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Testimonials and Success Stories

"Most men lead lives of quiet desperation and go to the grave with the song still in them.” Henry David Thoreau Let Your Song Be Heard!

I had the ideal experience, because I felt literally zero withdrawal symptoms. I'm so grateful for not just the program itself but the quality of people that work for this company.

by Mike G. (California) PAXIL

When I was 25 I went through a seemingly arbitrarily traumatic few weeks. It's difficult to go into detail because I'm still not quite sure what caused it. It landed me in a spiral of anxiety, insomnia, and depression. It was so scary for me that I was willing to take any pill the doctor handed me with promise of relief.

For me, that pill was Paxil. I took it for about 6 months all while also improving my lifestyle habits. I quit drinking. I began exercising more, doing yoga and meditation, and eating healthier. I'm not 100% positive I can attribute my recovery to the medication but I did get better. Eventually I was just tired of being tethered to this pill and afraid of missing my dose. I felt that I had adjusted and didn't need it anymore. It was time to get off my medication. I asked my doctor and she told me it would be fine to taper by cutting my dose in half for a week, then taking that dose every other day for another week, and being completely off Paxil by the third week. This almost immediately did not go well. Within two days it seemed that my initial symptoms had come back. It was too much and I went back on Paxil by the third day. I was pretty distraught and scared that I'd never be able to stop taking the medication. I made the mistake of reading every nightmare story that existed on the internet (don't do this it's not helpful) before seeking out some help with tapering.

This help came in the form of Point of Return. As with most things, I was very skeptical and felt like I needed to speak to someone directly before starting the program. The person I got in contact with was Alesandra. Not only did she seem to be very knowledgable and professional, but she was the most compassionate, friendly and genuine person I've ever spoke to over the phone from an organization. She gave me the confidence to try tapering again with the program and validated that my first bad experience on my own wasn't "in my head" when I doubted myself. When comparing tapering on my own to tapering with the program, she used the phrase "night and day". I was hopeful but still a little bit skeptical. By the time I began tapering with Point of Return, I had been on Paxil for 8 months. Night and day turned out to be dead on. I think I had the ideal experience, because I felt literally zero withdrawal symptoms. The process was pain free for me. It's been more than a year since I've been on any medication. .

I'm so grateful for not just the program itself but the quality of people that work for this company. I'm a very sensitive person to other people's attitudes so I was extra appreciative of how willing and happy they were to return all of my voicemails and emails with specific and tedious questions throughout the process. Thank you so much. Forever grateful.

Mike G. (California) Paxil

To those that are beginning this journey:  This process is not a walk in the park, but it’s achievable and each testimony is someone who walked through your shoes and overcame!

by Karen U. (New Jersey, USA) Valium, Zoloft

In 2006, I became another statistic.  I was labeled with an “incurable disease” of panic disorder with anxious depression.  My trust fell in doctors, prescription pills and a never-ending cycle of trying different “cocktails” to achieve what I longed for so desperately; a normal life.   Instead of listening to my body at that time, I ignored all the warning signs of being over-stressed, undernourished, and sleep deprived.  So my body did what it was designed to do.  It went into shock.  And so my story began.

My body was introduced to numerous types of antidepressants and benzodiazepines.  Despite the medicine changes and increased dosages, I never felt quite right.   I had this underlining depression and anxiety that would not disappear.  Eventually, tolerance withdrawal kicked into full gear. This led me down a road of dangerous self-attempted tapers and life-threatening withdrawal symptoms.  (Yes, I had a doctor.  His advice was to just “stop it.” Sadly, I had no choice but to take matters into my own hands.)

Then I found Point of Return.  I inquired about the program on a Saturday afternoon and THAT night Alessandra called me with the best news I ever heard.  “You can come off these medicines.  I did it and so can you.”  I knew she was the real deal.  I can’t even begin to thank Alley, Andrea and Terry for the numerous phone calls of reassurance, tough love moments and consistent support through the whole process!  I have Roy to thank for being an amazing compounding pharmacist.  Also, I can’t forget to thank the incredible forum family that walked me through tears, setbacks, joy, successes and at last, freedom! 

To those that are beginning this journey:  This process is not a walk in the park, but it’s achievable and each testimony is someone who walked through your shoes and overcame!  You will learn how to properly nourish your body which is vital to healing!  Trust me when I say, the nutraceuticals are crucial to being successful! You WILL feel the difference! (Believe me, I was skeptical at first but now they will be a part of me forever!) Lastly, you can do this process at a pace that works for you.  I worked full time during both my tapers!  I even went on vacations, hosted holiday parties, took shore trips and even rode roller coasters!  I say that not to boast, but to give you hope that this can be you!  Oh, and as far as the label of an “incurable disease”…I haven’t had one panic attack in years and I’m too busy with life to even think about depression! :)

Lastly, I can’t end this testimony without giving praise to my Savior, Jesus for His love, mercy and grace that gave me strength each day to keep fighting the good fight!

Karen U. (New Jersey) Valium, Zoloft

I have such deep gratitude for all of the information, support and love that I have received from Point of Return.

by Shanna M. (New Mexico) Lamictal

Just a note to let you know that as of a week ago, I am off lamictal permanently (after my over two year journey). I tapered down, down, then five mg every two weeks for a while and finally one mg every two weeks and with patience, here I am. It's hard to believe! I am very excited, even though I am still having side effects. I know that will taper off too...  I HAVE SUCH DEEP GRATITUDE FOR ALL THE INFORMATION, SUPPORT AND LOVE THAT I RECEIVED FROM Point of Return (POR). After the holidays, I intend to enter the different net pages on lamictal that people have posted, chatting with each other about their situations. I want to tell them about Point of Return (POR) -- what an incredible resource and the (so important) emotional support all of you gave me through this long and arduous journey. The new website is so beautiful and appealing. I loved looking at it. At one time or another, I have read everything on it, including all the stories. I know you get a lot of thanks for the wonderful work you do. May I add my thanks again and again. So many times when I felt desperate and I emailed or called, you were always there, encouraging, explaining the process, helping me through the dark days... It meant everything. I am so grateful to my supportive partner, Joseph, and he too thanks you deeply.  We will stay in touch, and I am always available to be a resource to anyone who needs support.

Shanna M. (New Mexico) Lamictal

I am convinced that had it not been for the POR products I was able to take and y'all cheering me on I would not be here today. .

by Richard (Oregon) Oxycodone, Suboxone

Many years back I happened to call Point of Return (POR).  I saw your products on the internet and almost did not call because so many previous calls to other companies had proved useless. The day I called and talked to you I was on 1 week of going cold turkey from Oxycodone. I immediately began taking you product and felt 75% better. I could not afford all the product at that time, so I bought what I could and they helped more than I can begin to describe to you. I had broken both major bones in my left leg below the kneecap. I was on a total of 15 different medications that messed up my ability to cope with everyday things in addition to which I could not get to sleep nor stay asleep. I was gone on for years trying to cut down on pain meds completely by just couldn't quite do it, even with taking some of your great products. I am convinced that had it not been for the POR products I was able to take and y'all cheering me on I would not be here today.

