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Looking for info on tapering off Effexor or for a Effexor Withdrawal Tapering Program that really works? Click to see some real-life Effexor Withdrawal Success Stories from people who have used Point of Return's At-Home Withdrawal Program to taper off Effexor naturally from home.

You Didn't Just Give
Me My Life Back...

I don't know how I would have gotten here without you all. Thank you so much. You didn't just give me my life back. You gave my baby girl her Mommy. My amazing husband got his wife. My mother got her daughter, my siblings got their sister back. I've been "gone" a long time, and I can't tell you how good it feels to know that I came back from that place.

Mellie (USA) Effexor Withdrawal Success Story


I remember calling Alesandra for the first time and telling her my story. I remember wondering if I should be calling, it seemed like I was overreacting. A good Christian doctor had prescribed me my pills, he was someone I trusted. Yes, I had had some red flags go up, but unknown to me at the time, the drugs made me unconcerned. Surely I didn't need a rehab program. I told Alesandra why I went on the pills. My baby almost died right after she was born, and had to go on very strong medication to save her life. I was supposed to go back to work, but due to her health condition I wasn't able to leave her. My benefits company simply needed a note from my doctor to hold my job. I was worried about my little girl, and I made the horrible mistake of allowing the doctor to tell me that I was sick. That my brain chemistry was screwed up, because I was scared for her. I will fight to forgive myself for this for a very long time.

My antidepressant doses went up so quickly that I started to lie about them to my husband. I was so ashamed of being broken in this way. Then the doctor added another. He told me it would help me sleep - and that's all. He didn't mention serotonin syndrome, and that it's potentially fatal. He never monitored me in any way. I'd go in, he'd ask how I was feeling, I would tell him and he'd write a prescription, usually in a higher dose than I'd been taking. It took only moments for him and nearly destroyed my marriage, my relationships with nearly everyone I knew, our finances, and my daughters health. She was still nursing at the time, and the moment I went on anti-depressants, she stopped growing or gaining weight. Completely. Her host of doctors became very concerned and I couldn't figure it out and spent endless amounts of time pushing food down her throat, sobbing when she wouldn't eat huge amounts, and still couldn't put on weight.

When Alesandra heard how much medicine I was taking I remember her saying an expletive, apologizing, and her words of concern echoed in my head. I remember looking at those pill bottles and feeling as claustrophobic as I had ever felt. They were poison, and I had to take them that evening. I cried for days and then made the decision to quit one medication cold turkey based on how it interacted with the other. It was hell.  I was hostile, sick and angry all the time. My sleep was riddled with nightmares and my waking hours were agitated. Within ten days or so, my moods leveled just enough that I felt strong enough to being my taper and search for a new doctor. I ordered the Point of Return supplements and took them religiously. I will tell you, I hated the taste of Support, but not as much as I hated my Effexor. So I kept on. I pushed myself harder than the program outlined, and allowed myself some withdrawal symptoms. I told my family to stay away from me for the day following my drop in medication, I had already hurt them so much. I've spent two months hiding out and dropping my doses every week. I am lucky enough to have a hard-working husband and the ability to be at home most of the time.

I found POR after reading hundreds of horror stories about quitting Effexor.

Two days ago, I took my last dose of Effexor. I was so scared. I'd missed doses in the past and I knew what not taking my medication felt like. I also knew what I'd gone through when I quit taking Zoloft cold turkey. I prepared for the worst. I won't lie to you, because of the fact that I tapered pretty quickly (37.5mg drop every seven days and not what POR recommends) I am experiencing some withdrawal symptoms. I am having pretty continuous brain zaps. I'm sore, and I am continually dizzy and nauseated unless I take a tiny piece of an anti-nauseant. But it's not debilitating. It's not NEARLY as bad as it was when I'd miss a dose before. Better than that, my mood is UP! I'm happy. I'm more relieved than I can tell you. I can't stop smiling, despite the withdrawal symptoms because I just realized I can do this. That the worst is over and I can put this behind me.

I did not think this program would work. Can I be honest? I thought it might be a scam to sell vitamins. Sorry guys!! I didn't know what to do, or where to turn and I'd just realized that I'd been on medications for almost a year that had turned me into a really mean shadow of myself and I didn't trust anybody anymore - even myself. I found POR after reading hundreds of horror stories about quitting Effexor. I was terrified and angry and ashamed. And although I know that I have a lot of healing to do from here, I can do that healing as MYSELF, without the horrible side effects of the drugs messing with my thoughts, emotions and memories.

