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Sertraline Withdrawal and Tapering Help

"After spending virtually all of my adult life on antidepressants, I had often wondered if I’d ever feel as “alive” again inside as I had remembered feeling in my late teens and early twenties. - Stephen (Sertraline)

Need Help to Get Off Sertraline?  Have you tried to Come Off Sertraline unsuccessfully? Our nonprofit has been helping people Safely Taper Sertraline for 15 years and in 78 countries, and our unique program uses a holistic approach to controlling Sertraline Withdrawals.  Sertraline (Zoloft) was discovered by Reinhard Sarges, a scientist at Pfizer and approved by the FDA in 1991. By 1995 warnings were added to Sertraline about suicidal ideation in children and upgraded to include young adults up to the age of 24 by 2007. It is estimated that approximately 40% of patients will suffer a Discontinuation Syndrome (Sertraline Withdrawals) when attempting to taper off Sertraline.  The best way to Quit Sertraline is to reduce the drug slowly, while using specialized supplementation to diminish the Sertraline Withdrawal Symptoms, and we provide Free Guidance and Mentoring.  That is why our program has been so successful worldwide. Contact the Prescription Drug Experts for help.

How the Program and Tapering Process Works for Sertraline Dependency

Our Sertraline weaning program is a slow taper that allows you to safely step down from Sertraline under the guidance of our Prescription Experts; your Physician and Pharmacist.  

The Pre-Taper is for Symptom Relief. You will not wean Sertraline until you feel better. This is where our Advanced Nutraceuticals are critical.

Point of Return provides healthy, Drug-Free Strategies to help minimize Sertraline withdrawal symptoms to improve mental and physical well-being.

Our areas of expertise are Antidepressants, Benzodiazepines, Sleeping Pills and Painkillers on a case-by-case basis.

At-Home programs are individualized based on your situation. An assessment is done on any herbs, vitamins, and over-the-counter items you are currently ingesting to ensure there are no interactions. Don't Wean Sertraline alone, with with our Prescription Drug Experts.  Start on your Point of Return today!

Imagine being Free of Sertraline Addiction 

- Proven Program completed At-Home with Expert Guidance

- Our secret is a Slow Taper combined with Powerful all-natural Nutraceuticals to help ease Sertraline withdrawal symptoms

- Your program is customized for your specific situation

- Professional information on herb/vitamin/over-the-counter interactions

- 15 years of experience helping people in 78 countries

- Free Expert Mentoring on our 24/7 private Discussion Board

- Free Assessment Upon Starting our Program (a $400 value)

Learn More about our program.

      Call toll-free  866-605-2333 to Learn More or send us an  Email.

      We've helped people in 78 countries and in all 50 states in the USA


      This is a low cost program with real results

      Thank you, Point of Return, for the great part you have played in my story of healing. I will remain forever grateful.  more...

      by Miranda E. (Colorado, USA) Zoloft

      Sertraline In-Home Withdrawal Program

      Imagine a life free from Sertraline dependency.

      Break Free Today

      At Point of Return, a 501(c)3 nonprofit, we have spent the last 15 years helping people wean off antidepressants correctly. With customized taper rates and all natural nutraceuticals, our program allows you to come off Sertraline, once and for all, from the comfort of your home. Read program FAQs


      " If there are angels, Alesandra and Point of Return are the angels. Thank you! - Mayu T. (California) - Zoloft, Lorazepam more...

      More Sertraline Withdrawal Success Stories

      I am proud of my accomplishment, completely and entirely due to you, your team and your program.

      by Dene H. (New York) Zolpidem, Sertraline, Lorazepam, Temazepam, Klonopin, Gabapentin

      Hi Alesandra. Although it has been many months, I hold you close to my heart and am forever grateful to you all for helping me on my road to recovery and renewed health! I LOVE THE NEW PODCAST SERIES!! It’s GREAT to see you in person (almost). You are incredibly beautiful inside and out. God Bless and keep on spreading your healing. Love to the gang - with many thanks!!

      PS I’m off everything for many months now and doing well! Still have some sleeping issues but am working on it with strong exercise, meditation, good nutrition, vitamins, herbs and have come a long way….but more to go. I am proud of my accomplishment, completely and entirely due to you, your team and your Point of Return Program. Especially so when Medical doctors told me I would never be able to get off Ambien/Zolpidem! I am thrilled that I proved them wrong!!

      Dene H. (New York) - Zolpidem, Sertraline (Zoloft), Lorazepam, Temazepam, Klonopin, Gabapentin

      Learn more about Point of Return's Sleeping Pill Withdrawal Program.