I REALLY wish I take heed to your advice, not to begin a product called Suboxone, because even then though it gives symptom relief for a little while, the half life is worse than Oxycodone, making it virtually 2 times as difficult getting off of it. With the help of your products, good counsel and a very loving wife I tell you that I for sure would not be here today. I still take your relax and sleep formulations which are fantastic. I have been totally off of suboxone now for three years. Please feel free any or all of this info with anyone in need of it.

Thank you for your good work and God bless as you continue to help so many people.

Richard J. (Oregon) Oxycodone, Suboxone

Most importantly though, the reason for wanting to write this testimonial is to let others know that healing is possible. A life free from psychiatric medication is possible.

by Karin (South Africa) Thaden

My psychiatric drug story began in 1995. I was diagnosed with “major depression and anxiety” and prescribed Thaden for insomnia and Xanax for panic attacks, the latter to be taken on an as-needed basis. I was told I would need to be on medication for the rest of my life. The Thaden worked so well, I hardly needed to take any of the Xanax. I slept like clockwork for 7,5 hours each night. Panic attacks became a thing of the past. Fast forward to 2003 and I was doing fine. My new doctor worked out a great taper for me. I tapered off 150mg Thaden in a few months with no problems.

Two years later, the nightmare began. In October 2005 I was offered a great promotion at work. Immediately insomnia reared its ugly head again and panic set in. I started taking small amounts of Xanax each night. By July 2007 I was up to 3mg Xanax a night but it wasn’t helping at all. By the end of January 2008, I could hardly walk from exhaustion. People that I knew no longer recognized me. I realized that I could not carry on. I stayed home the whole of February and in late March, desperate to get well and return to my job, I decided it was time to stop taking the Xanax. Not having a clue as to the dangers of benzodiazepines, I stopped taking the Xanax cold turkey. I went into full blown acute benzo withdrawal within 36 hours. I was violently ill. I had numerous nausea attacks over the next 2 months, some of them lasting up to 8 hours. I was skin and bones, a physical and emotional wreck. In my appalling state, I managed to find some information on the internet. I had almost every benzo withdrawal symptom in the book. I knew I had to taper slowly, but I had no idea how slowly. I reinstated to the original dose and did tablet cuts and weaned myself off Xanax in about 6 months. Years went by and very little healing took place. The biggest problem was still insomnia. Over the years I tried every supplement I thought may help. I also tried a benzo and anti-depressant recovery programme being promoted by my local health shop. A lot of money was spent trying to find something that would help.

Since 2011 I have seen at least 8 doctors and have tried Mirtazapine, Ambien, Valdoxan, and Thaden for a third time. Nothing and nobody seemed to be able to help or understand the real problem. Fast forward to early 2016 and I decided that my psychiatric drug nightmare had to end. I started a long wean off Thaden. When I reached 50mg in January 2017, I ran into big problems. I found the Point of Return website and took the bull by the horns and bought their programme. The service was unsurpassed. My products arrived in record time, all the way to South Africa from the United States. I looked at them fearfully for a week. I was too scared to start with them in case they did not work and hopes would be dashed again. I was also extremely fearful that there would be side effects, as there had been with everything else I tried. I found the courage to try the Support, just one small teaspoon in the morning. The next morning I was incredulous. I had just had the first peaceful night in over a decade and could feel an enormous improvement! That was the first time in 12 years that I felt any hope whatsoever. Within a week I was sleeping up to 8 hours some nights. It was broken sleep, but it was sleep. I was overjoyed. I was blown away by the caring people at Point of Return. I was and still am tearful after every contact I have with them. This has been such a long and lonely journey and I am not used to being communicated with such compassion, kindness and care. Through this testimonial I would also like to thank the geniuses who put these products together. You have saved my life and I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart. My Thaden taper is complete and I have been Thaden free for nearly 2 weeks now. It is going well. I feel so incredibly free and happy.

In August 2017 I was tested for heavy metal poisoning. My test results revealed that I have bad mercury and lead poisoning, and also cadmium and nickel levels that are too high. It is now October 2017 I’ve just had all my amalgams removed. Soon the next stage of healing will take place – heavy metal chelation. I’m not looking forward to it, but it must be done.

Most importantly though, the reason for wanting to write this testimonial is to let others know that healing is possible. A life free from psychiatric medication is possible. In addition to receiving these amazing, healing products, you will receive excellent service, excellent advice and guidance, unsurpassed emotional support, and compassion and kindness from people that really understand what you are going through. My only regret is that I did not get these products years earlier. I would have saved myself so much suffering. But I’m trying very hard to look forward now. Thank you to everyone at Point of Return for saving my life!

Karin (South Africa) THADEN

After almost 38 years on psychoactive drugs, I am now totally fee of them! With Point of Return's help!

by Holly (Ohio, USA) Ativan, Ambien, Lexapro

I want to CELEBRATE!! After almost 38 years on psychoactive drugs, I am now totally fee of them! With Point of Return's help, which aided me greatly through a too-rapid w/d of Asendin (which left me with Tardive Dyskinesia) and Ativan, I was able to also successfully withdraw from Lexapro and Ambien as well. The last drug I took was Trazodone, which I'd taken since 1991, but I am now free of that drug as well. So I now take NO psychoactive medication of any kind and am much the better for it. I believe you wonderful folks at Point of Return did a good deal of the heavy lifting for me as I went through some of the worst years of my life (November 2012 - September 2017). Yes, it took a long time, but it is SO worth it!! Thanks so much for your help!


Point Of Return (POR) has given me my life back! I would hate to know where I'd be without POR.

by Christina (Georgia, USA) Klonopin/Clonazepam

Have you ever noticed something? When you walk through storms in your life and are put "through the fire", God doesn't leave you alone and to fend for yourself. As a matter of fact, He is so good that as you come through those trials, you can look back and notice something without a shadow of a doubt...God was orchestrating your every step. Not only that, you notice how He has divinely and purposefully placed key people in your path to help you walk through your storm. And it's by no accident or coincidence that these key people have already walked the same path ahead of you and know exactly how to help.

