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SLEEP - a natural sleep remedy*

Montmorency Tart Cherries are the single food item that is highest in natural melatonin, in quantities just slightly more than human blood.  And the beauty is that the natural melatonin in SLEEP will not interact with any medication.  SLEEP contains the highest level of Montmorency Tart Cherry on the market at 600mg per tablet, without filler juices, preservatives or excitotoxins such as Maltodextrin.  And unlike Tart Cherry juice, SLEEP contains no added sugar. We keep it potent and pure.

Get Your Zzzzz's Naturally

Natural Melatonin - Not Synthetic

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Tart Cherries are Good Source of Antioxidants

No sugar added


Get your zzzzz's Naturally* 

SLEEP is derived from natural, pure, Montmorency tart cherries, one of the few natural sources of melatonin, responsible for the regulation of sleep. SLEEP contains 600mg of Montmorency Tart Cherry per tablet, the highest content on the market today. SLEEP contains no filler juices, preservatives, flavorings, additives or added sugar. We use only U.S. growers to ensure purity and potency. 

The SLEEP helped enable me to re-establish my better natural sleeping pattern and dissipated my nighttime issues. - MC 

What is SLEEP

SLEEP is derived from natural, pure, U.S. grown Montmorency tart cherries, one of the few natural sources of melatonin, responsible for the regulation of sleep. Montmorency tart cherries also contain a good amount of tryptophan and anthocyanins, two compounds that assist the body in melatonin production, lengthening its effects.

Montmorency Tart Cherries are one of the few known food sources of melatonin, a potent antioxidant produced naturally by the body’s pineal gland that helps regulate biorhythm and natural sleep patterns. Experts indicate that just a handful of Montmorency tart cherries contain more melatonin than what is normally found in the blood.

Most tart cherry products on the market contain low milligrams of Montmorency Tart cherry and other filler juices, sugar and preservatives.  We believe in providing only pure Montmorency Tart Cherry tablets in an easy to swallow tablet, with the highest milligrams per tablet on the market today.

Studies have shown that Montmorency Tart Cherries may be more effective at reducing insomnia than Valerian or synthetic Melatonin, both are the most studied natural products for insomnia and interact with many medications.

To save money, most companies are importing Tart Cherry from China and other countries that do not monitor for toxins, pesticides, etc.  We use only United States Montmorency Tart Cherry and we independently test to ensure purity and potency.

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SLEEP - natural sleep remedy*

We believe in staying as close to nature as possible. Our unique processing process means no refrigeration is necessary, making Sleep tablets ideal for travel. We do not add any sugar, preservatives, colorings or filler juice.  SLEEP is pure, Montmorency Tart Cherry in milligrams that is the highest on the market today.

lactose Free - gluten free - soy free - corn free - non gmo - no added sugar


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