      After spending  virtually all of my adult life on antidepressants, I had often wondered if I’d ever feel as “alive” again inside as I had remembered feeling in my late teens and early twenties. Well, I’m thankful to report today that I’m feeling alive again in ways I haven’t felt since before I began taking antidepressants!

      by Stephen (Mississippi)

      For several years, I had wanted to get off of antidepressants, but after two nightmarish failed attempts to do so, I basically felt that I couldn’t. Then one day, I heard about Point of Return. I was curious, but also quite hesitant to try again. So, I had a lengthy conversation with Alesandra at Point of Return. She seemed very knowledgeable and reassuring about my apprehensions and concerns. After that conversation, I decided I’d give it another try, and I’m glad I did.

      After spending virtually all of my adult life on antidepressants, I had often wondered if I’d ever feel as “alive” again inside as I had remembered feeling in my late teens and early twenties. Well, I’m thankful to report today that I’m feeling alive again in ways I haven’t felt since before I began taking antidepressants!

      The withdrawal program itself, for me, was a relatively gentle process, especially when compared with my horrible failed attempts with other methods!

      I’m thankful to God for Point of Return. Thanks to their great antidepressant withdrawal program program and people (Alesandra and Terry were my main contacts, and both offered regular encouragement and recommendations as needed and/or requested), I was finally able to get off of antidepressants. I’m most thankful to God for eternal life through Jesus Christ His Son, but I’m also very thankful to Him for letting me rediscover a broader sense of feeling alive in the here-and-now through the help of an organization like Point of Return! Thank You to God! And, thank you Point of Return!

      Stephen B. (Mississippi)

      Learn more about Point of Return's Antidepressant Withdrawal Program.

      To those that are beginning this journey:  This process is not a walk in the park, but it’s achievable and each testimony is someone who walked through your shoes and overcame!

      by Karen (N.J) Zoloft, Valium

      In 2006, I became another statistic.  I was labeled with an “incurable disease” of panic disorder with anxious depression.  My trust fell in doctors, prescription pills and a never-ending cycle of trying different “cocktails” to achieve what I longed for so desperately; a normal life.   Instead of listening to my body at that time, I ignored all the warning signs of being over-stressed, undernourished, and sleep deprived.  So my body did what it was designed to do.  It went into shock.  And so my story began.

      My body was introduced to numerous types of antidepressants and benzodiazepines.  Despite the medicine changes and increased dosages, I never felt quite right.   I had this underlining depression and anxiety that would not disappear.  Eventually, tolerance withdrawal kicked into full gear. This led me down a road of dangerous self-attempted tapers and life-threatening withdrawal symptoms.  (Yes, I had a doctor.  His advice was to just “stop it.” Sadly, I had no choice but to take matters into my own hands.)

      Then I found Point of Return.  I inquired about the program on a Saturday afternoon and THAT night Alesandra called me with the best news I ever heard.  “You can come off these medicines.  I did it and so can you.”  I knew she was the real deal.  I can’t even begin to thank Alesandra, Andrea and Terry for the numerous phone calls of reassurance, tough love moments and consistent support through the whole process!  I have Roy to thank for being an amazing compounding pharmacist.  Also, I can’t forget to thank the incredible forum family that walked me through tears, setbacks, joy, successes and at last, freedom! 

      To those that are beginning this journey:  This process is not a walk in the park, but it’s achievable and each testimony is someone who walked through your shoes and overcame!  You will learn how to properly nourish your body which is vital to healing!  Trust me when I say, the nutraceuticals are crucial to being successful! You WILL feel the difference! (Believe me, I was skeptical at first but now they will be a part of me forever!) Lastly, you can do this process at a pace that works for you.  I worked full time during both my tapers!  I even went on vacations, hosted holiday parties, took shore trips and even rode roller coasters!  I say that not to boast, but to give you hope that this can be you!  Oh, and as far as the label of an “incurable disease”…I haven’t had one panic attack in years and I’m too busy with life to even think about depression! :)

      Lastly, I can’t end this testimony without giving praise to my Savior, Jesus for His love, mercy and grace that gave me strength each day to keep fighting the good fight!

      Karen U. (New Jersey) Valium, Sertraline / Zoloft

      Learn more about Point of Return's Withdrawal Program.

      You are the most selfless people I know!! You all are our angels. Also, thank you to all my wonderful new life long friends, that I made on this forum, for helping me thru this tough journey.

      by Lori (Michigan) Zoloft

      I want to share my story about my experience with the anti-depressant drug Zoloft and the saving grace I found at "Point of Return".

      It all started in December 2014. I had my first panic attack. I was never so scared in my life! I called my sister right away and she brought me over a benzo that she got from one her friends to help me. It was called xanax. It stopped my anxiety and my panic immediately! I went to my family Doctor and she prescribed my xanax and to take as needed. I would take it once in a while and that was it.