One year ago, I was in the darkest time of my entire life...I was spiraling downward, (physically, mentally & emotionally). Because of an unknown, underlying health issue, (of which I have recently learned about), I suddenly developed severe insomnia. I would go periods of four and five nights with zero sleep. It was like a light switch had been flipped and I totally did not understand it...nor was I prepared for it. Feeling desperate and against my better judgement, I was scared into getting on one prescription medication after another to try and "break this cycle", (that's how my Dr. convinced me to take anxiety and sleeping pills). My insomnia and anxiety only worsened. So now, I not only couldn't sleep, I now had another problem...I was on medications that I could not come off of. The very things that were supposed to help me were now making everything more complicated and only adding to my stress, fear, anxiety and insomnia, (which is what they do by their very nature). By the way, doctors don't tell you this most of the time nor give you an exit plan for these prescriptions. Now, before we go any further let me interject something. I don't like the term 'addict' or 'addicted'. Let me explain my case and others' by coining a phrase here: "You're not an addict, 'by choice', you become dependent,'by force'." The very nature and chemical structure of these prescription meds force your brain to become chemically dependent on them. Therefore many innocent folks are wrongly judged and labeled as "drug addict". So, I was taking several prescription medications and instead of getting better, my world grew darker by the day. I even made an appointment with my Dr. to discuss coming off my medications. I was assured that I could do this with no issues or problems. Wrong. I dangerously cold turkey'd several of these meds and endured some of the most horrible side effects and withdrawal symptoms. I had stopped all but one. This particular benzodiazepine medication, (Klonopin or by the generic name, Clonazepam), had such a sinister grip on me that even when I tried tapering slowly, the withdrawals and side-effects were literally 'hell on earth'. I had never experienced anything physically or mentally like this. The insomnia continued and thoughts were entering my mind that I know were straight from the enemy of my soul. Hope was fading. I was left questioning, "How in the world did I get to this point?" Where I found myself was against everything I was about. I had scoured the Internet for help but always came up short. Any help organizations I found always included getting on other drugs to taper from the drug I was on. I didn't want to create more problems, so I would move and keep searching... The September morning that I found POINT OF RETURN, I do believe that I was being guided by an unseen hand. On that morning that I 'just so happen' to find POR, the previous night had been one of the most desperate of my journey. My husband and I had literally been up all night long, crying out to Jesus for help.

Let me pause right here and preface this next amazing account, (a God thing), with a little backstory tidbit: A few months earlier, my husband had downloaded a song to my phone called, "Jesus, Heal Me" by Christian music artist, Carman Licciardello. Now, this song has a beautiful 4-bar piano intro and then Carman half sings/half speaks the words, "The Spirit of the Lord is here to heal...". The song continues and he begins to sing, (keep this in mind as we continue).

Back to my story...

So, Channing and I had been pleading to the Lord throughout the night for help. I got up from the couch where I was lying to go to the restroom. Using the flashlight on my phone to navigate through the dark room, as I reached the couch, I went to turn the light off on my phone. As I did, the Carman song started playing...but not as you'd think. Remember that beautiful piano introduction I mentioned? Well, miraculously it skipped that 12 second intro and started playing at the moment Carman's voice begins to speak. So, out into the atmosphere, with no introduction, we loudly hear this proclamation, "The Spirit of the Lord is here to heal". Then boom and just like that, it shuts off! A divine phenomenon had taken place and my husband and I both could sense it. We were stunned. Things were about to shift. My situation was about to change. Throughout this whole process my trust in God never wavered. My faith continued to grow as I felt He would somehow see me through. I got up from the couch and began to search online again for help. I was looking for a glimmer of hope in tapering safely from this dangerous medication that was wreaking havoc on my life. Suddenly 'POINT OF RETURN' (POR) popped up in my search window. Why had I not been able to find it thus far? I look back and realize that it was all in God Almighty's divine timing.

I read the testimonies on the site and began to weep with joy. POR Co-Founder, Alesandra Rain's story especially hit home with me. Channing had finally fallen asleep, (around 6am), I went to wake him up. He was used to me waking him while crying, but this time I explained that these were tears of hope and joy. I kept exclaiming that I believed that I had found the help I so desperately needed! My husband called before POR office hours and left a message for someone to call him back.

Within a few minutes, Channing's phone rang and the sweetest voice on the other end began to speak through the phone's speaker...it was Alesandra Rain, (POR Co-Founder and Fox News Drug Expert). For the first time since June of 2016, (it was now September of 2016), I could see a dim light breaking through the darkness that had engulfed me. Channing explained to Alesandra that we felt that it was by a divine appointment that we had found her organization, POINT OF RETURN. Alesandra went on to tell us that she was not even supposed to come into work that day. You see, a hurricane was just hours from hitting the town where POR is located, (near Charleston, SC). She had come in just to 'baton down the hatches' at the office and then go bug-in at home before the hurricane arrived. It was then that she found Channing's message and she immediately called back.

Alesandra put us at ease and ensured us that she had no doubt I would make it through this. She was here to help and promised she would walk through this with us every step of the way...and she has. Because of her own story of surviving the unimaginable, Alesandra has arrived at her God-ordained purpose and destiny. Through this, she has become my dear, sweet friend. She has tirelessly and patiently helped me navigate these unchartered waters in my life...not only me, so many others as well. Alesandra, Andrea and Terry and their amazing staff are helping and mentoring countless souls around the world to break the chains of harmful medication dependency.

If you or a loved one need help in this area, please contact, POINT OF RETURN. Extended use of medications are harmful to our bodies, (especially Benzodiazepines such as Klonopin, Lorazepam, Xanax, etc). These meds are especially harmful to our brains. POINT OF RETURN has meticulously overseen the formulation of their wonderful Nutraceauticals, (RELAX, SLEEP, MOOD & SUPPORT), to help our bodies and brains heal from these dangerous chemicals. For an amazing, inspirational story of devastating loss and then triumph, you need to go to Amazon or Barnes & Noble online and pick up a copy of POR Co-Founder, Alesandra Rain's true account of her life, (Deeds Of Trust by Alesandra Rain). Once you read it, you'll understand why I often say, "If Alesandra can get through that, then surely I can get through this". She is a living miracle and truly a gift. When you read her story, it will give you hope and courage to get through whatever it is you're walking through!

Since September of 2016, Alesandra has had me slowly tapering, through her POR program. I would hate to know where I'd be without POINT OF RETURN. As of August of 2017, I have completely finished my taper of Klonopin. I could not have done it without POR.

I know and realize now more than ever that with my story, and Alesandra's story, that your pain becomes your purpose and God will use it to lead you to your destiny. Amen. I'm so thankful for Alesandra, she's a gift, a treasure and my hero...the strongest woman I know! Point Of Return has given me my life back!

