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Life Enhancing Nutraceuticals

 Strengthening Immune Health and Reducing Stress Are Key Components to Help Fight the Coronavirus*

My only regret is that I did not get these products years earlier.*  - Karin

A new study from the University of Melbourne at the Peter Doherty Institute for Infection and Immunity in Australia outline how the human immune system mounts a response to the coronavirus. In a healthy immune system there is an increase of immunoblubulins (antibodies) that rush in to fight the virus. In addition to increased immunoglubulin activity, helper T cell levels increased.  This increase in immunoglubulins persisted for 20 days after symptom onset, indicating that a healthy immune system provides natural weapons to combat the virus. 

A dysfunctional immune system is one of the reasons that Covid 19 has proven more lethal on older adults and those with pre-existing conditions. A cytokine storm is a violent immune reaction that is the first immune response where immune cells sense the virus and begin producing cytokines to attack the invader. In an unhealthy immune system the cytokine formation continues with the immune system producing too many cytokines and unless the brakes are activated healthy organs are damaged, such as the heart or lungs. 

Many drugs weaken the immune system and Its critically important to strengthen your immune system, keep inflammation low and provide your body the tools to perform optimally.  Our Philosophy is Simple:  Support Immune Health, Relieve Stress, Assist in Natural Sleep Patterns and Feed the Brain.  We want you to feel better for life!

*Our Philosophy is Simple; Support Immune Health, Relieve Stress, Assist in Natural Sleep Patterns and Feed the Brain.  We want you to feel better for life!

SUPPORT - promote glutathione, support immune health*

The SUPPORT definitely helps keep my immune system stronger.  I don't seem to get sick at all."   Marie   

SUPPORT  is a bioavailable cysteine-rich bovine protein with cofactors, immunoglobulins, lactoglobulin, serum albumin, a-lactalbumin and lactoferrin, the precursors to the major endogenous antioxidant, Glutathione. SUPPORT is not a protein supplement or meal replacement but a lactose-free medical grade powder high in immunoglobulins (antibodies) that demonstrates a range of immune-enhancing properties. Glutathione participates directly in the neutralization of free radicals and reactive oxygen compounds to detoxify xenobiotics (foreign compounds), carcinogens both organic and inorganic while calming the nervous system.  Glutathione assists with natural, neurochemical sleep; lowering of inflammation; pain; proper brain function; eye health; immune function, respiratory issues; neutralizing the effects of drugs, chemicals, radiation, toxins and carcinogens.  Promote Glutathione and well-being with SUPPORT.*  Read more...

Support - promote glutathione naturally

RELAX - natural tension relief*

I am healthier now than I ever have been. I faithfully take all their supplements. The Support, Relax, Sleep and Mood. I love them all!" - Lori 

Stress is proven to lower our resistance to infection, and this includes acute infectious respiratory illnesses such as Coronavirus. Chronic anxiety suppresses the immune system and increases the risk of infection.  RELAX assists with anxiousness, the management of stress, and sleep issues. RELAX helps to reduce stress related symptoms; reduce and maintain normal cortisol levels during acute stress events; and helps to improve the quality of sleep.  RELAX is a virtually lactose-free natural protein containing a bioactive decapeptide that has clinically proven anti-stress properties to ease tension. Studies have shown that this 10-amino-acid peptide is derived from natural origins and is free of undesirable side effects, issues of tolerance or addiction and does not interact with medications.* Read more...

Relax - natural stress relief

SLEEP - get your zzz's naturally*

The SLEEP helped enable me to re-establish my natural sleeping pattern and dissipate my nighttime issues."   - Monica 

Sleep is a natural immune booster and this is why sleep requirements increase when we are sick. Adequate sleep directly impacts your immune system and your body's ability to fight infection. A good night's sleep improves the immune system's response time and each sleep stage performs functions critical to your health. One function is the production of the protein Cytokine, which helps the immune system respond to harmful pathogens. SLEEP assists with issues of broken sleep patterns, the inability to fall asleep or stay asleep. SLEEP is derived from natural, pure, Montmorency tart cherries, one of the few natural sources of melatonin - responsible for the regulation of sleep. Montmorency tart cherries inherently contain melatonin in quantities nearly identical to what is contained in human blood. Get your zzzzz's naturally with soothing SLEEP.*  Read more...

Sleep - natural sleep remedy

MOOD - supercritical technology for brain health*

Mood is by far the best fish oil I've come across, bar none, the clarity it brings is astonishing." - Nick  

Long chain omega-3 fatty acids may help to boost the immune system by enhancing how immune cells function with the DHA component enhancing the activity of white blood cells known as B cells.  MOOD places an emphasis on DHA (docosahexaenoic acid) unlike most Omega 3 on the market. DHA is crucial for the healthy structure and function of the brain where it impacts the structure and signaling of nerves. MOOD assists with cloudy mind and cognitive function; memory; proper transmission between nerve cells; improved mood; pain; inflammation; heart health, enhancing immune cell function and supports healthy sleep. MOOD is produced from only triglycerides versus ethyl ester for maximum benefit - fish are inherently triglycerides and we stay as close to nature as possible. The brain gray matter is primarily DHA and DHA is also found in high concentrations in human nerve tissue and in the retina. Our MOOD is unmatched.*  Read more...

Mood - omega3 for brain support

Nutraceuticals are cutting edge, scientifically relevant supplements sourced from whole foods that offers good nutrition and provides medicinal or health benefit support. Nutraceuticals have higher bioavailability and absorption rates and therefore contain lower milligram levels than “high potency” synthetic vitamins. The body uses whole food ingredients because the hundreds of cofactors needed to absorb nutrients are inherently included. The body easily absorbs them as real, whole complex vitamins from food.*

Most synthetic vitamins are often derived from coal tar and therefore poorly assimilated, resulting in the supplement being disposed from the body without providing nutritional or medicinal benefit. 

Coal tar is a yellow crystalline derived from fossil fuel sources and is not only used as a base to make some synthetic vitamins, but also for colorings, paints, chemical or toxic preservatives. Coal tar is known carcinogen and widely used in both the food and cosmetic industries. 

While many herbs, synthetic vitamins and food items may alter the blood levels of medications, the Point of Return nutraceuticals will not interfere with medications.  Our approach is to promote healing and wellbeing.

Dr. Bill Code, a world renowned Integrative Physician, was instrumental in the development of the Point of Return program and nutraceuticals, utilizing only  supplementation that is natural, without preservatives, colorings or synthetic ingredients, yet contains the potency for positive results.  Integrative medicine focuses on the whole person, emphasizing the physical, emotional, social, mental, spiritual and environmental influences that affect a person's health.  

At Point of Return, we utilize Nutraceuticals, or whole food supplements derived from natural sources - we believe in only the finest quality.*

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