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Looking for info on tapering off Paroxetine or for a Paroxetine Withdrawal Tapering Program that really works? Click to see some real-life Paroxetine Withdrawal Success Stories from people who have used Point of Return's At-Home Withdrawal Program to taper off Paroxetine naturally from home.

I successfully freed myself from the evil Paroxetine and I couldn't have done it without Point of Return. Thank you so much for making it possible for me to do this! Love to all of you.



  Thank you so much for this awesome product. I remember calling you all drugged up, and confused asking for help. I thought I would never come out of this hell. I had just gotten out of class that day, being all confused and not being able to concentrate, and I knew that it was that evil Paroxetine causing me to feel this way, Well, I'm still taking it, but with SUPPORT, MOOD, RELAX and SLEEP. Believe it or not, just three days of taking this amazing product, I feel better, just as I was before. I hadn't felt this way since three years ago, when they put me in Paroxetine for Anxiety/Depression and all those horrifying feelings. My doctor doesn't even care about me, in case my depression would come back, he would put me on a higher dose. Guess what? I got an "A" on my first exam in Microbiology, where as if I hadn't been taking SUPPORT and MOOD, I would score much lower, because I would simply sit in class like a "zombie" trying to comprehend every word coming out of the professors mouth. So, thank you so much, and I will definitely keep in touch with you.

jenev's paroxetine withdrawal tapering success story


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I had the ideal experience, because I felt literally zero withdrawal symptoms.

Mike’s Paroxetine Withdrawal Success Story

When I was 25 I went through a seemingly arbitrarily traumatic few weeks. It's difficult to go into detail because I'm still not quite sure what caused it. It landed me in a spiral of anxiety, insomnia, and depression. It was so scary for me that I was willing to take any pill the doctor handed me with promise of relief.

For me, that pill was Paroxetine. I took it for about 6 months all while also improving my lifestyle habits. I quit drinking. I began exercising more, doing yoga and meditation, and eating healthier. I'm not 100% positive I can attribute my recovery to the medication but I did get better. Eventually I was just tired of being tethered to this pill and afraid of missing my dose. I felt that I had adjusted and didn't need it anymore. It was time to get off my medication. I asked my doctor and she told me it would be fine to taper by cutting my dose in half for a week, then taking that dose every other day for another week, and being completely off Paroxetine by the third week. This almost immediately did not go well. Within two days it seemed that my initial symptoms had come back. It was too much and I went back on Paroxetine by the third day. I was pretty distraught and scared that I'd never be able to stop taking the medication. I made the mistake of reading every nightmare story that existed on the internet (don't do this it's not helpful) before seeking out some help with tapering.

I'm so grateful for not just the program itself but the quality of people that work for this company.

This help came in the form of Point of Return. As with most things, I was very skeptical and felt like I needed to speak to someone directly before starting the program. The person I got in contact with was Alesandra. Not only did she seem to be very knowledgeable and professional, but she was the most compassionate, friendly and genuine person I've ever spoke to over the phone from an organization. She gave me the confidence to try tapering again with the program and validated that my first bad experience on my own wasn't "in my head" when I doubted myself. When comparing tapering on my own to tapering with the program, she used the phrase "night and day". I was hopeful but still a little bit skeptical. By the time I began tapering with Point of Return, I had been on Paroxetine for 8 months. Night and day turned out to be dead on. I think I had the ideal experience, because I felt literally zero withdrawal symptoms. The process was pain free for me. It's been more than a year since I've been on any medication.

I'm so grateful for not just the Paroxetine Withdrawal Program itself but the quality of people that work for this company. I'm a very sensitive person to other people's attitudes so I was extra appreciative of how willing and happy they were to return all of my voicemails and emails with specific and tedious questions throughout the process. Thank you so much. Forever grateful.

I'm so grateful for not just the Paroxetine Withdrawal Program itself but the quality of people that work for this company. I'm a very sensitive person to other people's attitudes so I was extra appreciative of how willing and happy they were to return all of my voicemails and emails with specific and tedious questions throughout the process. Thank you so much. Forever grateful.

paroxetine tapering success



dan's paroxetine withdrawal success story



I still can't believe it. After 15 years I am finally med free thanks to the Point of Return team!!!!! I was put on Paroxetine when I was 15 years old due to anxiety attacks. Instead of pointing me towards talk therapy, my doctor had me believe the infamous "chemical imbalance" theory and that I would have to be on a SSRI for the remainder of my life. I completely bought into his explanation and even preached how great Paroxetine was, as it seemed to be such a magic drug at first. However, every few years my anxiety would come back and my doctor would increase my dosage. This continued for over 13 years until the day I bumped my dosage up to 40mgs and my body reacted badly (horrible restlessness and increased anxiety). I dropped back down to 30mgs and that is what started my withdrawal journey.

