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Looking for info on tapering off Celexa or for a Celexa Withdrawal program that really works? Click to see some real-life Celexa Withdrawal Success Stories from people who have used Point of Return's in-home withdrawal program to taper off Celexa. 


Paula's Celex withdrawal success story

Words from Paula

I love that I’m writing my testimonial on a day that had some setbacks.  I did a presentation at work that went horribly. My team and I made lots of mistakes that we will need to fix, and we were criticized for it.  Before Point of Return, this situation would have led to self-criticism and self-blame, and a sinking into worry, depression and anxiety: 

How could I have made such a mistake?  What will everybody think?  I will get fired!  I am a terrible person, I do nothing right.

Thankfully, I am now a new person.  I can make mistakes, have disagreements, weather disappointment, and know that I am still whole, I am still valuable, I am still ok.

This is the real work of recovering from anxiety and depression.  For me, learning to love myself, and knowing that I am enough just as I am, was the missing ingredient that allowed me to get off the drugs for good and feel confident about living without them.

Point of Return is an exceptional program.  From the outset, you know that you are working with experts that have helped so many get off antidepressant drugs.  The nutrients are a huge help, and my body responded in spades.  My hair and nails are thicker, I no longer have bags under my eyes, and I have much more energy than before.

The lifestyle changes recommended are essential as well.  It is not possible to eat badly and feel well, it’s just not.  With Point of Return, you learn what kind of fuel your body needs to feel healthy and vibrant, and soon enough you only crave the foods that will sustain you and strengthen you in your journey.


Sleep and exercise are also two key elements that I needed to pay attention to as I went off my medication, and I got assistance with this as well.  Hydration was very important, and something that I never paid attention to before this program.  Such a simple thing but without enough water, your body just doesn’t function well.

When I came to Point of Return, I had tried to get off antidepressants on my own a few times.  Each time I was fine for a while, but then some life change would hit and I would be back on them again.  I think there are two reasons for this:

Please let the Point of Return program work for you. It is a slow, gentle reduction from drugs, and will provide you with the tools you need to succeed.

1.) I had not done the true work of healing from depression, I had just gone off the drugs 

2.) I did not have a community to support me 

My success in the Point of Return program is largely attributed to these two elements: 

1.) Healing Depressive Issues     

The Point of Return program encourages you to journal each day, including what you ate, how you feel, and nutrients taken.  I did this religiously and often posted my days on the Forum.  This allowed me to see the deep, hidden patterns that were contributing to my depression:  Overworking, valuing myself based on others’ opinions of me, not listening to inner guidance, and always trying to be better.

As I began to pay attention to each day and to share my experiences, I began to see this thread of self-hatred that was so ingrained in me.  I finally recognized that healing from depression would require me to love myself, no matter what.

At Point of Return, I felt loved and accepted, no matter how I was feeling or what I did.  So eventually, I began to feel this way for myself as well.  That regardless of how much I have achieved and what happens in a day, I am worthy of being loved.

2.) Community  

 I don’t feel I could have come off the medications alone.  Our minds are so tricky, and as soon as things get hard we want to bail.  It is scary to feel your feelings again.  It is scary to sit with anxiety, with thoughts of anger and self-hatred, and not want to turn back to drugs. Without Point of Return, my default would always have been returning to the drugs when things got too scary.  But now, I have Point of Return, for life.  I have seen people on the Forum who were doing great for a few years, and then they have a set-back.  Feeling terrible again, they ask for help.  Point of Return is there, and provides the nutrients, the guidance, the love and support needed to get them back on track.  Now I know that this is for life, because I have the support behind me for when the going gets tough.  This is a greater miracle than I ever could have imagined.  

I am so incredibly grateful to Point of Return and to the Universe who has guided me to find these incredible people that are so knowledgeable, honest and kind.  I am now free from drugs thanks to this program, and look forward to paying it forward and helping others in their journey to loving themselves once again. Lots of love,


In-home Celexa withdrawal program




I had been put on Xanax which began the devastating decline of my health. I had been severely overworked like a work horse during my career as a social worker, especially the last three years.  I only took Xanax PRN but the General Practitioner told me to start taking it 3 times a day. I could only handle .25 mg three times a day. Oh the burning pain in my chest, and being unable to eat food, and several horrible side effects.

