptoms that are significantly worse than what brought me into his office in the first place. Thank the heavens above I found Alesandra and Point of Return online while researching benzodiazepine withdrawal symptoms after my doctor once again told me what I was going through wasn't related to the benzo use he continued to prescribe and that I should add yet another drug to the cocktail. Within two minutes of speaking to Alesandra I could tell I had found the solution, was on the path to getting off this horrible drug, and getting my life back. Their wonderful products (Support, Mood, Relax, and Sleep) provided the healthy foundation needed to support my system as I worked through the tapering program. If you're reading this you have already started the process. The next step is to CALL POINT OF RETURN!!! You will not regret it. Gain the knowledge of what these drugs do to a person's system, get a personalized plan in place to get off these drugs, and follow the plan.

Lastly, know that Alesandra and her team are industry leaders in this field. They are there to support, encourage, reassure, and empower you every step of the way. Your will get through this. It's not permanent. All the best!


Jessica's Alprazolam Withdrawal Success Story

Words from Mark.

During my benzodiazepine tapering I would occasionally read success stories, but I always kept in mind that for all we shared in common, there were things that were unique to me, just like they are for you.


Point of Return (POR) shares success stories like mine. I was already more than halfway through when I called POR and spoke with Terry and Alesandra. They didn’t mind I was coming in kind of late in the game. Their concern was there for my health and me. It would have been nice if I had found POR from day one, but I regress, so here’s to cutting to the chase, and the rest of the story. 


The first benzo prescription came in 1993, which was the result of a severe panic attack. I had an employee who had just gone through a heartbreaking divorce and resorted to shooting up the office along with threats of killing everyone. The situation got resolved and within a week I experienced a full blown panic attack. After calling 911, carted to the ER, given a clean bill of health, I was told to see my doctor for a follow-up. I found a doctor in my area and he proceeded to tell me he had just the thing for me. I’d be “right as rain” in no time. Here’s your Ativan with six refills, and don’t worry, it’s very safe and reliable. Please pay on your way out, and have a nice life.

After nineteen years of benzo’s, I finished the taper, and am now into the healing phase. My taper took much longer than most, but finishing is finishing, so I’m cool with that. If you’re reading this, you have an advantage I didn’t have when I started tapering. You know about Point of Return. Advantage yourself. What POR gave to me in my later stages of tapering was enormous. I can easily imagine the benefits from day one had that been available to me.

There are a few things I could etch in stone. I’d rather go through the turmoil’s of tapering successfully than resort to eating a pill to maintain some sense of balance. After spending lots of time and money with failed results, there’s only one place I’d recommend to a best friend or a complete stranger….Point of Return….period.  Being able to dip into “the full toolbox of resources” at Point of Return, will take you to a place of complete recovery and health. After all my years of bogus plans of treatment with broken promises and heartache, trust me on this one…these people are the real deal. I know what doesn’t work. I’ve been there more than a few times.

What I realized right from the get-go is that Alesandra and Terry are not throwing a sales pitch. What you’re getting are people with the scars of experience, the dedication that only comes from tested knowledge and the patience and wisdom of having walked the walk themselves. Do you really want to trust someone who hasn’t been there, done that?

When you get through with your taper you’ll feel like me. I thought when I finished tapering I’d feel special. I didn’t. I feel accomplished. Everyone’s special, not everyone is accomplished. Be accomplished. It’s something you carry the rest of your life. That’s special!

Mark E. (Texas)

Ativan In-Home Withdrawal Program



William's Ativan Withdrawal Success Story

William (California) Ativan Withdrawal Success

I owe everyone at Point of Return a huge THANK YOU for the support and guidance that led to my success in getting off the Ativan.


I'm off but still have some side effects, but wow I know I'm done with the poison!

The journey was extremely humbling for someone who believed that their will was so strong they could never be broken and they would never surrender.

I certainly have a different perspective on life. I still vividly remember May being completely lost as to where to go, which way to turn and thinking there is no way possible to ever get free from those damn drugs.

Thank you again for everything!



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Our Ativan Taper program implements slow reduction schedules while utilizing specifically designed nutraceuticals to help meet the body's extreme and unique nutritional needs during an Ativan taper. Our Ativan weaning program allows you to step down from Ativan under the guidance of Our Team, Your Physician and a Pharmacist while providing symptom relief. Point of Return provides healthy, drug-free strategies to help you feel better. Ativan withdrawal is done with kindness, and compassion while supporting your well-being.*

Our areas of expertise are Antidepressants, Benzodiazepines, Sleeping Pills and Painkillers on a case-by-case basis. Our In-Home programs are individualized based on your situation. Our approach includes an assessment once you start the Ativan Withdrawal Program, allowing us to individualize an approach based on age; length of time on the medications; health challenges; lifestyle, stress levels; additional medications; goals; ect. Don't Wean Ativan alone, work with our Prescription Drug Experts.*

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