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Looking for info on tapering off Benzodiazepines or a Benzodiazepine Withdrawal program that really works? Click to see some real-life Benzodiazepine Withdrawal Success Stories from people who have used Point of Return's Benzodiazepine Withdrawal Program to taper off Benzodiazepines at home.

Helen's Benzodiazepine Withdrawal Success Story

Words from Helen.


I can only get down on my knees and thank God that I went through the process of benzodiazepine withdrawal in the age of the internet. If I hadn’t found Point of Return (POR) through an internet search, I never would have found the safest and most comprehensive program available for prescription drug withdrawal. They know what they are doing, they have personal experience with it, and they have the right balance between nurturing and pushing their clients to gain their freedom. Working with POR helped me become the warrior I needed to be and it was all worth it! Now I appreciate life like never before. 

I was prescribed Clonazepam (the generic of Klonopin), to treat the anxiety and insomnia I experienced after my sister’s catastrophic death. I trusted the prescribing psychiatrist and took it as prescribed. In August 2015, after seven months of taking Clonazepam, my insomnia came back with a vengeance and I started researching. I was horrified to find out just how difficult it is to taper off of a benzodiazepine. 


Finding a “benzo aware” doctor was a frightening, frustrating ordeal. I went to one doctor who claimed I could taper off clonazepam in two weeks. I tried and it was a disaster. I couldn’t breathe, my cortisol levels were sky high, lights were too bright, sounds were too loud, and I became agoraphobic and unable to function. I went from doctor to doctor and all wanted me to taper way too fast, which severely impacted my quality of life.

With nowhere left to turn, I found Point of Return, who truly “get” both the medical aspects of these drugs and the nightmare of trying to find a benzo-aware doctor. They are experts in prescription medication withdrawal and have a protocol that includes supplements, diet, a private discussion forum, and unlimited support by telephone. I would not be here if it weren’t for them. In November, 2015, my husband and I flew to San Antonio and met with Point of Return’s consulting physician, Dr. Raymond Armstrong, who met with us for three hours, reassuring us that with a slow and steady taper I would get my life back. He himself had tapered the benzodiazepine Valium, so we trusted him. I flew back to Maryland knowing I finally had the right doctor, one who would safely and comfortably taper me off this poison.

The months dragged as I tapered the medication ever so slowly. Benzo withdrawal syndrome is a nonlinear, random process. I felt as if I was on a thrill ride designed by Stephen King, but unlike a ride at Busch Gardens, I did not know when this ride would end. It was like being hooked up to an IV drip that pumped fear into my body 24-7. The most disturbing symptom of all was that I yearned for connection with others with all my heart, but I could not feel empathy or joy for other people. What a thrill it was when my empathy for and connection to others came back!

I faithfully followed Point of Return’s program, eating clean and taking the supplements on a schedule. I am convinced that the supplements, especially the Support powder, kept my body strong so I could endure the symptoms. Using Point of Return’s private forum kept my spirit and mind strong. Their safe and private internet forum is a place to vent, cry, and laugh with others on the same journey, a place to share stories of small victories, resilience, and strength.

As my dose of clonazepam got lower, I began to have “windows.” These are the times one’s brain is actually “online” and one feels whole and present. The times when one can go for a walk, visit with a friend, sit in an outdoor café and laugh, or watch a movie and actually follow the plot. The times when one can leave the hell of self-involvement and focus on others again. True healing was happening!

As summer turned to fall, I began to have more hope. Each window was like a break from the Stephen King thrill ride, a chance to walk and rest in a garden and feel the breeze on my face. I might have felt like a rat in a cruel experiment, but this rat was not going to lie resignedly on the concrete floor. This rat wanted its freedom, wanted to live, and therefore, started to fight. Whereas at the beginning of my taper, I felt nothing but terror that I would never make it back, now I wanted to get on my knees and thank God for nature’s beauty. A simple trip to a pumpkin patch to buy a pumpkin and some mums reduced me to tears. To care once again about the simple, seasonal joys of living, to care about anything at all seemed like a miracle.

With the toolbox I gained in Point of Return’s program, I have now been benzo-free for 16 months, and I am working again and enjoying life like never before. I am very grateful! Thank you to Alesandra, Andrea, and Terry, who patiently listened to me go on and on during phone conversations and constantly reassured me that I would heal. They were RIGHT! Thank you also to the knowledgeable mentors on the forum who selflessly volunteer their time coaching and encouraging: Karole, Athena, Elisa-Ruth, and Bobby.

If you are frightened because of the nightmare of prescription drug dependence, please don’t despair. Call Point of Return. If you are dedicated to getting well, and put in the time and effort, they will support you every step of the way.