Christina E. (Georgia) KLONOPIN/CLONAZEPAM

Thank you for being a literal life-saver. POR's compassion, listening ear, support and guidance was not in vain!!!

by Mary (Idaho) Celexa, Klonopin

March 2014,  I had been put on Xanax which began the devastating decline of my health. I had been severely overworked like a work horse during my career as a social worker, especially the last three years.  I only took Xanax PRN but the General Practitioner told me to start taking it 3 times a day. I could only handle .25 mg three times a day. Oh the burning pain in my chest, and being unable to eat food, and several horrible side effects. After six weeks I begged to stop Xanax. Again, the General Practitioner told me to stay on Xanax as “I was suffering from Anxiety.” NO, I WAS SUFFERING FROM THE DEBILITATING PHYSICAL/MENTAL SIDE EFFECTS FROM THIS D_ _ _ _ _  STUFF! I “obeyed” and finally (as a Mental Health Therapist) checked my own self into a Mental Health Psych Ward in another town (I was so embarrassed!), as I found myself twice praying for God to take me home to heaven because I could not take the pain of the burning that was in my chest, arms, hands, shoulders, neck. The pain was literally off the chart. After one week in the Psych Ward the social worker and a nurse there FINALLY believed me that it was the Xanax!  After research and observing me, they found I was suffering from withdrawals because the small amount of Xanax, 3 times a day, was allowing my body to go into withdrawals in between the doses. So the doctor in the psych ward said he had to put me on Klonopin which is so much more stronger than Xanax, in order to get me past the withdrawals. By the way, these withdrawals were cold turkey.

When I was put on Klonopin and Celexa, I literally lost life as I knew it, March 2014. Ten days later I was discharged to my girlfriend’s home to recuperate. (So depressing – before that I lived in my own home – had worked on a reservation, flown up to Alaska on a huge research project, was the Director of Social Work and Mental Health, etc.  Upon discharge I literally was unable to work, could hardly eat, had myriads of tough physical symptoms from the Klonopin and Celexa. (The doctor who first prescribed the meds, when I asked him, are they addictive? answered, “No, you just drop one of the doses (such as drop the 3:00 PM dose – 1 out of 3 daily doses) for a day or two, and then drop another one.) WRONG!  So, I did as the doctor said in September 2014. I dropped one dose (1 mg of Klonopin). My body was so sensitive. I was so sick, trying to get off the D­_ _ _ medications. Oh my _ _ _  , the pure Hell I went through just dropping that one dose that one time! The doctor’s reaction? “None of my other patients have had that problem!”.

I was too ill to work, had to stay with a girlfriend as I literally couldn’t take care of myself. I got desperate as I was so sick on the Klonopin and Celexa because due to the combination of the two drugs I was unsteady on my feet. I fell and broke my shoulder in three places.  Out of desperation, I chose to start titrating off Klonopin the hard way – cutting the pills starting on October 10, 2014.. It took sheer determination. I came to a point where cutting the pills was SO DIFFICULT, getting smaller and having no minute accuracy.

July 13, 2015 Point of Return (POR) came into my life, as a HUGE GODSEND.  I “accidentally” stumbled on the POR website one night as I was SO ILL and crying because of the pain caused by of trying to titrate off of Klonopin.  I know stumbling upon POR was GOD. You and the rest of the staff gave me HOPE. Now, I am not one of your clients that stayed in contact very much, as I literally was so sick.  I was having a rough time with the POR Pre-Taper program, especially with the Support and Mood products. You suggested that I get tested for MTHFR. That was a HUGE key. I cried with relief when my doctor (who incidentally didn’t know about MTHFR) got the results back and I tested out as a MTHFR’r. (The years that I was made fun of by other doctors and medical personnel: being degraded, being told that “it was all in my head”, that my issues were psychosomatic, that it was just Anxiety and Depression. This was TOUGH as I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with a Master’s degree in Social Work. I spent my career working as a Hospital Medical Social Worker and also as a Mental Health Therapist.) As I wrote earlier in this paragraph, the POR Pre-Taper was not going well as my physical symptoms had escalated. It was during this POR Pre-Taper  time that I found out that I am extremely allergic to binders (hypromellose, cellulose, silica – they are made out of tree bark) in the meds and in supplements.

 AGAIN, YOU STEPPED IN WITH HOPE and suggested  that I try getting the Klonopin compounded in an oil form. I contacted the only compounding pharmacist in this town and was made fun of by his employee, and degraded. “Oh, you’re the one requesting that ridiculous minute amount of Klonopin!” She said this while I was standing at the pharmacy window with several people behind me! This compounding pharmacist told me that he “didn’t know how to and did not compound in an oil base”.  

 AGAIN, YOU STEPPED IN WITH HOPE and suggested that I contact a Compounding Pharmacist and what a lifesaver that was!  Thus began the long but hopeful journey of titrating off Klonopin, and later Celexa. I had a huge move from one place to another and some other setbacks and had to put the Klonopin titration on hold for a few months. BUT I DIDN’T GIVE UP primarily because of the testimonies from POR clients on the Discussion Board, even though I was too sick to even post on the Discussion Board.

 So, from October 10, 2014 to December 13, 2015  it took 423 days to accomplish the titration off of Klonopin. December 13, 2015 was my D-Day, right before Christmas – my personal gift to me!!!

 I waited 54 days of being off of Klonopin before I started the long, grueling process of titrating off of Celexa using the oil-based compound through Roy Katz. On February 8, 2016 I began titrating off of Celexa. 401 days later I finished the Celexa titration on March 19, 2017.

I wrote all of this in order to say this: 

Thank you, Andrea and the rest of the POR staff for being a literal life-saver.

You did not hear much from me after I started the titrations, because I was too sick to even post. I just want you to know that even if you don’t hear back from a client, yours and POR’s compassion, listening ear, support, and guidance was not in vain!!!  

With a Huge Heart of Gratitude and Love,


Thank you also to the beloved mentors who selflessly volunteer their time coaching and encouraging, giving us advise and support.