After six weeks I begged to stop Xanax. Again, the General Practitioner told me to stay on Xanax as “I was suffering from Anxiety.” NO, I WAS SUFFERING FROM THE DEBILITATING PHYSICAL/MENTAL SIDE EFFECTS FROM THIS D_ _ _ _ _  STUFF! I “obeyed” and finally (as a Mental Health Therapist) checked my own self into a Mental Health Psych Ward in another town (I was so embarrassed!), as I found myself twice praying for God to take me home to heaven because I could not take the pain of the burning that was in my chest, arms, hands, shoulders, neck. The pain was literally off the chart.


After one week in the Psych Ward the social worker and a nurse there FINALLY believed me that it was the Xanax!  After research and observing me, they found I was suffering from withdrawals because the small amount of Xanax, 3 times a day, was allowing my body to go into withdrawals in between the doses. So the doctor in the psych ward said he had to put me on Klonopin which is so much more stronger than Xanax, in order to get me past the withdrawals. By the way, these withdrawals were cold turkey.  

When I was put on Klonopin and Celexa, I literally lost life as I knew it, March 2014. Ten days later I was discharged to my girlfriend’s home to recuperate. (So depressing – before that I lived in my own home – had worked on a reservation, flown up to Alaska on a huge research project, was the Director of Social Work and Mental Health, etc.  Upon discharge I literally was unable to work, could hardly eat, had myriads of tough physical symptoms from the Klonopin and Celexa. (The doctor who first prescribed the meds, when I asked him, are they addictive? answered, “No, you just drop one of the doses (such as drop the 3:00 PM dose – 1 out of 3 daily doses) for a day or two, and then drop another one.) WRONG!  So, I did as the doctor said in September 2014. I dropped one dose (1 mg of Klonopin). My body was so sensitive. I was so sick, trying to get off the D­_ _ _ medications. Oh my _ _ _  , the pure Hell I went through just dropping that one dose that one time! The doctor’s reaction? “None of my other patients have had that problem!”.

I was too ill to work, had to stay with a girlfriend as I literally couldn’t take care of myself. I got desperate as I was so sick on the Klonopin and Celexa because due to the combination of the two drugs I was unsteady on my feet. I fell and broke my shoulder in three places.  Out of desperation, I chose to start titrating off Klonopin the hard way – cutting the pills starting on October 10, 2014.. It took sheer determination. I came to a point where cutting the pills was SO DIFFICULT, getting smaller and having no minute accuracy.

July 13, 2015 Point of Return (POR) came into my life, as a HUGE GODSEND.  I “accidentally” stumbled on the POR website one night as I was SO ILL and crying because of the pain caused by of trying to titrate off of Klonopin.  I know stumbling upon Point of Return was GOD. You and the rest of the staff gave me HOPE. Now, I am not one of your clients that stayed in contact very much, as I literally was so sick.  I was having a rough time with the Point of Return Pre-Taper program, especially with the Support and Mood products. You suggested that I get tested for MTHFR. That was a HUGE key. I cried with relief when my doctor (who incidentally didn’t know about MTHFR) got the results back and I tested out as a MTHFR’r. (The years that I was made fun of by other doctors and medical personnel: being degraded, being told that “it was all in my head”, that my issues were psychosomatic, that it was just Anxiety and Depression. This was TOUGH as I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with a Master’s degree in Social Work. I spent my career working as a Hospital Medical Social Worker and also as a Mental Health Therapist.) As I wrote earlier in this paragraph, the Point of Return Pre-Taper was not going well as my physical symptoms had escalated. It was during this POR Pre-Taper  time that I found out that I am extremely allergic to binders (hypromellose, cellulose, silica – they are made out of tree bark) in the meds and in supplements.