The doctors tried rapidly take me off Paxil (which of course didn't work) as well as introduce other SSRIs (just made things worse). After finally doing my own research and realizing I was experiencing SSRI withdrawal, I decided to go back on 40mgs of Paroxetine and slowly taper off the drug. So off I went, struggling everyday with the horrible symptoms that withdrawal can cause. And believe me, I have experienced every single symptom that people have complained about during my journey. After a year I was able to get down to 10mgs and I hit a brick wall. I became very desperate for relief and didn't think I could follow through with the remainder of my taper. Would I have to go back to upping my dosage back to 40mgs of Paroxetine? Should I keep trying to find another SSRI that may help? How about adding a benzo to ease my discomfort?

Thank you, again, for answering my constant barrage of questions, for being there when I was scared, for celebrating with me. And, most of all, for helping me get my life back.




In-home Paroxetine withdrawal program



I would like to thank everyone at Point of Return for helping me. 8 months later I was Paroxetine free!!!

Just when I was going to throw in the towel, I found the Point of Return website. I picked up the phone and spoke to Andrea. She ensured me that I could get off Paroxetine and give your body time to heal from the damage (I like to say changes) that SSRIs cause. I ordered up the program and 8 months later I was Paroxetine free!!!

I would like to thank everyone at the POR office for helping me through this horrible time of my life, especially Andrea (you were always there when I had a question or needed support). The POR nutrients are the real deal and they work. I just wished I would have found them two years sooner!

Dan’s Paroxetine Withdrawal Success Story


Debbie’s Paroxetine Withdrawal Success Story

First of all, I want to say there is hope for all of you who are going through a trial you feel will never end! The POR program works. Every piece of advice they gave me was proven true.

by Debbie (USA)


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Successfully Wean off paroxetine with the support of a team

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My story began when I was 24 years old living in New York City,the year was 1995  I had a small business and van. I got odf jobs like deliveries, hauling furniture and I also worked with a guy who was a plumber, electrician, locksmith. We worked on older historical brownstone apartments in mostly Harlem. It's been a long time so I don't remember the guys name? We were in New Jersey and I was driving my work van with him back into New York via the tunnel which while being stuck in the tunnel for a hour I starting what I didn't know was a panic attack. I felt like I was having a heart attack and thought I was going to die right there!


A few weeks later eventually I checked myself in a hospital named Bronx Lebanon because the panic attacks became more terrifying; and I didn't know what was happening with me?

While hospitalized I felt ashamed and weak! I grew up in a harsh environment emotionally and to end up laying in a gurney in the hallway of the hospital due to no rooms left I became depressed. After being what I call being  expirimented on with various drugs, I was ready to get out!

I remember while in group my whole body started having spasms and twitching. My arms, legs, mouth even my eye brows had these involuntary movements. They excused me from group and I was given a shot and it stopped instantly!  While being hospitalized I was prescribed Xanax and the panic attacks were controlled but I remember feeling "hooked!" I would frequently go to the nurses station to ask for my Xanax and they would say politely "It's not time yet!

While on Xanex and the other drugs they had me taking I felt weird and out of place. The meds was new in my system and I remember laying in that room totally spaced out. Eventually I got out and was released after 14 days. My parents drove all the way from Kansas City to New York nonstop to release me out of the hospital. I remember walking into the office where patients are assessed and my mother started "weeping!" as my dad looked at me when I sat down in. I looked like a skeleton; I barely ate and I slept alot because the drugs made me drowsy and I was a broken man. I decided to go back home to Kansas City with my folks to rest and recover. 

Once I was back in Missouri I tried to rest and continued to take my Xanax. One day I was in the bedroom and my folks were having a small get together in the living room with family; I left to join the party and instantly I had terrible thought in my mind that I never experienced before. The thoughts was "I don't want to live anymore!" This wasn't negative self talk but it was pushed by a desire to actually not want to exist! I  cried uncontrollably and my mom walked with me outside to help calm me down.  It was scary and powerful! Eventually the thought left but I was traumatized and confused. I was now depressed on top of anxiety and didn't understand what was happening? I went to a doctor over in Kansas and he told me I had depression. He then wrote me a prescription eventually for Paxil 40 mg. The strength was so strong and I felt like a zombie with these horrible side effects like stomach spasms, dry mouth, headaches and drugged! 

It was 1996 in July, I remember because on the news was TWA flight 900 that crashed i laid in bed going through side effects of Paxil.

My dose settled at 20 mg, I returned to New York and although the panic attacks was controlled I didn't feel like myself. I seemed robotic and flat.