by Vicky (United Arab Emirates) Remeron

I want to share my story about my experience with the anti-depressant drug Remeron and the saving grace of God by leading me to "Point of Return" through desperate searching in the internet after failed attempt of withdrawing Mr R and hoping can find a solution how I can kick him out from my body in a successful way. Above all I want to thank God for being with me throughout my journey to reach to the finish line of getting the Remeron out of my body. October 2015, I had my first Anxiety Panic attack that lead me to go to ER .It was after drinking a can of Red Bull energy drink. Doctor gave me valium injection to calm me down and since then I was prescribed to take home tablet valium as necessary and from then sleep was becoming a problem due to repeated attacks of anxiety. Every time I had anxiety attacked, I was sent to ER and went home with another prescription and at this time its Alprazolam Tranquilizer to help me sleep. And instead of having a good sleep, this meds makes me wide awake and tired, dizzy and anxious. Cold turkey the Aprazolam, and for 3 days no sleep at all. Consulted my Church Pastors and Church colleagues to pray for me and almost hopeless and thought I will not be fine anymore. Things get worst and worst and any option that seems I thought could helped,  all of those I tried but no changes in my condition.I consulted one of our GP doctor and was referred to the Psychiatrist to help me with my problem of sleep and anxiety. That time I was prescribed with different antidepressant and benzo 's and those did not help my condition as my body don't agree with it and instead of becoming well, it's adding me another symptoms of depressed , lack of emotion and more insomnia. I Cold turkey all those meds and November 8, 2015, my doctor prescribed me another antidepressant Remeron. I have no choice but to take it hoping it will help me. And on the 1st night with Remeron, I had a very long night sleep. From that time I continue to take the meds although I had a very horrible side effects like more anxiety, dizziness, restlessness. After 1 year of taking Mr. R, me and my Doctor decided to withdraw and stop the meds as my symptoms and sleep already improved and to taper it for 3 months but after a week of fast taper from my last the dose of the med , I had a very awful and horrible withdrawal symptoms namely :rebound insomnia, anxiety, depressed moods, anxious thoughts, nausea, vomiting, headache .dizziness, restless leg syndrome , IBS, anemia and etc. Because of very bad withdrawal side effect, I decided to go back to my psychiatrist and he reinstated my andidepressant to lower dosage. I was very hopeless already at that time. I thought I will be forever slave with this monster remeron.And one day, while searching for an answer in the internet hoping to find ways how I can successfully withdraw this antidepressant, finally God lead me through Point of Return website. I was inspired and hopeful after reading all the successful testimonies written in the website. And to that moment I believed from the bottom of my heart that finding the Point of Return website was God's intervention and answered prayer to my long time prayers. Praised God! Halleluiah! No doubt, me and my husband committed to register and order the POR program supplements .I began to taper once again and at this time in a very very slow and gradual taper and with the POR Nutrients. They are wonderful, especially the Support, it's amazing.

I was determined at this time, cleaned my diet, hydrate my body, avoid the foods which interacts my medicine that cause more symptoms and took the POR supplements religiously. And 5 months later after very slow taper, I am completely drug free and my healing has truly started!!! Now I am 1 month off meds and every day I noticed I'm improving. As of now I'm finishing up with some final symptoms... Without God's help and POR whom God used as an instrument, I will not be here telling my testimony of success.

Thank you also to the beloved mentors who selflessly volunteer their time coaching and encouraging, giving us advises and support , to Karole, Athena, Elisa-Ruth, and Bobby , thank you to all of you, as you are part of my journey and you gave me so much courage not to give up I pray that God will bless you and give more good health and be a blessing to more people who are still on their journey and battle to get delivered and set free from the prescription drugs. God bless us all.

Vicky M. (United Arab Emirates) - REMERON

God put you on my LIFE MASTER PLAN as His agent to restore and change my life and arrive at my point of return. Indeed I have arrived at my point of return . I am truly so grateful!

by Nomusa (South Africa) Zolpidem

My Point of Return My life has been great,my family, my job and career. My job opened many doors for me and my family. I managed to educate my children who are independent now. I am retired Praise be to God !!

Along the way I was not spared of life s stresses, pain and loss. All this had its emotional toll on me and I found myself unable to sleep , tired the following day and simply unable to function. I spoke to my doctor who said " I can help you" and that was unknowingly the beginning of the biggest emotional ,psychological and health challenge I was to face 14 years later.

In the beginning it went well Zolpidem (Ambiem) the doctor prescribed worked well. This drug is not supposed to be used for more than 2 weeks but my wonderful doctor never mentioned it and I also didn't question because after all the doctor knows better (then I believed that, not NOW).

Down the years I did begin to realize that this wasn't right because inspite of having slept I still felt tired during the day. I tried to stop on my own and I found I couldn't stop. At that point I had began to question the use of sleeping pills but my wonderful doctor said " Medical science has proof that there is more health damage resulting from poor to no sleep than the health damage from sleeping pills.

At this point I became desperate because I was having reduced sleep inspite of having taken the this drug. I resolved I will stop taking it. I remember one time I stayed on my bedroom chair for 5 days without feeling drowsy and staying up without sleep. During the day I suffered from headaches ,bodily pains all over and was quite tearful.

I spoke to my wonderful doctor about this and requesting that I really want to stop taking this drug, can he please help me. He brushed me off and told me not to worry nothing bad was going to happen to me. He referred me to a sleep clinic. The doctor there gave me a machine to take home to attach to myself at night and to bring it back to him the following day which I did.

When I met him the following day he stated that all was well I shouldn't worry. I told him that I am truly worried what the long term impact will be on me continuing with this drug. His response was " This drug is absolutely safe you can take it for 99years without any problems" Considering my years then I thought yes I probably I won't add 99 years any way (lol...) but I didn't stop worrying that I can't fall asleep without this drug. I was literally a slave to it.

Having failed to get help from the sleep clinic I continued to use this drug. My sleep became reduced more and more.  I began to fear going to sleep. I feared the night . It was just horrible. All this I didn't understand. I prayed to God to help me.

One night I just couldn't sleep the fear was overwhelmingly strong. I fell on the floor and cried my lungs out , I asked God to please rescue me from this mess. I spoke to my wonderful doctor again telling him about this fear that was engulfing me, now not only at night but also during the day.

My wonderful doctor said I have ANXIETY and that he would help me. At that point I was really a mess. Fortunately I live alone and my adult children did not witness this terrifying episode of my life. It became obvious I needed help. My wonderful doctor prescribed a drug called Urbanol . He told me after my many persistent questions that it was safe and not addictive. I had little or no choice I took it. Yes I immediately felt better no fears , no worries about the pending night and I began to sleep like a baby !!!

I felt lucky and began to believe things were finally working out. Little did I know the worst was still coming. A few days later I began to have sweats before sleep time and I could again begin to feel a distant fear creeping back.

The 2 most astonishing experiences I had were that I would sleep walk to the kitchen eat and not be aware of it. In the morning I would either find the fridge open or some plate on the table.

The second one was that sitting on my bed at night being awake I would feel the presence of people standing around my bed talking to me and me talking back to them. A good friend of my really believed I was anointed with a gift of some kind ( lol.....)

Reading more on this drug I was petrified that these two experiences were actually side effects. I spoke to my wonderful doctor about this and he said " I am moving you to something else that will help you." He gave me a drug I think called "Dormonoct."

