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Looking for info on tapering off Ultram or an Ultram Withdrawal program that really works? Click to see some real-life Ultram Withdrawal Success Stories from people who have used Point of Return's Ultram At-Home Withdrawal program to taper off Ultram.


kristin's Ultram withdrawal tapering success

Alesandra was the first person to offer the truth and then provide concrete solutions that reflected that truth. I remember the first time I heard the warm, compassionate voice of Alesandra Rain on the phone, sharing her understanding, experience and wisdom. I felt hope…. something I had not felt for a very long time. At that moment I felt myself awaken – awaken onto a path that was illuminated, one that held a future of health and energy and relief from the physical and emotional limitations of medications, addiction and withdrawal.

A light that had been dim inside for so long began to brighten, strengthen and expand. I re-claimed my power in those moments as I spoke with Alesandra, and that was a force of energy I so welcomed back into my life….into myself. 

When I stopped a very addictive medication on my own and suffered protracted withdrawal, the doctors simply offered more addictive drugs to help with the withdrawal symptoms.  It was a never-ending cycle and I felt as if I was in the middle of the ocean screaming for someone to hear.

Alesandra and Andrea heard.

I feel stronger every day. I love nurturing my body, mind and spirit with the Point of Return nutrients. My energy is greater and more constant. My moods are evenly balanced. My sleep is deeper, more consistent, natural and restful, I experience greater and greater memory function and I feel more alert. My blood pressure is increasingly better and my heartbeat stays strong and steady. In additional to all of this, my skin is healthier and clearer, my hair thicker, shinier and longer than it has grown in decades. The most wonderful result of all of this is a great sense of peace and comfort, inside and out.

I feel energized and inspired, looking forward to accomplishing and experiencing my most inspired, passionate goals and dreams.

In the deepest appreciation and gratitude.



karole's Ultram withdrawal success story

There is always a story behind taking prescription drugs. I have a story.  Knee replacements did not solve my problems. I did recover from anorexia but was put on a multitude of antidepressants while being given many strong painkillers. 6 years after my knee replacements I developed a staph infection in my right knee. It had to be removed and due to other complications I went without a knee for 9 months.

As I look back on my life I have been fortunate in many ways, at least as to living my dreams.  I had good parents who provided me with many opportunities in life. I was the outstanding girl athlete in my graduating class... and that's all I wanted to be. I went to college and majored in physical education along with playing basketball. I met a wonderful guy to marry and we've been together for 50+ years. I had a secret dream of wanting 12 children and was blessed with 11. Added 7 others who came to live with us through the years.

"Thank you from the bottom of my heart!."

I returned to college when my youngest was in kindergarten. I majored in History, Psychology and Sociology. I did my 5th year to attain my teaching credential and found a job immediately. I continued on to receive a Masters Degree in Counseling.

Up to this time I was on no medications and had had just a couple of surgeries in my entire life. One of those surgeries was when I was 17 years old and had torn the cartilage in my knee, from flying off a toboggan. This left my knee in a locked position making this surgery a necessity. That would become a problem later in life.

In my third year of teaching and coaching I began to experience knee pain. This led to arthroscopic surgeries on both knees with poor results. I was unable to regain motion. My physical therapist spent many hours trying to figure out why I wasn't progressing. After several surgeries I was sent to a Doctor in Los Angeles who co-invented the artificial knee. I had exploratory surgery to check for cancer. I was sent to Scripps Green Hospital for more surgery and put in an intensive rehab program there. Met my first psychiatrist there and was told "it's all in your head". The physical therapist who worked with me told me to ignore him! During this time I was in a new job that required 12 to 14 hours a day.  I did lots of exercises to try and get my knees working. What happened then was I lost lots of weight. That was a good thing that turned into a huge problem. Without realizing what I was doing this turned into anorexia. For two years I lost weight. When I got down to 100 pounds my world fell apart completely. I had kidney failure that put me in the hospital one night. I went straight from there into a program for eating disorders which required me to take a year's leave of absence.

I spent time in many eating disorder programs while enduring more knee surgeries. When the doctors couldn't solve the knee issues it was decided to try knee replacements. Now that I have learned new things about my health I know that inflammation was the reason I couldn't regain motion in my knees and those knee replacements, that never worked, were totally unnecessary.


It was during this time period that I had sleep issues for the first time in my life. My family doctor fixed that for me by prescribing 30 Mg of Dalmane.

After surviving 30 knee surgeries, 4 shoulder surgeries, 2 wrist surgeries, c-spine surgery, a double fractured pelvis and several other surgeries, not listed here, along with being put on many strong pain meds for long periods of time, I just wanted to live again!  

I saw no need for a sleeping pill as the reason I couldn't sleep had been resolved many years before.  When I told the doctor I wanted off the sleeping pill he was no help and just suggested going to a different sleeping pill. I stopped taking it all on my own, not realizing I had put myself into a cold-turkey situation. I was very sick and my doctor spent over 6 months sending me to every specialist there was! I was certain I was dying and did end up in the hospital where they found I had an infected gall bladder which was then removed. 

Later my knee doctor told me I should have died as the infection should have traveled down to my artificial knee. Following the surgery I experimented and realized my "dying" problem was a result of not taking the sleeping pill and I reinstated at 15 MG.

I was always searching for a way off this medicine! Then, in April, while recovering from a shoulder surgery in February of 2015, I found POR, Point of Return. I didn't call I just sent an email to buy the program and was very excited! Andrea helped me get started and, although I have had some tough times during the process and continue to heal to this day, I've never looked back!

My life has been changed for the better by leaps and bounds. God brought me to this program and these amazing and knowledgeable people. I am ever indebted to Alesandra, Andrea and Terry for their unending guidance as I journeyed to freedom from both Dalmane and Ultram. The supplements designed for the POR program are the absolute best! I am more than med-free, I live my life differently by eating clean and very healthy. I am the healthiest I have been in 25 years. This is a process and requires dedication from the individual and trust in the team. If you want it, it's there! I have it and I love it!

THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart!!! Freedom is sweet and POR has blessed my life beyond measure!



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how our at-home program


Our Ultram at home weaning program is a slow taper that allows you to step down from Ultram under the guidance of Our Team, Your Physician and Pharmacist. The Pre-Taper is for Symptom Relief. You will not wean Ultram until you feel better. This is where our Advanced Nutraceuticals are critical. Point of Return provides healthy, Drug-Free Strategies to help ease Ultram withdrawal symptoms and support well-being.*   

Our areas of expertise are Antidepressants, Benzodiazepines, Sleeping Pills and Painkillers on a case-by-case basis.  Our innovative approach to antidepressant tapering encompasses a holistic method to empower you on your path to recovery. Don't Wean Ultram alone, work with our Prescription Drug Experts.*

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