I after a few more years of being out east I returned to Kansas City, eventually getting settled by finding a job, hanging out with friends. Things were looking good and i felt good. I decided I felt okay and decided to stop taking Paxil cold turkey. Shortly afterwards which I believe was either a few days or a week;  I began having burst of anxiety, heart palpitations and racing thoughts that were worse than my original symptoms.

I got back on Paxil. I worked at my family's restaurant and would complain that I felt crappy. None of us knew what exactly was happening but I was encouraged to pray and I did. I would miss doses, stop cold turkey and have episodes; eventually coming to the understanding that I no longer wanted to be on Paxil. I had began seeing a psyche doctor who was covered in my insurance network. I told him I no longer wanted to be on Paxil and i felt better, so he wrote me a prescription that was like a 4 week taper and as prescribed I followed it. I had horrible side effects like brain zaps ,depersonalization, crying spells, depression, anxiety, depersonalization and dizziness.

He put me back on a generic version called Paroxetine. I began to come to the conclusion that I would have to take Paroxetine forever, I didn't feel my doctor was truly concerned for my well being, I began to mistrust him. When I talked with him about my issues and concerns he was pretty emotionless and discounted my side effects. I use to just stare at his junky desk stacked with folders, papers and I felt uneasy with all the clutter. I was apathetic and missed a appointment but called to either pay fee or reschedule! One time I was running low on my prescription and it was like wed. and he basically refused to refill my rx. I went to the office and i spoke to his receptionist and she said she would give him the message. I called the next day and she said that he filled it out. On that Friday I tried to get my meds and the pharmacist said I had no more refills left!;I contacted the office and they played phone tag until they closed; and I had no Paroxetine. My symptoms because worse after being on Paroxetine so long so going without Paroxetine throughout the weekend was hell. I had brain zaps, crying spells and fits of rage. Monday came and I was ravaged from withdrawal syndrome.

I was so angry I went to the office Mon morning with  a video camera and confronted the nurse and doctor for lying about writing my prescription, they must have thought I was crazy but I was desperate and didn't understand why someone who was suppose to take care of his patients let me suffer in agony? I went back a few times and started to tell him I believe I am having withdrawal syndrome. I began to educate myself and learned of all these symptoms and even  people who committed suicide from Paxil-Paroxetine. I was other times of trying to get off of Paroxetine, but it had me in its clutches!

With the Internet evolving I searched out message boards or threads on Paxil and began to realize I wasn't alone. Other people suffered and had the same problems with what I began to call "Paxhell!" Life moved on I got married, had children and I felt good! Things were happening in my life! But I knew despite early childhood trauma and the bouts of anxiety, depression I felt different now with the meds. I was at a low point in life and began to awaken my spiritually and decided i wanted to connect with Africa and i decided i wanted to go on a sabbatical. I had enough meds for less than a month so I end up going to Egypt. I loved the history, scenery and felt a sense of connection. I missed a few doses and that's when depersonalization kicked into full drive. The group organizer tried to help when I couldn't get back on track with the remainder of pills I had. The depersonalization was bad, he suggested I try wellbutrin so I could wean off easier. My situation and depersonalization intensified. I cut the trip short and ended up back in town suffering.  6 months of depersonalization and a severe stuffy head that felt like my head was wrapped with gauze; feelings of being unreal, out of body. That severe stuffy headache that lasted everyday for years and it still it slightly. After some time I got another job and returned to life.

I ran across information about people who were getting off Paxil. I began to search out other sites and ran across a site describing a organization called "Point of Return." I reached out and  talked with Alesandra which I would mess her name up calling her Alexandra lol.  she also spoke with my mom and I listened to her story which inspired me to defeat the evil drug called Paxil. Truth is while being encouraged I was scared from all the butt whippins laid on me when I tried to quit. I ordered a kit and got a liquid version of Paroxetine. I now remember the liquid version was from my pharmacist and it wasn't from the original manufacturer which was TEVA.

I began to taper and the first dose I felt weird and not right. I continued despite feeling horrible a couple of weeks and I tapped out. I got back on Paroxetine and pretty much stuck. I knew and always believed in what I learned from POR,I had the workbook and studied it.I continued to educate myself on other people's experiences.

In 2016, I like I normally would go to CVS and pick up my prescription for Paroxetine. I at this point knew more about the drug than most doctors, pharmacist regarding side effects and learned the hard way. After trying different manufacturers like at Walmart; the minute you take a different version you know immediately with the  symptoms of withdrawal. Anyways the pharmacist told me that they no longer supplied the TEVA brand which put me on alert.  I told her that I couldn't take that brand because it's different than what I take. She had 7 pills of TEVA left. She checked in their system but they no longer supplied it due to a maker in China was cheaper. I took the those 7 pills of Paroxetine  and began searching for  other pharmacies who also no longer carried the TEVA brand.