When I got home a powerful soft voice said " just don't take this , just don't take this " indeed I didn't I flushed them away. I knelt down and.prayed , prayed calling to God to help me because clearly no one was capable at that point to help me. I googled it and found it was not different from Zolpedeim and it's side effects and withdrawal symptoms were even more terrifying. Clearly I was in trouble and my life taking a sparriling downturn.

The following day I was on Google on my iPhone. As I was reading, another site just popped up and I closed it , continued to read , it popped up and the third time. When it popped up the 4th time I decided to open and read it. Guess what ? it was the Point of Return website !!!!!!

I read everything contacted them . They gave me hope, told me about the program. I was determined , I did everything they told me. I cleaned my diet, took my supplements religiously . 11 months later I am completely drug free and my healing has truly started !!!

I thank God who brought Point of Return (POR)to me. The welcome was heartwarming and the support was out of this world. Thank you to all at POR !!

Terry your support was great my friend !!!! You went all out to make sure I get my parcels.

Alesandra you were and still are my heavenly given angel. God put you on my LIFE MASTER PLAN as His agent to restore and change my life and arrive at my point of return. Indeed I have arrived at my point of return . I am truly so grateful!

Nomusa (South Africa) ZOLPIDEM (AMBIEN)

Please let the Point of Return program work for you. It is a slow, gentle reduction from drugs, and will provide you with the tools you need to succeed.

Liz A. (Oklahoma) Klonopin / Amitriptyline

I would like to thank my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, for carrying me through this most difficult of times. I would also like to thank the Point of Return (POR) Staff, the POR Mentors, the POR Forum, Dr. Armstrong, Roy, and my dear husband for their wisdom and selflessness. They were all willing to listen and lift me up when I needed a gentle ear to hear my struggles.

For years I have pushed through chronic fatigue. But, I had a full active life and was very happy and slept well. For probably 20 years my doctors wanted to give me something to sleep. They felt that if I got "quality" sleep, I would feel better. I refused to take anything and was fine. About 5 years ago at a yearly physical, my doctor wanted to give me something to sleep. He said it wasn't a sleeping pill. I don't know what I thought it was. But, he said to trust him…..that it would make me feel better. I gave in and began taking Klonopin. I did sleep better, but I did not feel any better. So, after 3 years, I was told I could just quit taking it because it was such a small dose. I was thrown into a 2 year battle to get off this poisonous drug. Fortunately, I found Point of Return. Without POR, I know I would have never been successful. They were there to guide me every step of the way.

Every single day was a challenge. The POR staff and Dr. Armstrong were always there to help me push through another day, encourage me, and provide answers to my questions about my symptoms. They would tell me that I was going to get through this. And, they were right.

This experience has left me humbled and oh so grateful to be alive. It's like being reborn. Everything seems new and the simplest things are joyous.

Please let the Point of Return program work for you. It is a slow, gentle reduction from drugs, and will provide you with the tools you need to succeed.


Hardly a day goes by when I don't ask myself "where would I be today without Point of Return?"

by Iris (California) Klonopin

I wrote in September 2015 about the success of my benzodiazepine withdrawal (Klonopin), and now I would like to follow up with another testimonial about my recovery or near recovery. My story may be of particular interest for those, who like me, have an underlying condition which in all likelihood contributed to the speed with which I became dependent, as well as to the hardships I faced with regard to recovery from withdrawal.

I completed my taper from Klonopin by the end of July 2015. I have been ever so grateful for the supplements recommended by Point of Return without which my fate would be a very different one. After the completion of my taper I began to heal very slowly. I noticed improvements in my concentration and I could even meditate some. After a little more than a month I noticed that I was ready for bed at a certain time and "ready to get up" at a certain time; in other words the body began to establish something like a routine which I had all but forgotten existed at all. Having been diagnosed with MTHFR (upon recommendation of POR) and a deficient methylation cycle, I knew to take my Methylcobalamin and my 5-MTHF in order to establish more optimal methylation. I was able to finish school and pass the exam, but most mental activities continued to be a strain on me as I continuously felt an underlying exhaustion blocking the free flow of mental energy. Finally, in October 2016 I consulted Alesandra at POR again and she directed me to a website and even helped me to download the information. The end result of these and my doctor's findings was that I needed to take another type of Vitamin B 12 as well as another type of Folate. On Thanksgiving Day I was ready to start my new regimen and within just a few hours I felt a new type of energy entering my brain. It was as if I could suddenly "think straight" instead of "thinking sideways or in circles."

Now it has been 2 months on this new regimen and since then my body has undertaken a lot of healing. My adrenals which still had been much overproducing Cortisol calmed down as well as my breathing which before had been in a kind of "staccato mode." There is still much room for improvement, but the healing is happening in a very profound way. There are some nights now during which I sleep more deeply – at least for a few hours – than I have in many years before benzos. In addition, there are some hours now during some days when I feel more energetic and have a better quality energy than before this medical accident.

I continue to be awed that in this bleak medical desert which best describes the ignorance of 99.9% of all doctors who prescribe these pills, there bloom the most beautiful desert flowers of continued support, dedication and knowledge produced by POR. Hardly a day goes by when I don't ask myself "where would I be today without Point of Return?" And to think that people like myself all over the globe are helped in spite of this tragic medical unconsciousness, is more than simply awesome!

Iris (California) KLONOPIN

You are the most selfless people I know!! You all are our angels. Also, thank you to all my wonderful new life long friends, that I made on this forum, for helping me thru this tough journey.

Lori (Michigan) Zoloft

I want to share my story about my experience with the anti-depressant drug Zoloft and the saving grace I found at "Point of Return".

It all started in December 2014. I had my first panic attack. I was never so scared in my life! I called my sister right away and she brought me over a benzo that she got from one her friends to help me. It was called xanax. It stopped my anxiety and my panic immediately! I went to my family Doctor and she prescribed my xanax and to take as needed. I would take it once in a while and that was it.

After that attack I kept waiting for the next attack to happen. I was really scared and I started feeling anxious but nothing too bad at this point. Then my mother in law was diagnosed with 4th stage cancer and died 3 months later. Also, we had 2 kids getting ready to go off to college. I was still feeling very anxious so I went to my doctor again in May of 2016. She prescribed me a anti-depressant Zoloft. well exactly 24 hours later I ended up in the ER with depression and brain zaps and fear like I've never experienced! The Dr. on call told me I was having a anxiety attack and gave me Ativan. I went home that night so sick I couldn't get out of bed for 3 days. I was so depressed and sick! I called my Doctor and she said no one ever gets sick or depressed from Zoloft and to stick with it for a few weeks because it takes a while to get in system.