      After that attack I kept waiting for the next attack to happen. I was really scared and I started feeling anxious but nothing too bad at this point. Then my mother in law was diagnosed with 4th stage cancer and died 3 months later. Also, we had 2 kids getting ready to go off to college. I was still feeling very anxious so I went to my doctor again in May of 2016. She prescribed me a anti-depressant Zoloft. well exactly 24 hours later I ended up in the ER with depression and brain zaps and fear like I've never experienced! The Dr. on call told me I was having a anxiety attack and gave me Ativan. I went home that night so sick I couldn't get out of bed for 3 days. I was so depressed and sick! I called my Doctor and she said no one ever gets sick or depressed from Zoloft and to stick with it for a few weeks because it takes a while to get in system.

      How I wished I would of stopped taking them right then! I was sick with all these symptoms for months!! I googled the internet for weeks and the horror stories from people that was experiencing the same symptoms as me, I was having brain zaps, couldn't stand noise, light, intense fear, no appetite, nauseous, burning sensations, anxiety and terrible depression! My poor family waited on me hand and foot. They were wonderful. I couldn't understand how this happened to me nor could my husband or children. I always was a happy go lucky person and never down and this wiped me right out! I was never so scared in all my life!!

      I even went to a psychiatrist to see if he could figure this out. He wanted to up my dosage, said it would make me feel better. I told him no because I should of never taken this med in the first place and this med is the reason I have depression now. I kept searching on the internet and this time Point of Return popped up and I read on it and called their number and Andrea answered and we talked for a long time and she said they could help me.

      I hung up feeling like there was hope! Thank you thank you... I called back the next week and ordered the nutraceuticals. I went back to my doctor and told him I wanted him to help me taper off of Zoloft and he would not help me taper slow. He said that Zoloft you don't have to taper from. He as much as told me I would be back. I quit right there and never went back!

      So I tapered off Zoloft as slow as I could myself over the next few months. I took my last sliver of zoloft September 12th of 2016. I am so thankful for the all the supplements I take now from Point of Return, they have eased my suffering! I have called the office many times and have talked to Alesandra, Terry and Andrea and all three have encouraged me so much that each time I hung up I felt like I could keep going and beat this. I have spent many hours on their forum and I have met so many wonderful people that are Mentors and Alumni that stayed on to help all of us suffering even tho they are all healed. Also, all the members that are suffering and still support each other when they are suffering too.

      There is SO much support here at Point of Return. They have encouraged me countless number of times through their own experience!! Doesn't matter what time of day or night or what day of the week it is someone is always willing to answer questions and offer encouragement. You will never find a more close knit family than these wonderful people here, if it be by a phone call, email or a touch of a keyboard button. There is nothing you can't ask and information on this forum is endless!! They all "get it". It's hard to talk to friends or co workers about this because no one understands unless they have been thru this, that's why this program is amazing. I could of never made it this far without this program!!

      I am healthier now than I ever have been. I faithfully take all their nutraceuticals. The Support, Relax, Sleep and Mood. I love them all! I don't eat sugar anymore or fried foods either. I try to eat mostly organic and gluten free and I never feel bloated anymore which was always a huge issue with me before. This program has taught me to never give up and I never want to take these horrible drugs again! I have also learned how to not be so anxious.

      I have learned lots of tools on this program that I can use in the future if needed for anxiety, a option for me will not be drugs. I will faithfully take my supplements forever and keep eating right. I am now starting to feel normal and me again and I want to thank Alesandra, Andrea and Terry for always being there by a quick response by email, phone call for helping me and encouraging me to the end and also Terry thank you for the fast delivery on my supplements and nice email chats. We get so much from this program, the phone chats, emails , all your time for only the price of the nutraceuticals. You can't find this any where else! This program is so amazing because these people have struggled and now dedicate their lives to helping others that are struggling too.

      You are the most selfless people I know!! You all are our angels. Also, thank you to all my wonderful new life long friends, that I made on this forum, for helping me thru this tough journey. You all are awesome and I will never forget any of yous' and I'm not going anywhere either. I want to help others too. Love you all!!!

      Lori B (Michigan)  ZOLOFT / SERTRALINE

      Learn more about Point of Return's Antidepressant Withdrawal Program.

      Each day that comes is filled with renewal, increased strength, and a determination to not let my story go unspoken. Thank you, Point of Return, for the great part you have played in my story of healing. I will remain forever grateful.

      by Miranda (Colorado) Zoloft / Sertraline

      When I found Point of Return, I was in a very dark place. I was extremely ill and wasn’t sure how to make it through the next day or hour, much less continue on with my life. I was praying and crying out to God for an answer, for relief, for a way out of the nightmare I had found myself in. I remember coming across the Point of Return website after a desperate Internet search and thinking maybe, just maybe, I had found a resource that could help. I talked on the phone with Alesandra and was instantly reassured that what I was going through was real, and that there was hope of recovery. Those two things meant everything to me at the moment.