I then contacted Point of Return, while worried i had faith that something would work out. Alesandra told me to contact a compound pharmacist she had in her network. She told me to call him up to see if I could get prescription so I could finally taper off Paroxetine. I called up Roy and I explained my situation. He got on his computer. His last search of his suppliers he found the TEVA brand. He faxed a rx to my general practitioner so they could send back  the rx and I could get my meds from Roy My doctors office lost the prescription order. I had a few days left of pills and it was down to the wire. 

I had to eventually go up to the doctor’s office which they ended up  locating the prescription. Once it was faxed Roy had my order drop-shipped the next day. I got back on the supplements and this time I was serious because I had no choice especially with TEVA no longer available. I learned to have faith in God, Christ and the words of the scriptures to comfort me and give me hope despite of. 

Alesandra confirmed with me that different makers of Paroxetine are different and now this was a real urgent reason to gather strength to taper off it. 

I began to take the liquid suspension dropping gradually. I started doing good on the plan and then I started to what I know now as sabotage myself by eating junk foods, soda pop. The side effects were escalating although on the plan they were pretty nonexistent compared to withdrawal without help. Alasandra emailed and said that I was doing so well and not to sabotage myself. I realized I really doing it out of fear of not being Paroxetine despite  all the trauma it caused me for 20 years. I cleaned up my diet,as the meds slowly left my system I began to deal with issues that was present before Paroxetine. They never left which I began problem solving by talking with my wife who gave me another perspective! Also learning to have fun helped a bunch. We traveled as a family and spent time with wildlife visiting farms, animal sanctuaries and zoos. On vacation with also went swimming and enjoyed quality time together. It helped me to connect with my  family since Paroxetine strips away your connection.  Not only with yourself but the people, places and things around you. Your existence seems unreal and everything about it. Withdrawing with Point of Return helping and guiding was a relief yet, coming back after 20 years was very emotional. It seemed so unfair to have something in your system that can rob 20 years out of your life. I continued talking with my wife about the trauma as a child which was the helpful and a  relief to except that it was the past and I had a opportunity to press replay on my life! I was titrating down and for soon reason I thought I was on a higher dose in ml which in mg is different; it wasn’t until I talked with Roy and he said no you are on 2.0 mg and soon 1.5mg. I was thinking I was at 6.5 ml. I was for the most part shocked and glad, yet i was close to being done, which scared me! A Paroxetine brought me hell in a pink pill I was still scared without it! A crutch you might say for 20 years, I got down to 0.05 ml and it hit me that I was at the finish line. Aug 23, 20016 was my last dose of Paroxetine and it's bittersweet with tears of joy! Today is the second day without the routine of cutting pills and worrying about running out of meds. 

 I am still mending because it's like waking up from a long coma, things seem a bit foreign but it feels right! I feel like my true self,  back and with no side effects! I can say I beat you Paroxetine.... Point of Return was a vessel sent by God to end my anguish and hell from SSRIs. I recently started talking about my experience and as of now I'm helping people who are suffering with withdrawal syndrome. I have a testimony to share with the masses of people who got caught in the web of SSRI medications. My success is a example of that God answers prayers. My wife never wavered in support and encouragement, POR assisted and provided the tools every step of the way. 

 Roy providing my liquid Paroxetine and a comfortable taper plan, these important components help me win the war with Paroxetine. My story is one of many testimonies of people who are affected by GSK who are the makers of Paxil. My experience now give me the courage to give not only myself but others a voice.  

 Some people have paid the ultimate price suffering and labeled when all along it was what we know as withdrawal syndrome. I am one of the survivors. For this I am grateful beyond words can truly express!  I can now say that I'm "PAROXETINE FREE!"

Paroxetine Withdrawal Success Stories


how our at-home program


Our Paroxetine At-Home Weaning Program combines a slow Paroxetine taper with a powerful holistic approach to minimizing the antidepressant withdrawal symptoms.  This allows you to step down gently from Paroxetine under the close guidance of Our Team, Your Physician, and Pharmacist.  Our Pre-taper is necessary to help provide relief. You do not taper Paroxetine until you are feeling better.  Our nonprofit has been helping people all over the world to escape Paroxetine and antidepressants dependence for over 17 years.  You are not alone through the process.*

Our areas of expertise are Antidepressants, Benzodiazepines, Sleeping Pills and Painkillers on a case-by-case basis.  Our innovative approach to antidepressant tapering encompasses a holistic method to empower you on your path to recovery. Don't Wean Paroxetine alone, work with us.*



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