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Dr. Raymond Armstrong Medical Advisor

In Loving Memory of Dr. Raymond Armstrong

Dr. Raymond Armstrong passed away Wednesday, January 10, 2018 and his loss is felt by everyone at Point of Return, the deepest by myself. 

Many people enter our lives. Some encourage us; some are mentors, some pastors, some are healers, and some become dear friends. Losing one of these is terrible, leaving a hole in our lives that will never close. Then there are those exceptionally rare people that are all in one extraordinary person. Dr. Armstrong is one of those.

I had the great blessing of a 2-hour chat with Dr. Armstrong shortly before Christmas. We reflected on our long time together. We reminisced on the so many times we shared. We laughed, and we cried. That would turn out to have been out last time together. His selfless giving of time and devotion to so many people came into view. The many messages sent were read to him in his final days and were a great blessing to him, knowing he had made a huge difference.

He needed to hear those messages from all those dear hearts he had helped, and he needed that reminder in his final days to bring a smile while awaiting those wonderful words that he most certainly heard – well done, good and faithful servant, with you I am well pleased. Your healing hand dear Dr. Armstrong, has been taken from us, but the joy you brought will remain until we are reunited once again. Rest now, in peace and joy for a life well lived. We will miss you so terribly, yet rejoice in the gift of having known you. Such a strong arm you are.

Alesandra Rain, cofounder                                                                                                                                             


Dr. Raymond Armstrong was a medical advisor for Point of Return. He was board-certified in both Cardiothoracic and General Surgery, and had thirty years experience in the practice of cardiothoracic surgery including operations for coronary artery bypass, valve replacement and pulmonary resection for malignant and benign disease.

After thirty years of clinical experience, Dr. Armstrong returned to Family Practice in 2003. His mission was helping patients caught in the trap of addiction.

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