      My story began in childhood, really. After struggling for many years with severe anxiety and intensifying symptoms of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD), my parents and I went to see a psychiatrist in my teens. I was prescribed and tried many different drugs from the age of 14 onward, hoping for something to help ease the mental agony that I was battling. Often the effects of the drugs made things worse, or I began to have side effects that made it necessary to stop. I ended up on Zoloft when I was 17, and remained on a high dose through my teens and into my twenties. During that time I did much hard work with a gifted Cognitive Behavioral therapist and was finally able to function and approach life as a happy and balanced young adult.  However, the psychiatrist told me that because of the severity of the issues I had dealt with, I would need to be on medication for life to correct my “chemical imbalance.” After all I had been through, I saw the drug as a lifesaver and never questioned that advice.

      Flash forward to my mid-twenties, when I began to suffer from various physical illnesses and mysterious symptoms that grew worse as time went on.  My life came to a grinding, bitter halt as I dealt with daily, debilitating sickness and physical distress. The absolute worst symptom that I dealt with was a constant, extreme nausea that left me unable to function and wore down at my endurance and will. I suffered from severe gastrointestinal issues, fatigue, migraine headaches, chills, insomnia, weakness, muscle pain, dizziness, and many other difficult issues on a daily basis. I dropped out of school, postponed my wedding, and was focused on merely surviving. I found no answers after many visits to the doctor, specialists, and a desperate trip to the ER where I was told I had the flu and given anti-nausea meds. Months, and then years went by in confusion and desperation. During this time I was given a prescription from my family doctor for Klonopin. He described it as a mild drug that would help me cope with the anxiety the mysterious illness was causing and allow me get some sleep.

      I took the Klonopin on an “as needed basis” and noticed certain new, troubling symptoms cropping up. I began to get horrific panic attacks and a constant feeling of restlessness and derealization. After about 6 weeks of taking the medication sporadically, I decided to quit. No one had warned me of cold turkey withdrawals or the dangers of benzodiazepine drugs. There are no words to describe the horrific experience I went through those few days in cold turkey withdrawal. I can’t imagine an experience more horrifying or hellish. I eventually reinstated the drug after talking with my doctor. After that, I tried tapering down on my own at a slower pace, but with no success. I felt trapped. I felt awful while on the drug, and trying to tapering off on my own had always brought me to a place that was unbearable -  adding twitching, uncontrollable shaking, panic, intense depression, suicidal thoughts, dizziness, vision changes, dry heaving and bizarre neurological symptoms on top of the health issues I was already dealing with. I began to fully realize the intensity and danger of psychotropic medications, and it was terrifying. I honestly feared I would be caught in this trap for the rest of my life.

      Enter Point of Return, and the program I consider a true turning point for my health. I started the naturaceuticals and began to feel relief within a few weeks. With the help of the supplements and the constant wise and compassionate input from Alesandra, Andrea and Terry, I was able to stabilize and begin to see a small light at the end of the tunnel. I clung to that and doggedly pursued my way toward healing, choosing to believe in the program. That belief and hope has been fulfilled beyond what I could have imagined!

      After stabilizing, I was able to enjoy an absolutely miraculous and beautiful wedding, beginning a new life with my husband. I began the tapering process to become free from Klonopin just after my honeymoon. There were many ups and downs, challenges and difficult moments. Many complex and confusing interactions and new twists to the situation had to be worked out. Throughout the journey, everyone at Point of Return and the fellow fighters on the forum were always there for me, helping me to keep believing, keep my determination, and continue the struggle towards healing and hope. After the dust settled at the end of each consecutive taper, I would notice a lessening of symptoms. Each small step brought me more clarity, more relief, and a sense that I was moving closer to my old self. I became free of Klonopin in April of 2012. I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that I would not have been able to achieve this freedom without the help of POR and their supplementation. POR made the impossible, possible.

      I began to find answers to some of my issues working with holistic and integrative doctors, including a diagnosis of Celiac disease, food intolerances, parasites, some genetic anomalies causing issues with methylation, mitochondrial insufficiency, adrenal stress, and more. These issues likely contributed greatly to my original diagnosis of OCD and anxiety disorder.  I began to learn so much about true health, and about the diet and lifestyle changes that are essential to healing. However, I continued to have severe nausea and many debilitating symptoms. After much prayer and searching for answers, my family and my doctors realized it was time to eliminate Zoloft, as it was likely contributing to my nausea and ongoing struggle.

      In the fall of 2012 I began the process of tapering off of Zoloft, continuing to utilize the Point of Return program. It was the most difficult journey of my life, one that tested my faith in God and every ounce of my strength, endurance, and trust. I was so ill during this time, and tapering was difficult. During the year of 2012 and 2013 I learned more about true suffering and true courage than I likely will ever experience again. Throughout the entire process, POR was a continual resource for hope, insight, advice, and encouragement. I can confidently say that their supplements and the discontinuation of the drugs have been the single most helpful intervention in helping me regain my health.  The advice and direction I have received from Alesandra and Andrea have never steered me wrong. They have gently and firmly pointed me in the right direction time after time. God has truly used POR in mighty ways to help me regain my health and my hope. 