Benzodiazepine In-Home Withdrawal Program



Gretchen's Benzodiazepine Withdrawal Success Story

Gretchen (Texas) Benzodiazepines


I am very happy to report falling asleep easily last night for the first time in 6 months. I was just on day 2 of Step 1 on Method 1 and your products are nothing short of a miracle. I woke up feeling great and knew for the first time in 6 months that I was going to overcome this nasty withdrawal from Xanax. My stress & anxiety has gone down and my mood is GREAT. You told me I might be feeling better soon, but it's so hard to trust again after being mislead by doctors. 

You were right and I am very excited to continue on the program because after last night's successful sleep, I now have the confidence that I will just keep on feeling better and better. After 6 months of misery I have myself back. Me, my husband and my 2 children are so grateful! You saved me and I'm forever grateful for the work you put into this so people like me can have a quality of life during the taper and off the drug! I just can't thank you enough!



Paul's Benzodiazepine Withdrawal Success Story

If you feel trapped by pharmaceuticals like SSRI’s and Benzodiazepines please know that there is hope. I am now free of the grip of Ativan and Klonopin. The Point of Return products and staff are the key to reclaiming your life! You can do this. I know because I’ve been there. Here’s what happened…

Back in 2009 I was feeling more and more depressed and anxious. As a musician I was getting down in the dumps about how the economy was affecting CD sales. I was having muscle spasms, tension, indigestion, I went to a number of chiropractors and massage therapists and nothing was fixing the muscle pain problem. It never occurred to me that this was anxiety related!

I had a particular mid-back muscle that was in a knot so I tried pushing against the wall with a tennis ball against the knot. Wham! I felt an electrical spike shoot up into my head! Minutes later I was having a full blown anxiety attack! I was freaked out. These kept coming so I borrowed some Ativan from my mother. This worked perfectly!

I got my own prescription and was never told that it was incredibly addictive! In fact both my doctor and a psychiatrist never gave me a proper warning. I wish I had done a little research. I quickly went from taking .5mg every few days to 1mg every day. After about 2 months my wife said “you can’t stay on this stuff”. I new she was right so I just stopped. Oh my God! That was a nightmare. I quickly got right back on and then began to worry and feel great hopelessness about how or if I could get off.

I tried cutting the pills and put up with horrible withdrawals for months. This only worked for a while before the withdrawals became intolerable as I got down to smaller amounts of the drug. Then I made a difficult switch over to Klonopin because it was longer lasting and would dissolve in milk which meant I could taper by smaller amounts. This didn’t help much with the withdrawal problem either. I was stuck!

I really began to fear that I was going to be a casualty of benzodiazepines! How was I ever going to stop taking this? How did I ever get here? What was I thinking when I started popping these?

I started researching the internet and found Point of Return. I was really not wanting to have to go to some detox center. I was so scared. So I decided to give POR a try. I new that my withdrawals were my physiology freaking out and sensed that giving my body high quality nutrients just might help.

I was right! I started on the program and began tapering again. What a difference! There were still withdrawal symptoms (no program can eliminate these entirely) but they were so greatly diminished and I felt optimistic again! That was huge. My strength and attitude greatly improved as I stayed with the POR supplements and the amazing support I received from the on-line discussion forum.

The whole process took me about 6 months. I took the month of December off from tapering because of family responsibilities and Christmas. I picked up again in January and completed my journey in February.

I just can’t say enough about the POR products and team. They really delivered on their promise to help me through the benzodiazepine nightmare. I went from being terrified to feeling exhilarated as I reached the finished line. I am once again feeling creative and purposeful in my life!

Thank you God and Thank you Point of Return!



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Successfully Wean off Benzodiazepine with the support of a team



how our in-home program


Our Benzodiazepine at home Taper program implements slow reduction schedules while utilizing specifically designed nutraceuticals to help meet the body's extreme and unique nutritional needs during an Benzodiazepine taper. Our Benzodiazepine weaning program allows you to step down from Benzodiazepine under the guidance of Our Team, Your Physician and a Pharmacist while providing symptom relief for Benzodiazepine Withdrawal. Point of Return provides healthy, drug-free strategies to help you feel better. Benzodiazepine withdrawal is done with expertise, kindness, and compassion while supporting your well-being.*

Our areas of expertise are Antidepressants, Benzodiazepines, Sleeping Pills and Painkillers on a case-by-case basis.  Our innovative approach to benzodiazepine tapering encompasses a holistic method to empower you on your path to recovery. Don't Wean Benzodiazepines alone, work with us.*

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