How I wished I would of stopped taking them right then! I was sick with all these symptoms for months!! I googled the internet for weeks and the horror stories from people that was experiencing the same symptoms as me, I was having brain zaps, couldn't stand noise, light, intense fear, no appetite, nauseous, burning sensations, anxiety and terrible depression! My poor family waited on me hand and foot. They were wonderful. I couldn't understand how this happened to me nor could my husband or children. I always was a happy go lucky person and never down and this wiped me right out! I was never so scared in all my life!!

I even went to a psychiatrist to see if he could figure this out. He wanted to up my dosage, said it would make me feel better. I told him no because I should of never taken this med in the first place and this med is the reason I have depression now. I kept searching on the internet and this time Point of Return popped up and I read on it and called their number and Andrea answered and we talked for a long time and she said they could help me.

I hung up feeling like there was hope! Thank you thank you... I called back the next week and ordered the supplements . I went back to my doctor and told him I wanted him to help me taper and he would not help me taper slow. He said that Zoloft you don't have to taper from. He as much as told me I would be back. I quit right there and never went back!

So I tapered as slow as I could myself over the next few months. I took my last sliver of zoloft September 12th of 2016. I am so thankful for the all the supplements I take now from Point of Return, they have eased my suffering! I have called the office many times and have talked to Alesandra, Terry and Andrea and all three have encouraged me so much that each time I hung up I felt like I could keep going and beat this. I have spent many hours on their forum and I have met so many wonderful people that are Mentors and Alumni that stayed on to help all of us suffering even tho they are all healed. Also, all the members that are suffering and still support each other when they are suffering too.

There is SO much support here at Point of Return. They have encouraged me countless number of times through their own experience!! Doesn't matter what time of day or night or what day of the week it is someone is always willing to answer questions and offer encouragement. You will never find a more close knit family than these wonderful people here, if it be by a phone call, email or a touch of a keyboard button. There is nothing you can't ask and information on this forum is endless!! They all "get it". It's hard to talk to friends or co workers about this because no one understands unless they have been thru this, that's why this program is amazing. I could of never made it this far without this program!!

I am healthier now than I ever have been. I faithfully take all their supplements. The Support, Relax, Sleep and Mood. I love them all! I don't eat sugar anymore or fried foods either. I try to eat mostly organic and gluten free and I never feel bloated anymore which was always a huge issue with me before. This program has taught me to never give up and I never want to take these horrible drugs again! I have also learned how to not be so anxious.

I have learned lots of tools on this program that I can use in the future if needed for anxiety, a option for me will not be drugs. I will faithfully take my supplements forever and keep eating right. I am now starting to feel normal and me again and I want to thank Alesandra, Andrea and Terry for always being there by a quick response by email, phone call for helping me and encouraging me to the end and also Terry thank you for the fast delivery on my supplements and nice email chats. We get so much from this program, the phone chats, emails , all your time for only the price of the supplements. You can't find this any where else! This program is so amazing because these people have struggled and now dedicate their lives to helping others that are struggling too.

You are the most selfless people I know!! You all are our angels. Also, thank you to all my wonderful new life long friends, that I made on this forum, for helping me thru this tough journey. You all are awesome and I will never forget any of yous' and I'm not going anywhere either. I want to help others too. Love you all!!!

Lori B (MichiganZOLOFT

God's Speed to Point of Return's continuing success, and to all on this challenging journey !

by Kele (California) ATIVAN

HOME IS WHERE THE HEART IS . . . MY JOURNEY . . . My journey began like many others with an utterly negligent Doctor prescribing a lethal and potent Benzo (Ativan), and after just a few weeks of sleep issues. He never suggested Cognitive Behavioral Therapy which is widely used for sleep issues and which has great success, nor did he even bother to suggest something far less dangerous such as melatonin supplements etc. He also never discussed this drug with me, never warned me about the side effects and worse, the withdrawal effects, and neither he nor the pharmacist provided me with the required literature which is to (by law) accompany these types of medications.

Further, despite the dire written FDA warning that this medication is not to be prescribed for more than two weeks, Doctors continue to give this insidious medication out like candy and continue to prescribe it for long term use. We really need to have Federal legislation passed which would prohibit the ability of any Primary Care Doctor to ever prescribe this medication . . . it is bad enough that Mental Health Providers now give it out like candy and also continue to prescribe it for long term use. Unfortunately, the sphere of influence held over the entire medical profession by the pharmaceutical companies and fueled by their multibillion dollar quarterly profits is as unimaginable . . . as it is insurmountable. While most testimonials here are related to recovery from long term use of these insidious medications, mine is different in that it is recovery from short term - low dosage use which I can assure you was still just as life threatening and horrific. I wanted to take advantage of this opportunity to address the often under - reported and often misunderstood withdrawal from short term – low dosage use. The truth is that withdrawal and I am referring to harsh, harsh withdrawal . . . can occur after just a few weeks of taking this demoralizing medication.

I was only taking this medication for four weeks and at a low dosage of .05 mg and a few 1mg ( as per this Doctor's instructions to increase the dosage ). I had disturbing side effects within the first two weeks which this Doctor continually assured me were being caused from some other " Illness ". Those side effects were blurred vision, feeling drugged and out of it, shortness of breath, difficulty breathing, and terrifying paradoxical side effects – including horrific nightmares . . . none of which I ever had prior to taking this medication. The next several weeks were a barrage of tests including an EKG, Echocardiogram, and a Sleep Study . . . all of which were unremarkable, meaning no health related issues. Fortunately the Sleep Doctor was keen on what was causing my health issues. He advised me that Ativan depresses the respiratory system and more likely than not, was what was causing my shortness of breath and difficulty breathing, resulting in sleeplessness issues.

I then googled Ativan and was horrified . . . horrified that this Doctor had even prescribed something like this and even more horrified . . . that I was taking it daily for four weeks, every evening as prescribed for sleep. I immediately contacted this Doctor, it was a Friday and his office assured me he would get back to me shortly . He did not return my call. I was terrified that entire weekend and never felt sooo lost and alone. That Saturday and Sunday evening I decided to stop taking the medication. I had little sleep and was stressed more than I can ever remember being.

THE CALM BEFORE THE STORM . . . On Monday I finally spoke to this Doctor who actually advised me that it was safe to just discontinue taking the medication, and that I would absolutely not experience any withdrawal symptoms due to the fact that it was merely just short term – low dosage use. I even contacted the pharmacist and was advised similarly.

THE HORRIFYING REALITY OF BENZO WITHDRAWAL . . . Within a few days I was in terrifying full blown withdrawal with headaches, increasing nightmares, muscle jerks, dizziness, flashes of light, ringing in the ears, exploding noises, dark menacing shadows, unimaginable fear, sleeplessness, and the list of dodgey symptoms just went on and on. I then contacted this Doctor's office several times and pleaded for help to taper off of this medication. Both he and his office just abandoned me . . . continually alleging that withdrawal was not possible with short term use, and they actually accused me of possibly being on other " Illicit " drugs . . . which I was not. I was utterly, utterly devastated and demoralized. Again, I felt sooo lost and alone and was forced through no fault of my own . . . to remain isolated and in this intolerable condition for more than two weeks.