      Today, I mark the one year anniversary of my freedom from Zoloft. After over 10 years of putting psychiatric medications in my body, I am at last free of all pharmaceuticals at the age of 27. My healing has skyrocketed, and I continue to notice positive changes nearly every day. The further I get from the drugs, the closer my body and mind grow toward true health and wholeness. I am continuing to pursue natural, integrative-based healthcare and I am learning more and more all the time. I still have a journey ahead of me and some complex health issues to work out, but I know now that thorough my long ordeal, Jesus never left my side, nor will He in the future. I know now that full healing is possible, and I am pursuing it with all of the new energy and experience that I’ve gained.

      I have come from a place of horrific darkness and unbearable suffering to a place of light, healing, hope, and joy. My symptoms are fading day by day, and many times I stop and stand amazed at the fullness that is flooding back into my life. I am no longer housebound. I am no longer bedbound. I am no longer crippled by the terrible bondage of the drugs and fear. In those dark days, I could not have imagined standing where I am today, speaking with the joy and confidence that I now have. And yet I am here, by the grace of my Savior. Each day that comes is filled with renewal, increased strength, and a determination to not let my story go unspoken. Life has become beautiful and meaningful again.

      Thank you, POR, for the great part you have played in my story of healing. I will remain forever grateful.

      Miranda E., (Colorado) - Zoloft

      Learn more about Point of Return's Antidepressant Withdrawal Program.

      I remember calling Alesandra for the first time and telling her my story. I remember wondering if I should be calling, it seemed like I was overreacting. A good Christian doctor had prescribed me my pills, he was someone I trusted. Yes, I had had some red flags go up, but unknown to me at the time, the drugs made me unconcerned. Surely I didn't need a rehab program. I told Alesandra why I went on the pills. My baby almost died right after she was born, and had to go on very strong medication to save her life. I was supposed to go back to work, but due to her health condition I wasn't able to leave her. My benefits company simply needed a note from my doctor to hold my job. I was worried about my little girl, and I made the horrible mistake of allowing the doctor to tell me that I was sick. That my brain chemistry was screwed up, because I was scared for her. I will fight to forgive myself for this for a very long time.

      My antidepressant doses went up so quickly that I started to lie about them to my husband. I was so ashamed of being broken in this way. Then the doctor added another. He told me it would help me sleep - and that's all. He didn't mention serotonin syndrome, and that it's potentially fatal. He never monitored me in any way. I'd go in, he'd ask how I was feeling, I would tell him and he'd write a prescription, usually in a higher dose than I'd been taking. It took only moments for him and nearly destroyed my marriage, my relationships with nearly everyone I knew, our finances, and my daughters health. She was still nursing at the time, and the moment I went on anti-depressants, she stopped growing or gaining weight. Completely. Her host of doctors became very concerned and I couldn't figure it out and spent endless amounts of time pushing food down her throat, sobbing when she wouldn't eat huge amounts, and still couldn't put on weight.

      When Alesandra heard how much medicine I was taking I remember her saying an expletive, apologizing, and her words of concern echoed in my head. I remember looking at those pill bottles and feeling as claustrophobic as I had ever felt. They were poison, and I had to take them that evening. I cried for days and then made the decision to quit one medication cold turkey based on how it interacted with the other. It was hell.  I was hostile, sick and angry all the time. My sleep was riddled with nightmares and my waking hours were agitated. Within ten days or so, my moods leveled just enough that I felt strong enough to being my taper and search for a new doctor. I ordered the Point of Return supplements and took them religiously. I will tell you, I hated the taste of Support, but not as much as I hated my Effexor. So I kept on. I pushed myself harder than the program outlined, and allowed myself some withdrawal symptoms. I told my family to stay away from me for the day following my drop in medication, I had already hurt them so much. I've spent two months hiding out and dropping my doses every week. I am lucky enough to have a hard-working husband and the ability to be at home most of the time.

      Two days ago, I took my last dose of Effexor. I was so scared. I'd missed doses in the past and I knew what not taking my medication felt like. I also knew what I'd gone through when I quit taking Zoloft cold turkey. I prepared for the worst. I won't lie to you, because of the fact that I tapered pretty quickly (37.5mg drop every seven days and not what POR recommends) I am experiencing some withdrawal symptoms. I am having pretty continuous brain zaps. I'm sore, and I am continually dizzy and nauseated unless I take a tiny piece of an anti-nauseant. But it's not debilitating. It's not NEARLY as bad as it was when I'd miss a dose before. Better than that, my mood is UP! I'm happy. I'm more relieved than I can tell you. I can't stop smiling, despite the withdrawal symptoms because I just realized I can do this. That the worst is over and I can put this behind me.

