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Looking for info on tapering off Citalopram or for a Citalopram Withdrawal program that really works? Click to see some real-life Citalopram Withdrawal Success Stories from people who have used Point of Return's In-Home Withdrawal Program to taper off Citalopram. 


Rachel's Citalopram Withdrawal Success Story

Rachel (Canada)

Hooray! I simply can`t believe I`ve been Citalopram (Celexa) free for over a week! I was first prescribed anti-anxiety medications and antidepressants 10 years ago and truly never thought this day would come. The side effects of the various medications have always been far worse than my original symptoms but trying to come off the medication seemed impossible. Having gone cold turkey several times with devastating withdrawals I was trying to wean myself off of the Citalopram slowly. Again the resulting withdrawals were such agony that I was thinking I would just have to increase my medication again and come to terms with the fact that I would probably be on anti-anxiety medication and antidepressants the rest of my life. I felt lost, hopeless and a complete failure.

I was surfing the web in a last ditch attempt to find someone – anyone – who had withdrawn successfully from Citalopram and all I kept finding were more stories of other desperate people like me trying to withdraw but unable to. I then came across POINT OF RETURN's website and well…… as they say…….. the rest is history!!!!!!!!

This program is truly the way to freedom from these awful medications. Thank you Alesandra, Andrea and team from the bottom of my heart. Your patience, knowledge, wisdom and love were my saving grace. The debt of gratitude I owe you is something I can never repay. My family and I will be forever grateful.

I HIGHLY recommend this organization and program if you are looking for help with anti-anxiety medications and antidepressants. The only side affects of this program are great skin, glossy hair and a big smile!!! 

If you are reading this and wondering about the program PLEASE don`t hesitate – start the program as soon as you can - it will be the VERY BEST thing you ever did! You CAN be FREE! 



Terri's Citalopram Withdrawal Success Story

Three years ago when I started taking Citalopram for depression I had no idea that when I decided to go off of it, my body would have such a bad reaction. My family Doctor tried twice to taper me off and failed, finally trying to put me back to original dosage to try and relieve symptoms. That didn't work either so he prescribed Lorazepam as needed for anxiety. The whole point was to be rid of unnecessary medications. My life turned into a frightening haze of severe anxiety, physical sickness, depression, hopelessness and the distinct feeling that I was going crazy! I have never had anything so scary happen to me in my whole 57 years of life.

Then my husband found the POR Program and I had hope. My horrible symptoms slowly got better. I took very good notes as to what was going on so that I could assist the POR staff in answering my questions. I was afraid at the beginning that I would NEVER feel like myself again. I was beside myself with worry about my family and how they would cope without me.

Now, 3 ½ months later, I am amazed at how my body and mind have come back with the help of these products. I have so appreciated the moderators help and loving care during these months. They helped me to realize that I haven't been the only one with these frightening feelings to try and cope with. They let me know that I WOULD recover in time and feel myself again. With a lot of patience, diligence and especially prayer, I am well on my way to being the person I was before this drug took part of my life from me. I will never forget this experience. Thank you so much, Point of Return (POR) staff.


In-home Citalopram withdrawal program



Joel's Citalopram success story

At the time I contacted Point of Return (POR) my whole life had recently fell apart. I was going through a painful divorce, lost my job, house and community, and my health was going down the tubes as well. Over the recent couple of years, I had been put on various meds to help me cope with my situation. Literally, I hadn’t been able to sleep without medication for years! My meds included: Clonazepam for anxiety, Zolpidem ( Ambien) for sleep and Celexa for depression.



My body had become dependent on all three of these meds. I was in bad shape- so bad in fact that it scared me. I contacted Alesandra at Point of Return, after my counselor had recommended the program, and she gave me great hope. She too had gone through tragic circumstances in her life, so we could easily relate to one another.

This was huge in my world. I began taking the recommended nutraceuticals in March of 2018. At that time, I also saw my doctor and he prescribed me a titrating supply of Ambien (Zolpidem), as recommended, and I began the titration process. It was a slow and gradual process to reduce my bodies dependence on Ambien. However, within 6 months I began being able to sleep on my own. It was amazing!

Next, I Titrated off Celexa, and finally Clonazepam. The Clonazepam was a bit difficult, and I do want to say that I had some dark days during this process. Doubt crept in, and as brain chemicals are forced to change and adapt, my thinking sometimes was off. It was at those times that I would often call and speak with Alesandra. Her counsel was a reassuring voice to me when I felt I was in a desperate place….

I am proud to say that I am off all meds. I am now finishing up my program but am essentially well again- and so thankful for it! I simply cannot recommend Point of Return's withdrawal program highly enough for people whose bodies have become dependent on medication(s)…They know, they understand, and they are there to help you. May God bless you as you seek to restore your health and freedom.



Proven In-Home Taper Program with Expert Guidance

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Nutraceuticals used to Help support the body*

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how our in-home program


Our Citalopram in-home weaning program is a slow taper that allows you to step down from Citalopram under the guidance of Our Team, Your Physician and Pharmacist. The Pre-Taper is for Symptom Relief. You will not wean Citalopram until you feel better. This is where our Advanced Nutraceuticals are critical. Point of Return provides healthy, Drug-Free Strategies to help ease Citalopram withdrawal symptoms and support well-being.*  

Our areas of expertise are Antidepressants, Benzodiazepines, Sleeping Pills and Painkillers on a case-by-case basis. Our In-Home programs are individualized based on your situation. An assessment is done once you start the Citalopram Withdrawal Program which allows us to individualize your gameplan based on age; length of time on the medications; health challenges; lifestyle, stress levels; additional medications; goals; and interactions. Don't Wean Citalopram alone, work with our Prescription Drug Experts.*

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