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Terry Crocker

Terry Crocker is a committed triathlete and ultra trail runner who implements tremendous discipline for a healthy lifestyle. He uses meditation and visualization training methods to further his wellbeing and performance, and works to keep his mind in a balanced and healthy state.

The malady of addiction is something that Terry knows well, and he is devoted to helping others who are struggling to regain their. His addiction to alcohol progressed from being a social drinker early in life to a full-blown addiction years later.

While in treatment at the Exodus Recovery Center in Marina Del Rey, he was misdiagnosed as bipolar and prescribed multiple medications including Effexor, Valium, Depakote and Neurontin. Terry found the medications induced more anxiety, depression and agoraphobia and he quit them cold turkey.

But it was at the famed treatment center, Cirque Lodge in Sundance, that Terry resolved the underlying issues behind his drinking. “Dealing with the core of my addiction was a turning point and I was able to get my life back", says Crocker.

After treatment, Terry refocused his energy into athletics. Always a tremendous athlete, he became fascinated with the science behind athletics. This drove him to become a certified trainer with The National Academy of Sports Medicine as well as The International Sports Sciences Association. Terry holds a Specialist in Sports Nutrition certification as well with the N.A.S.M. and is a 13 time Ironman.

“As a competitive athlete and personal trainer, I know firsthand how proper nutrition and exercise impact my total well being,” concludes Crocker, "It’s also something I try to instill in our clients."

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