      I did not think this program would work. Can I be honest? I thought it might be a scam to sell vitamins. Sorry guys!! I didn't know what to do, or where to turn and I'd just realized that I'd been on medications for almost a year that had turned me into a really mean shadow of myself and I didn't trust anybody anymore - even myself. I found POR after reading hundreds of horror stories about quitting Effexor. I was terrified and angry and ashamed. And although I know that I have a lot of healing to do from here, I can do that healing as MYSELF, without the horrible side effects of the drugs messing with my thoughts, emotions and memories.

      It just occurred to me, that it's going to be okay - and I don't know how I would have gotten here without you all. Thank you so much. You didn't just give me my life back. You gave my baby girl her Mommy. My amazing husband got his wife. My mother got her daughter, my siblings got their sister back. I've been "gone" a long time, and I can't tell you how good it feels to know that I came back from that place.

      Love you guys.

      Mellie M. , (Canada) - Zoloft / Sertraline, Effexor

      Learn more about Point of Return's Antidepressant Withdrawal Program.

      I wanted to write to you and tell you how much better I am and to thank you for your help. Terry has been a great help and encouragement to me and has walked me through this process along with your guidance. I have gone from a tossing, turning, frustrated sleeper to resting comfortably now each night. My biggest hurdle to overcome was getting to sleep each night. I am an "A" type intensive driver and I swim about 2-3 miles a week. I am a high school math teacher and my daily schedule is teaching 3 honors math classes to 9-12 graders. As you can see I need my sleep...if I am not rested and ready for all 65 of them each day it shows! Most nights I would toss and turn for an hour or so trying to relax into sleep with no success.If I got to sleep I would wake up and then dread the process of trying to get back to sleep again. Medication does not affect me much...I never feel drowsy from medicine...I just feel drowsy from not getting the sleep!

      I began this process with 2 T of the Support at night and 2 Relax pills. I have progressed to taking one Relax pill each night now. I am usually to sleep within 15 minutes of going to bed after doing some reading in bed. I get up once a night to go to the bathroom and then I am back to sleep. I am THRILLED to be getting even 5-6 hours of sleep. It does not take as much rest for me to keep going as it does Jim but I do need some! Thank you for your support. A year ago I never thought that I would be here! You have been an encouragement and a great help. Jane B.

      I am generally feeling like I have better clarity of thought, my mood is lighter and I have more energy. I don't know if this is just a psychological reaction because I feel like I have some hope now to escape the effects of these drugs or if what I am feeling is actually real. Yesterday though I had a brief bit of anxiety over the upcoming withdrawal process. I have been reading your book and the documenting of your withdrawal process and memories of when I quit Paxil cold turkey came flooding back. I realize now that everything will be fine because of the supplements, and your program and support. I truly thank GOD for leading me to your website, not just for myself but also to tell others about Point of Return.

      Peggy, F. (Canada) Wellbutrin, Zoloft / Sertraline

      Learn more about Point of Return's Antidepressant Withdrawal Program.

      Today I am alive and I can hold my beautiful son in my arms because of Alesandra's help with her products and her compassion.

      by Mayu (California) Zoloft / Sertraline, Lorazepam

      Today I am alive and I can hold my beautiful son in my arms because of Alesandra's help with her products and her compassion. Shortly after my son was born, I suffered from very serious insomnia. The therapist diagnosed me as postpartum depression. I kept refusing to take medication, but as my symptoms got worse and my therapist ever strongly recommending that I take antidepressant and sleeping pills, saying they have NO side effects, I started to take ZOLOFT and LORAZEPAM. Years back, the doctor tried to prescribed me ZOLOFT when he could not find out the cause of the symptoms I had at that time. I could not believe how he handled my case. I turned down his medical suggestion and stopped seeing him. (Well,I run away from his office hurriedly... ) These symptoms naturally disappeared. Much later, I found that all these symptoms and sleep difficulties were coming from a kind of genetic element inherited from my mother, which can be well handled by some natural, holistic ways, WITHOUT any use of medications. Shortly after one year of usage of these psychiatric medications, I started to develop flu like symptoms. I was put on antibiotics which sent me to the emergency room. When I finally found all the horrible symptoms were due to the side effect of the drugs, the doctors suggested to cut the drug by 50%, which sent me to another trip to the Emergency Room. I had serious vomiting and seizure symptoms and all other horrible symptoms all day long and all night long. That was the withdrawals. The doctor immediately put me back to the drugs.

      Then I came across POINT OF RETURN. The program helped me how to taper safely and also educated me about food interactions, as well as her ever patient emotional support. I keep using some of her products to this day and I feel great.

      The nutrients provided is what my body wanted. NOT THE MEDICATIONS !!!! If there is an evil, psychiatric drugs are the evils. And if there is an angel, Alesandra, her associates and company are the angels. My sincere wish and hope is that the public becomes more aware of the danger of the drugs and also as many people as possible can get out of the ever endless hell of drug addiction safely and continue to feel great.

