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Treatment Centers

Is Treatment Right For You?

The decision to seek in-patient treatment can be based on one’s health, lifestyle, number of medications and home or family stressors. Often having 24-hour support is necessary to recover from prescription pill addiction. But there are many different types of treatment options and many will substitute one drug for another; or have a modality that you may not be comfortable with. So its critical to ask the questions prior to arriving.

Here is a list of questions that should help you assess any potential facility to determine if it is a good fit for you:

1. What is your methodology per medication? Do you use other drugs to accomplish this? Is it a cold-turkey or taper?

2. Is this a 28 day program? If not, How long will I be inpatient?

(Point of Return does not recommend a rapid detox for Benzodiazepines, Sleeping Pills or Antidepressants. So please do not attempt a 5-10 day program.)

3. Is a doctor or medical staff available on site?

4. If someone is on multiple medications, is the treatment different? Or length of stay different?

5. Do you take insurance?

6. What nutritional modalities do you follow? i.e., do you supplement with vitamins, herbs, juicing, etc.?

7. Is there a cook? What types of food do you provide? (If you are Vegan, or follow gluten-free, dairy free, etc., can the center accommodate your request?) Are they organic? How important is nutrition to your program?

8. What type of accommodations do you provide? Will I have a roommate? Are televisions available?

9. Are cell phones or computers permitted?

10. Do you follow a 12-Step (AA) model?

11. What does a resident do all day? Get an example of their schedule?

12. Do they teach life skills or coping skills? Is private or group counseling included?

13. Is exercise provided? If so, what kind and how often?

14. Do you do any testing – i.e., allergy, heavy metals, parasites, Candida, etc.?

15. What type of an aftercare program do they provide or recommend? This is important to ensure the resident is protected from a relapse.

16. Is your location quiet or is it in a city environment?

17. Can I stay longer if I need to? What are the charges if I can?

If Treatment is Not for You and You are looking for an In-Home Option

feel free to contact us.

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