THE LIGHT AT THE END OF THE TUNNEL . . . I found Point of Return (POR) and another Doctor who could work with me to taper and to stabilize. Unfortunately, I had been off of the medication cold turkey for a few weeks and in consideration of that fact and others, we all decided that in my specific circumstances it would be better to ride out the withdrawal symptoms and to not begin taking that medication again and then endure another withdrawal. Alesandra ( founder of POR ) immediately provided me with the most calming and reassuring conversations I had had in many, many weeks, and both she and her extraordinary staff began working with me towards recovery. I believe that what is sooo extraordinary about Alesandra and her staff is that they do not just talk the talk, they actually walk the walk. She has been meticulous in compiling a staff of top notch experts who actually went through the recovery process themselves and know all too well the debilitating and demoralizing effects of both Benzo Use and Benzo Withdrawal.

HOME IS WHERE THE HEART IS . . . I stayed the POR Program with Alesandra and her gifted, extraordinary staff ( faithfully ! ). I was also blessed with assistance from extraordinary counseling, and I recovered . . . and no it was not easy, in fact, it was the most difficult time I have ever experienced in my life. I am still finishing up with some final symptoms . . . but for the most part I am home, finally home, and home is always . . . where the heart is.

God's Speed to POR'S continuing success, and to all on this challenging journey !

Best, Kele (California) ATIVAN

If you are frightened because of the nightmare of prescription drug dependence, please done despair. If you are dedicated to getting well, and put in the time and effort, they will support you every step of the way.

by Helen (Maryland) Clonazepam

I can only get down on my knees and thank God that I went through the process of benzodiazepine withdrawal in the age of the internet.  If I hadn’t found Point of Return through an internet search, I never would have found the safest and most comprehensive program available for prescription drug withdrawal. They know what they are doing, they have personal experience with it, and they have the right balance between nurturing and pushing their clients to gain their freedom. Working with POR helped me become the warrior I needed to be and it was all worth it!  Now I appreciate life like never before. 

I was prescribed clonazepam (the generic of Klonopin), to treat the anxiety and insomnia I experienced after my sister’s catastrophic death. I trusted the prescribing psychiatrist and took it as prescribed. In August 2015, after seven months of taking clonazepam, my insomnia came back with a vengeance and I started researching. I was horrified to find out just how difficult it is to taper off of a benzodiazepine. 

Finding a “benzo aware” doctor was a frightening, frustrating ordeal. I went to one doctor who claimed I could taper off clonazepam in two weeks. I tried and it was a disaster. I couldn’t breathe, my cortisol levels were sky high, lights were too bright, sounds were too loud, and I became agoraphobic and unable to function.  I went from doctor to doctor and all wanted me to taper way too fast, which severely impacted my quality of life.

With nowhere left to turn, I found Point of Return, who truly “get” both the medical aspects of these drugs and the nightmare of trying to find a benzo-aware doctor. They are experts in prescription medication withdrawal and have a protocol that includes supplements, diet, a private discussion forum, and unlimited support by telephone. I would not be here if it weren’t for them. In November, 2015, my husband and I flew to San Antonio and met with Point of Return’s consulting physician, Dr. Raymond Armstrong, who met with us for three hours, reassuring us that with a slow and steady taper I would get my life back. He himself had tapered the benzodiazepine Valium, so we trusted him.  I flew back to Maryland knowing I finally had the right doctor, one who would safely and comfortably taper me off this poison.

The months dragged as I tapered the medication ever so slowly. Benzo withdrawal syndrome is a nonlinear, random process. I felt as if I was on a thrill ride designed by Stephen King, but unlike a ride at Busch Gardens, I did not know when this ride would end.  It was like being hooked up to an IV drip that pumped fear into my body 24-7.  The most disturbing symptom of all was that I yearned for connection with others with all my heart, but I could not feel empathy or joy for other people. What a thrill it was when my empathy for and connection to others came back!

I faithfully followed Point of Return’s program, eating clean and taking the supplements on a schedule. I am convinced that the supplements, especially the Support powder, kept my body strong so I could endure the symptoms.  Using Point of Return’s private forum kept my spirit and mind strong. Their safe and private internet forum is a place to vent, cry, and laugh with others on the same journey, a place to share stories of small victories, resilience, and strength.

As my dose of clonazepam got lower, I began to have “windows.” These are the times one’s brain is actually “online” and one feels whole and present. The times when one can go for a walk, visit with a friend, sit in an outdoor café and laugh, or watch a movie and actually follow the plot.  The times when one can leave the hell of self-involvement and focus on others again.  True healing was happening!

As summer turned to fall, I began to have more hope. Each window was like a break from the Stephen King thrill ride, a chance to walk and rest in a garden and feel the breeze on my face. I might have felt like a rat in a cruel experiment, but this rat was not going to lie resignedly on the concrete floor. This rat wanted its freedom, wanted to live, and therefore, started to fight.  Whereas at the beginning of my taper, I felt nothing but terror that I would never make it back, now I wanted to get on my knees and thank God for nature’s beauty. A simple trip to a pumpkin patch to buy a pumpkin and some mums reduced me to tears.  To care once again about the simple, seasonal joys of living, to care about anything at all seemed like a miracle.

With the toolbox I gained in Point of Return’s program, I have now been benzo-free for 16 months, and I am working again and enjoying life like never before. I am very grateful! Thank you to Alesandra, Andrea, and Terry, who patiently listened to me go on and on during phone conversations and constantly reassured me that I would heal. They were RIGHT!  Thank you also to the knowledgeable mentors on the forum who selflessly volunteer their time coaching and encouraging: Karole, Athena, Elisa-Ruth, and Bobby.

If you are frightened because of the nightmare of prescription drug dependence, please don’t despair. Call Point of Return. If you are dedicated to getting well, and put in the time and effort, they will support you every step of the way.

Helen (Maryland) Clonazepam



*Testimonial results may vary person to person. Testimonials statements do not necessarily reflect the opinions of Point of Return.

*Because prescription medications can cause severe withdrawal reactions, do not stop taking any medication without first consulting your physician. The decision to quit any medication should be discussed with your doctor and with their consent and support.

*The program outlined in Point of Return is not meant to substitute your doctor, instead it is to be utilized with your physician to help you with your drug withdrawal process and with his or her consent.

*While great care has been taken in organizing and presenting the material throughout this website, please note that it is provided for informational purposes only and should not be taken as Medical Advice.