It just occurred to me, that it's going to be okay - and I don't know how I would have gotten here without you all. Thank you so much. You didn't just give me my life back. You gave my baby girl her Mommy. My amazing husband got his wife. My mother got her daughter, my siblings got their sister back. I've been "gone" a long time, and I can't tell you how good it feels to know that I came back from that place.



mellies's effexor withdrawal tapering success story


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I am so very deeply grateful. Thank you God, thank you, Point of Return. May God constantly sustain you and continue to bless your work.


Liz's Effexor withdrawal success story

Effexor Withdrawal Success Story

You are my angel.  I started taking Effexor a couple of years after my second child was born. I had terrible panic attacks which were really debilitating. I think it was because of a combination of my father dying suddenly, stress and poor nutrition. Only later after quite a bit of research I realized that it must have been it. I went to a general doctor who gave me the quick fix. Take Xanax till your Effexor starts kicking in a couple of weeks. Having always been scared of any types of drugs I only took one or two Xanax. I rode the panic attacks till the Effexor kicked in. At first I felt good. I even stopped smoking cigarettes. Then the weight started piling in pretty fast. I never had a weight issue in my life. No matter how much exercise I would do I still put on weight and craved sugar all the time. Slowly I started having all sorts of problems. Constipation, brain zaps, tiredness, and a ton of other problems I chose to remove from my mind.

I thank you Alesandra and the group of people at POR who made it possible for me to go though this program so successfully!

Over the 6 years I often tried to quit, once it even took me a year to taper off of it but always went back to it as I had terrible withdrawal symptoms. Searched the Internet constantly to see if anybody got off of this drug successfully. One day I stumbled upon PointofReturn.org, (POR). I read up on it thoroughly but was very skeptical so I didn't do anything for a year. This year, June 2012 I had had enough. I wrote them and within a few hours I got a reply from Alesandra. I had a thousand questions. She replied within a few hours. After a few days or weeks of correspondence I decided to order the program.

Her patience with me won me over. Within a few days I started feeling like I was suddenly waking up, had energy, I was alert. Amazing. But I was still skeptical. I learned that the best tapering process was definitely through a compounding pharmacy who made the drug in liquid form. Easy!!

I have been now off the drug for almost a month. I feel great. Tons of energy, overall good mood, alert. I do get weepy and impatient at times but I feel alive after having spent 6 years masking all sorts of feelings.

I thank you Alesandra and the group of people at POR who made it possible for me to go though this program so successfully!!

chiara effexor withdrawal success story small



Thanks for being there and letting me know,life needn't be hopeless, or without light and possibilities.

dons - how to taper off effexor



Dear Alesandra, Terry and everyone at POINT OF RETURN. A few weeks ago I emailed Alesandra about the fact I had gone off effexor cold turkey and was suffering horribly. I called and talked to Terry and ordered the program. At nearly two weeks out I can say that I am feeling SO much better. The electric shocks to my head have diminished and the dizziness is pretty much gone. I am still rather tired, but not that bad. As a matter of fact I start a new job on the 6th doing what I used to do and left due to burn out and simple drug poisoning. I will be seeing to the recreational needs of the elderly in a nearby nursing home. Its smaller than the last one and should be alot easier. I also notice in a general return of being interested in living. I haven't been excited about anything for so long! Now I do look forward to getting out and meeting people like I used to. And while I do have tearful moments of grieving for what life dealt me, I also know its time to move on. Thanks for being there and letting me know,life needn't be hopeless, or without light and possibilities. I will stay on the program to the end and am sure I will continue to mend.



Louise’s Effexor Withdrawal Success Story

I am so grateful for Point of Return and for all the support I have received to help me to taper from Zoloft, which I had been on for about 14 years. The almost immediate replies to emails and arrival of orders was humbling and the wonderful support of the POR team was a great help to me throughout the whole process. I found the slow-tapering programme to be both sensible and doable and have learned so much from undertaking the programme. Thank you so much to all at Point of Return. May God bless you!

Effexor Withdrawal Success Story - Debbie

First of all, I want to say there is hope for all of you who are going through a trial you feel will never end! The program works. Every piece of advice they gave me was proven true.

by Debbie (USA) Antidepressants


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Our Effexor At-Home Weaning Program combines a slow Effexor taper with a powerful holistic approach to minimizing the antidepressant withdrawal symptoms.  This helps you to step down gently from Effexor under the guidance of Your Physician, Our Team and Pharmacist.  Our Pre-taper is necessary to help provide relief. You do not taper Effexor until you are feeling better.  Our nonprofit has been helping people all over the world to escape Effexor and antidepressants dependence for over 17 years.  You are not alone through the process.*

Our areas of expertise are Antidepressants, Benzodiazepines, Sleeping Pills and Painkillers on a case-by-case basis.  Our innovative approach to antidepressant tapering encompasses a holistic method to empower you on your path to recovery. Don't Wean Effexor alone, work with us.*



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