AGAIN, YOU STEPPED IN WITH HOPE and suggested  that I try getting the Klonopin compounded in an oil form. I contacted the only compounding pharmacist in this town and was made fun of by his employee, and degraded. “Oh, you’re the one requesting that ridiculous minute amount of Klonopin!” She said this while I was standing at the pharmacy window with several people behind me! This compounding pharmacist told me that he “didn’t know how to and did not compound in an oil base”. 

AGAIN, YOU STEPPED IN WITH HOPE and suggested that I contact a Compounding Pharmacist and what a lifesaver that was!  Thus began the long but hopeful journey of titrating off Klonopin, and later tapered off Celexa. I had a huge move from one place to another and some other setbacks and had to put the Klonopin titration on hold for a few months. BUT I DIDN’T GIVE UP primarily because of the testimonies from POR clients on the Discussion Board, even though I was too sick to even post on the Discussion Board.

So, from October 10, 2014 to December 13, 2015  it took 423 days to accomplish the titration off of Klonopin. December 13 , 2015 was my D-Day, right before Christmas – my personal gift to me!!!

I waited 54 days of being off of Klonopin before I started the long, grueling process of titrating off of Celexa using the oil-based compound. On February 8, 2016 I began titrating off of Celexa. 401 days later I finished the Celexa titration on March 19, 2017.

I wrote all of this in order to say this:

Thank you, Andrea and the rest of the POINT OF RETURN staff for being a literal life-saver.

You did not hear much from me after I started the titrations, because I was too sick to even post. I just want you to know that even if you don’t hear back from a client, yours and POR’s compassion, listening ear, support, and guidance was not in vain!!! 

With a Huge Heart of Gratitude and Love,



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Successfully Wean off Celexa with the support of a team




At the time I contacted Point of Return (POR) my whole life had recently fell apart. I was going through a painful divorce, lost my job, house and community, and my health was going down the tubes as well.

Over the recent couple of years, I had been put on various meds to help me cope with my situation. Literally, I hadn’t been able to sleep without medication for years! My meds included: Clonazepam for anxiety, Zolpidem ( Ambien) for sleep and Celexa for depression.

My body had become dependent on all three of these meds. I was in bad shape- so bad in fact that it scared me. I contacted Alesandra at Point of Return, after my counselor had recommended the program, and she gave me great hope. She too had gone through tragic circumstances in her life, so we could easily relate to one another.

This was huge in my world. I began taking the recommended nutraceuticals in March of 2018. At that time, I also saw my doctor and he prescribed me a titrating supply of Ambien (Zolpidem), as recommended, and I began the titration process. It was a slow and gradual process to reduce my bodies dependence on Ambien. However, within 6 months I began being able to sleep on my own. It was amazing!

Next, I Titrated off Celexa, and finally Clonazepam. The Clonazepam was a bit difficult, and I do want to say that I had some dark days during this process. Doubt crept in, and as brain chemicals are forced to change and adapt, my thinking sometimes was off. It was at those times that I would often call and speak with Alesandra. Her counsel was a reassuring voice to me when I felt I was in a desperate place….

I am proud to say that as of 1/1/19 I have been off all meds. I am now finishing up my program but am essentially well again- and so thankful for it! I simply cannot recommend Point of Return's withdrawal program highly enough for people whose bodies have become dependent on medication(s)…They know, they understand, and they are there to help you. May God bless you as you seek to restore your health and freedom.




how our in-home program


Our Celexa in-home weaning program is a slow taper that allows you to step down from Celexa under the guidance of Our Team, Your Physician and Pharmacist. The Pre-Taper is for Symptom Relief. You will not wean Celexa until you feel better. This is where our Advanced Nutraceuticals are critical. Point of Return provides healthy, Drug-Free Strategies to help ease Celexa withdrawal symptoms and support well-being.*  

Our areas of expertise are Antidepressants, Benzodiazepines, Sleeping Pills and Painkillers on a case-by-case basis. Our In-Home programs are individualized based on your situation. An assessment is done once you start the Celexa Withdrawal Program which allows us to individualize your gameplan based on age; length of time on the medications; health challenges; lifestyle, stress levels; additional medications; goals; and interactions. Don't Wean Celexa alone, work with our Prescription Drug Experts.*

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