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Looking for info on tapering off Remeron or for a Remeron Withdrawal program that really works? Click to see some real-life Remeron Withdrawal Success Stories from people who have used Point of Return's In-home withdrawal program to taper off Remeron


 Thank you also to the beloved mentors who selflessly volunteer their time coaching and encouraging, giving us advise and support.

I want to share my story about my experience with the anti-depressant drug Remeron (Mirtazapine) and the saving grace of God by leading me to "Point of Return" through desperate searching in the internet after failed attempt of withdrawing Remeron (Mirtazapine) (Mr R) and hoping can find a solution how I can kick him out from my body in a successful way. Above all I want to thank God for being with me throughout my journey to reach to the finish line of getting the Remeron (Mirtazapine) out of my body.

 I had my first Anxiety Panic attack that lead me to go to ER .It was after drinking a can of Red Bull energy drink. Doctor gave me valium injection to calm me down and since then I was prescribed to take home tablet valium as necessary and from then sleep was becoming a problem due to repeated attacks of anxiety. Every time I had anxiety attacked, I was sent to ER and went home with another prescription and at this time its Alprazolam Tranquilizer to help me sleep. And instead of having a good sleep, this meds makes me wide awake and tired, dizzy and anxious


Cold turkey the Aprazolam, and for 3 days no sleep at all. Consulted my Church Pastors and Church colleagues to pray for me and almost hopeless and thought I will not be fine anymore. Things get worst and worst and any option that seems I thought could helped,  all of those I tried but no changes in my condition.I consulted one of our GP doctor and was referred to the Psychiatrist to help me with my problem of sleep and anxiety. That time I was prescribed with different antidepressant and benzo 's and those did not help my condition as my body don't agree with it and instead of becoming well, it's adding me another symptoms of depressed , lack of emotion and more insomnia. I Cold turkey all those meds and November 8, 2015, my doctor prescribed me another antidepressant Remeron (Mirtazapine). I have no choice but to take it hoping it will help me. And on the 1st night with Remeron (Mirtazapine), I had a very long night sleep. From that time I continue to take the meds although I had a very horrible side effects like more anxiety, dizziness, restlessness. After 1 year of taking Mr. R, me and my Doctor decided to withdraw and stop the meds as my symptoms and sleep already improved and to taper it for 3 months but after a week of fast taper from my last the dose of the med , I had a very awful and horrible withdrawal symptoms namely :rebound insomnia, anxiety, depressed moods, anxious thoughts, nausea, vomiting, headache .dizziness, restless leg syndrome , IBS, anemia and etc. Because of very bad withdrawal side effect, I decided to go back to my psychiatrist and he reinstated my antidepressant to lower dosage. I was very hopeless already at that time. I thought I will be forever slave with this monster Remeron (Mirtazapine). And one day, while searching for an answer in the internet hoping to find ways how I can successfully withdraw this antidepressant, finally God lead me through Point of Return website. I was inspired and hopeful after reading all the successful testimonies written in the website. And to that moment I believed from the bottom of my heart that finding the Point of Return website was God's intervention and answered prayer to my long time prayers. Praised God! Halleluiah! No doubt, me and my husband committed to register and order the Point of Return program supplements .I began to taper once again and at this time in a very very slow and gradual taper and with the Point of Return Nutrients. They are wonderful, especially the Support, it's amazing.

I was determined at this time, cleaned my diet, hydrate my body, avoid the foods which interacts my medicine that cause more symptoms and took the Point of Return supplements religiously. And 5 months later after very slow taper, I am completely drug free and my healing has truly started!!! Now I am 1 month off meds and every day I noticed I'm improving. As of now I'm finishing up with some final symptoms... 

Without God's help and Point of Return whom God used as an instrument, I will not be here telling my testimony of success.

Thank you also to the beloved mentors who selflessly volunteer their time coaching and encouraging, giving us advises and support , to Karole, Athena, Elisa-Ruth, and Bobby , thank you to all of you, as you are part of my journey and you gave me so much courage not to give up I pray that God will bless you and give more good health and be a blessing to more people who are still on their journey and battle to get delivered and set free from the prescription drugs. God bless us all.



In-home Remeron withdrawal program



Mark's Remeron withdrawal success story

My journey was the nightmare from Elm Street. There was no end in sight. The light at the end of the tunnel was a train.

It all started one fine afternoon in February with a doctor visit for some mild anxiety about a PVD “floater” that had developed in my left eye. I was prescribed Ativan at 1 mg in the evenings to calm my anxiety but also for sleep. After a month, I noticed that my falling asleep was becoming increasingly more difficult and raised the evening dose to 2mg. As a few weeks progressed, the 2mg of Ativan became non-effective in inducing sleep and was prescribed 10mg Ambien to take instead of Ativan but to continue to take the Ativan during the day. After a few weeks it all quit working for sleep.

Doctor then prescribed a small dosage cocktail of Remeron, Amitriptyline, and Trazadone. Idea was that each one in a small dose would cause sleepiness. At times one would work, and then another, then it was decided to take them all together before bed. If I could not fall asleep then would take the Ambien after the cocktail. Continued with 2mg of Ativan during the day. Then was put on Lexapro to take during the day because I was now depressed and anxious.


My blood pressure was now at 180. Pulse would run in the 120. Sugar was in the 140’s. A big piece of the problem was no one ever told me how addictive Ativan was and if you quit taking it---you went to a major withdrawal.

The last day of my old life in an attempt to stay sane included Ativan during the day along with Lexapro. Then for sleep—would start with the cocktail of Remeron, Trazadone and Amitriptyline about an hour before bed (varying the doses each night somewhat). That would never cause sleep—so would then at bedtime take 10 mg of Ambien. In an hour take another 10mg of Ambien. And if that did not knock me out (which in the end – it would not)—top it all off with 1 or 2mg of Ativan. Wow—what a day of pill popping---all for a little sleep.

