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 God put you on my LIFE MASTER PLAN as His agent to restore and change my life and arrive at my point of return. Indeed I have arrived at my point of return . I am truly so grateful!

- Nomusa (S. Africa) Zolpidem

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About the Program

An addiction to sleeping pills is such a sneaky dependence. They work so well at first and then sleep erodes. You miss a night or try to cut down on the sleeping pill and you don't sleep at all.  Many think they've broken their brain's ability to shut down or that sleeping pills will be required forever to have the restorative sleep our bodies need.  It isn't true.

All sleeping pills alter GABA, the most calming neurotransmitter of the human body. But GABA can heal, feel drowsy and drop into a deep sleep state.  You are not broken but there is healing to do.  The sleeping pill must be tapered slowly to allow GABA the opportunity to readjust at each level of reduction, and most importantly your nervous system needs relief to both taper but also finish healing.  This is where we put our focus.

We know simple items like Calcium supplements, B-Complex, over-the-counter sleep aids and many herbs actually make your situation worse. We know what to use to calm your nervous system, easing your stress and helping you sleep.  Not only are we experts in this field but our team has survived these withdrawals, have healed and have been helping others to do the same for over 14 years. 

Point of Return is an At-Home program to escape sleeping pill dependence.  It’s a collaborative effort between Point of Return, You, Your Doctor and Pharmacist.

Our team of experts outline appropriate taper rates based on multiple factors.  The nutraceuticals, or food-based supplementation is used before and during the process and an essential to calm and ease symptoms. We mentor and guide you professionally and with kindness. Trust the Prescription Drug Experts!  Program FAQ's

Experience Counts

Our team has survived psychoactive drug withdrawal and healed completely.  Read more about our team. more.

Point of Return has had extensive media coverage on television, print, and radio. more.

We have helped people in 76 countries and every state of the United States. Read their testimonials.

Symptom relief is essential both during the taper and after the last drug. We are all about a Natural Approach. more.

Simple - Natural - Safe - Effective

Break Free Today

Point of Return’s Role

-  Determines the taper rate/s

-  Provides all-natural supplementation to calm, minimize symptoms and augment healing

-  Assesses for interactions with medications, herbs, vitamins, over-the-counter items, and foods

-  Mentoring and emotional support throughout the process

-  Assistance with diet and healthy alternatives

Physician Role

-  Tapering Script per Point of Return guidelines

-  Assist patient with any additional health challenges

-  Compounding Pharmacist Role

-  Fills a compounding script to meet the reduction schedule

Client's Role

-  Complete the Assessment allowing us to check for interactions and establish a program based on your specific needs.

-  Willingness to take the nutraceuticals/supplementation throughout the taper and after the last pill to ensure your system is supported through the healing process. No substitutions on supplements.

-  Honor our Interaction guidelines

Register for our private discussion board so you have 24/7 access. This is a safe environment to share your experience.  All mentors are Alumni of this program.

-  Have a willing spirit to heal and live drug free.


Tapering alone is not enough. Unless the receptors begin to heal and the symptoms diminish, many reinstate other medications out of desperation.  Point of Return focuses on healing and the nutraceuticals (all-natural) are key to the program’s success. These are utilized throughout the whole process.  We do not use synthetic vitamins, colorings, flavorings or artificial ingredients. We flood the body with whole-food supplementation that provides relief and augments healing.

Our nutraceuticals are food-based, high purity and potency.  We formulate specifically for our program to ensure results.  Our focus is on building Glutathione levels (the body’s master antioxidant) using only the natural precursors; lower Cortisol (the stress hormone), replenish natural melatonin and restore the healthy fats to the brain and nervous system.

The science is complex but our philosophy is simple:  Feed the Brain; Support the Immune System; Relieve Stress and Assist in Natural Sleep. 

We want you to Feel Better For Life!


I tapered successfully and today I am entirely drug-free and I fall asleep every night! more...

Bianca (South Africa) - Zolpidem

Their team assisted me through the whole process so that I never felt alone. more...

L.N. (USA) Zolpidem

I will never forget all your true, heart-felt kindness, patience, and caring spirit. more...

Brenda (Canada) - Zopliclone

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*Because prescription medications can cause severe withdrawal reactions, do not stop taking any medication without first consulting your physician. The decision to quit any medication should be discussed with your doctor and with their consent and support.

*The program outlined in Point of Return is not meant to substitute your doctor, instead it is to be utilized with your physician to help you with your drug withdrawal process and with his or her consent.

*The statements on this website have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The products and labels mentioned / sold are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or illness.

*Always consult with your healthcare professional before starting any diet, exercise or supplementation program, before taking or stopping any medication, or if you have or suspect you might have any health problem.