      Mayu T, (California) - Zoloft / Sertraline, Lorazepam

      Learn more about Point of Return's Antidepressant Withdrawal Program.

      I thank you for that hope, for my life and for your selfless mission to reach out and help us through kindness, understanding and dignity.

      by Kathy Zoloft / Sertraline, Ambien, Xanax, Lexapro, Depakote, Lithium

      I am sure you are thanked often for your help. Personally, my own thanks seem like shallow words. If I were financially independent, a fat check would be enclosed. I am left with the only means I have to extend my heartfelt thanks and that is to acknowledge the depths of where I was and without you, where I would have remained. We all have a story to tell and it could fill volumes. Without going into all the details, I wanted you to realize how you have saved my life. During my years on multiple medications my physical health deteriorated. I had two back surgeries and brain surgery and still was in constant pain. I was even told by one psychiatrist that I was suffering from multiple personality disorder. What a joke! I was a sleeping zombie without one personality let alone several. I truly thought I was dying. I was alone. Yet somehow through fogged mind and depleted energy the raw instinct of survival kicked in.

      In mid-May I called Point of Return and spoke with Andrea. She was the first ray of hope I had received in months. She understood and assured me that much of what I was experiencing was due to the prescription drugs I was on. She offered hope. She was patient, willing to help, kind and not pushy. By this time I had contacted other programs and none offered the type of genuine kindness she presented. I must admit that I had no faith in the products she offered. But amazing things began to happen immediately. I was sleeping through the night and not having any narcolepsy during the day and by this time I was on no prescription drugs for sleep. My family and friends that had been on guard for failure, recognized my vast improvement and began to embrace the positive results of the program. The reality is that each day improvement is seen. I cling to the first conversation with Andrea, there is no quick fix from this. It has taken years to get to this miserable condition from prescription drugs and it will take time to get away from them. BUT there is hope. As she has promised, our goal is to be able to live our days while gaining complete health to their fullest.

      You have given me that hope. It is tangible, it is reachable. Each day proves that and with that a new better life emerges. I am returning to health. Your light, but a pin prick months ago, now fill my days with its brilliant glow. I thank you for that hope, for my life and for your selfless mission to reach out and help us through kindness, understanding and dignity.

      Kathy G. (Illinois) Zoloft / Sertraline, Ambien, Xanax, Lexapro, Depakote, Lithium

      Learn more about Point of Return's Antidepressant Withdrawal Program.

      Amazing, isn't it? I am feeling better than I have in ages and down to 25mgs ZOLOFT from 75 when I started with the program and coordinated with MD, then the 20 LEXAPRO is left to go... I want to get rid of this belly! Played an hour of tennis today in the sun it was GREAT. Playing again on Thursday - All a MIRACLE!

      Lots of Love and Thanks

      L. - Zoloft, Lexapro

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      reach out for help

      Message sent, thanks!

      Sertraline Side Effects May Include

      abdominal pain, agitation, anxiety, constipation, decreased sex drive, diarrhea or loose stools, difficulty with ejaculation, dizziness, dry mouth, fatigue, gas, headache, decreased appetite, increased sweating, indigestion, insomnia, nausea, nervousness, pain, rash, sleepiness, sore throat, tingling or pins and needles, tremor, vision problems, vomiting, Acne, allergic reaction, altered taste, back pain, blindness, breast development in males, breast pain or enlargement, breathing difficulties, bruise-like marks on the skin, cataracts, changeable emotions, chest pain, cold, clammy skin, conjunctivitis (pinkeye), coughing, difficulty breathing, difficulty swallowing, double vision, dry eyes, eye pain, fainting, feeling faint upon arising from a sitting or lying position, feeling of illness, female and male sexual problems, fever, fluid retention, flushing, frequent urination, hair loss, heart attack, hemorrhoids, hiccups, high blood pressure, high pressure within the eye (glaucoma), hearing problems, hot flushes, impotence, inability to stay seated, increased appetite, increased salivation, increased sex drive, inflamed nasal passages, inflammation of the penis, intolerance to light, irregular heartbeat, itching, joint pains, kidney failure, lack of coordination, lack of sensation, leg cramps, menstrual problems, low blood pressure, migraine, movement problems, muscle cramps or weakness, need to urinate during the night, nosebleed, pain upon urination, prolonged erection, purplish spots on the skin, racing heartbeat, rectal hemorrhage, respiratory infection/lung problems, ringing in the ears, rolling eyes, sensitivity to light, sinus inflammation, skin eruptions or inflammation, sleepwalking, sores on tongue, speech problems, stomach and intestinal inflammation, swelling of the face and throat, swollen wrists and ankles, thirst, throbbing heartbeat, twitching, vaginal inflammation, hemorrhage or discharge, yawning, Abnormal dreams or thoughts, aggressiveness, exaggerated feeling of well-being, depersonalization ("unreal" feeling), hallucinations, impaired concentration, memory loss, paranoia, rapid mood shifts, suicidal thoughts, teeth-grinding, worsened depression.In a few people, Zoloft may trigger the grandiose, inappropriate, out-of-control behavior called mania or the similar, but less dramatic, "hyper" state called hypomania