One spectacular Saturday in August, I was researching on the Internet about how different drugs had different channels to the brain and how some did not work together—stuff way over my head—but somehow found Alesandra’s web site. I called and spoke with Terry. He told me that I really needed to speak with Alesandra and I left my number. That evening I was horribly depressed at my parents home. 

About 9pm I got this phone call from Alesandra. I was amazed that someone was calling me back that late on a Saturday evening. But for 2 hours, she and I talked about everything. It was the first time in my 6 month ordeal that someone knew what I was going through and understood my problems.

I had spoken to at least 10 different shrinks, sleep counselors; etc…everyone wanted to put me on some other type of drug. Alesandra knew exactly in less than an hour how badly I was messing with my brain chemistry by taking all that crap and in different doses. My brain was being zapped daily and there was no end to it. That evening I concluded to limit myself to a max of 3 drugs and stabilize the chemistry in my brain. 

Ativan was number one—because it was the most addictive. I was given the choice of what other two I thought I needed for sleep. I decided on Remeron and Ambien. That evening, I took the Remeron at bedtime with 2 mg of Ativan and fell asleep without the Ambien. Thereafter, I never took Ambien again and with the regimen of POINT OF RETURN’s treatment and a slow gradual withdrawal of the Ativan and Remeron, I was healed and drug free within a short period of time.... that was 2 years ago.

Thank you God for directing my web fingers to Point of Return. 



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Trudee Remeron success story

The 28th of April will forever be one of the most significant days of my life, and I write this testimonial on the anniversary of the day God led me to Point of Return (POR). What was meant for evil, God has turned to good because one amazing woman decided to dedicate her life to save the lives of those (mine included) who’d all but lost theirs to the destructive grip of prescription drugs.

My torment of despair weakened in the presence of the hope that came from pouring over the testimonials on the POR website. And now, with a joy I thought would be denied me for the rest of my life, I willingly share mine.

I will never forget the day that light shone on the darkness that had descended over me like a permanent shroud. I wasted no time in contacting Alesandra; who quickly became my angel-my mentor-and my friend. 

My first email, simply entitled, “HELP!” was answered within hours and thus began my journey back to , normality, health, joy, laughter, and fullfillment. In Aug of 2007 I went back into a protracted withdrawal and was ready to give in and hand my life over to the enemy that had consumed my life for the past 15 yrs! It was then I found POINT OF RETURN (POR). After a few weeks I improved and as of March 27, 2008 I have been drug free. I give all the praise and glory to my Father in Heaven for leading me to the POR products and to the staff that would help me regain my life!  

23 years ago I was doing night shift in a nursing home. I couldn’t sleep. My blood pressure hit the roof and despite my abhorrence of drugs, I resorted to sleeping pills after all the natural remedies proved ineffective. I needed to work, and therefore I needed to sleep but the pills only gave me an average of 4 hours sleep per day. My stress levels doubled, tripled and quadrupled as financial, health, and relationship challenges got on top of me. Antidepressants were prescribed and it was a downhill slide from there.  

I lost count of the many times I tried to come off the drugs. I suffered a few cold turkey withdrawals; the most traumatic one was a period of 21 days without sleep. I didn’t understand about rebound insomnia and depression then. I didn’t know that our bodies reach tolerance levels soon after ingesting the poison of prescription drugs and I had no idea that it would be virtually impossible to be drug free until I found the answer in the form of a safe, slow rehabilitation program that I could do from home. Following the guidance of the wonderful staff at Por I can now look back on this past year in awe and give eternal thanks to God for this miracle.

I am now writing my story in the hope of helping others who, like me had nowhere else to turn. It may only be one small ripple in a gigantic pond, but I vowed that if I regained my freedom (which I now have) I would tell anyone who would listen. This is my prayer. That one more pebble, reinforced by the weighty words of truth and thrown into a drugged sea of despair will cause a tsunami of ripples.

Remeron (Mirtazapine / Avanza) and Lunesta (Imovane) systematically stripped me of my personality, energy, passion, clarity, health and drive and exchanged them for agoraphobia, chronic fatigue, anxiety, memory loss, brain fog, hypertension and hopelessness. This does not equate to a fair exchange in my book. Our bodies are wonderfully and fearfully made but we cause every system to shut down by resorting to the myriad of quick fixes glamorously advertised and successfully marketed around the world today.

By utilizing the experienced, capable, and highly informed assistance available through Point of Return I have enabled my body, mind and spirit to recuperate. POR’s effective nutritional products alongside their unsurpassed support have given me a second chance. Alesandra, Andrea, Terry, Wendy and Rachel, you not only changed my life you gave it back to me. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.




how our in-home program


Our Remeron in-home weaning program is a slow taper that allows you to step down from Remeron under the guidance of Our Team, Your Physician and Pharmacist. The Pre-Taper is for Symptom Relief. You will not wean Remeron until you feel better. This is where our Advanced Nutraceuticals are critical. Point of Return provides healthy, Drug-Free Strategies to help ease Remeron withdrawal symptoms and support well-being.* 

Our areas of expertise are Antidepressants, Benzodiazepines, Sleeping Pills and Painkillers on a case-by-case basis. Our In-Home programs are individualized based on your situation. An assessment is done once you start the Remeron Withdrawal Program which allows us to individualize your gameplan based on age; length of time on the medications; health challenges; lifestyle, stress levels; additional medications; goals; and interactions. Don't Wean Remeron alone, work with our Prescription Drug Experts.*

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