      Sertraline Withdrawal Symptoms May Include

      aggression, anxiety, balance issues , blurred vision, brain zaps, concentration impairment, constipation, crying spells, depersonalization, diarrhea, dizziness. electric shock sensations, fatigue, flatulence, flu-like symptoms, hallucinations, hostility, highly emotional, indigestion, irritability, impaired speech, insomnia, jumpy nerves, lack of coordination, lethargy, migraine headaches / increased headaches, nausea, nervousness, over-reacting to situations, paranoia, repetitive thoughts or songs, sensory & sleep disturbances, severe internal restlessness (akathisia), stomach cramps, tremors, tinnitus (ear ringing or buzzing), tingling sensations, troubling thoughts, visual hallucinations / illusions, vivid dreams, visual changes, worsened depression


      Other Names for Sertraline Include

      Zoloft, Lustral, Serlain

      Sertraline history and info

      By 2013 Sertraline (Zoloft) was the most prescribed antidepressant and second most prescribed psychiatric medication (Alprazolam was first) on the United States market, with over 41 million prescriptions.

      New research at Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center found that Sertraline  significantly increased the volume of one brain region in depressed subjects but decreased the volume in two brain areas in other subjects. Both areas in the brain are critical for a wide array of functions including memory, learning, spatial navigation, will, motivation and emotion.

      Because SSRI's influence numerous systems of the body and brain, stopping Sertraline abruptly can cause a discontinuation syndrome known as withdrawal. 60% of Sertraline patients were found to experience Sertraline withdrawal symptoms.

      Zoloft's (Sertraline) history dates back to the early 1970s when a scientist named Reinhard Sarges was working on a set of psychoactive compounds called tametraline for Pfizer Pharmaceutical. The initial development brought strange and unwanted side effects in animal tests but in 1977 two other scientists combined tematraline with other compounds and found a Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitor that later became Zoloft (Sertraline).

      In 1991 Sertraline was officially approved by the FDA and in 2002, Zoloft was approved for use in children and teenagers under the age of 18 (with OCD). In 2005 the FDA added a warning label about Zoloft (Sertraline) advising of suicidal behavior, but in 2007 the warning was revised to include young adults up to the age of 24. By 2013 Zoloft (Sertraline) was the most prescribed antidepressant and second most prescribed psychiatric medication (Alprazolam was first) on the United States market, with over 41 million prescriptions.

      New research at Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center found that Sertraline (Zoloft) significantly increased the volume of one brain region in depressed subjects but decreased the volume in two brain areas in other subjects. Both areas in the brain are critical for a wide array of functions including memory, learning, spatial navigation, will, motivation and emotion.

      Sertraline is an antidepressant in a group of drugs called Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors (SSRIs) that exerts the majority of its action on Serotonin, with minimal effects on Norepinephrine and Dopamine. Compared to other SSRIs (Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors), Sertraline tends to have a higher rate of psychiatric side effects including anxiety, agitation, and insomnia.

      Serotonin influences the cardiovascular, renal, immune and gastrointestinal systems due to its effect on the contraction of smooth muscles, and is essential to regulate body temperature, heart rate, blood pressure and the sympathetic nervous system. The alteration of Serotonin by Sertraline explains the high rate of gut and cardiovascular related side effects. Patients on Sertraline have much higher rates of sexual dysfunction versus other antidepressants due to Sertraline effect on Serotonin, but lower rates of cognitive decline from its secondary effect on Dopamine. In pregnant women, higher rates of birth defects have been associated with Sertraline due to significant concentrations being present in fetal blood.


      According to the FDA:

      Discontinuation of Treatment with Zoloft

      Symptoms associated with discontinuation of ZOLOFT and other SSRIs and SNRIs, have been reported (see PRECAUTIONS). Patients should be monitored for these symptoms when discontinuing treatment. A gradual reduction in the dose rather than abrupt cessation is recommended whenever possible. If intolerable symptoms occur following a decrease in the dose or upon discontinuation of treatment, then resuming the previously prescribed dose may be considered. Subsequently, the physician may continue decreasing the dose but at a more gradual rate.


      Inform pregnant women that ZOLOFT may cause withdrawal symptoms in the newborn or persistent pulmonary hypertension of the newborn.

      - are pregnant or plan to become pregnant. Your baby may have withdrawal symptoms after birth or may be at increased risk for a serious lung problem at birth. Talk to your healthcare provider about the benefits and risks of taking ZOLOFT during pregnancy.

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